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Default Cruising For Sex

I thought I'd tell of some of my "cruising" experiences. I've had a few good connections over the years and a few not- so- good, but don't know that I've had any really bad ones (well, maybe a few Iíd rather forget):

It took a while to find my way around the net when I got my first Packard Bell computer in 1996. After about 3 months I'd learned how to find things without too much trouble and I went looking for homo porn sites. I eventually found a bunch of them. The excitement I got those porn sites helped me to realize just how homosexual I was and I realized life is to short to miss out on things I really wanted to do so I started looking for ways to meet more guys.

I wanted to find a regular sex partner close to where I lived. I think the Cruising For Sex site was the first good one I found. That site's changed a lot since then and, last time I looked, it was more difficult to navigate than it used to be. Back then it was a pretty straightforward listing of places you could go in your area to find guys for sex.

I decided to try one of the first spots they listed: The foot of the Samoa Bridge in Eureka (CA). You could supposedly hang in the parking lot there to find guys. There was also supposed to be a trail nearby where guys would meet and fool around in the bushes.

I drove down there one summer afternoon. I was nervous as could be. I parked my truck, sat and waited to see what might happen. I was too nervous to walk the trail but I noticed one guy walking out by the trail area and bushes that seemed to be looking for sex activity.

In the parking lot there was also a guy sitting in a small blue pick up that was probably cruising. He kept looking over at me. He wasn't particularly bad looking, from what I could see of him. I know now I should of approached him but I was too damned nervous right then. Eventually, I just gave up and drove off, damned sissy that I was.

I later told a homo friend about that encounter and described the guy. He said he was familiar with him, had been with him before and he wasn't any fun as all he wanted to do was get sucked off and leave- blow and go, as they say. Heck, I would of been more than happy to do that. I should of gone over there and sucked him off. Oh well.

Then I tried another place. It was at the end of a street that had a picnic area near the bay. I drove down there, nervous as hell again. I parked in the parking lot and waited. There was one not bad looking guy sitting in a small foreign car near me that immediately started giving me looks. I thought he was definitely one I wouldn't mind getting it on with but, once again, I was too nervous to initiate the hook up.

I kept hoping he'd approach me but, after a few minutes of us looking at each other, he starts his car revs it up and drives away. He swings his car around real close to my truck as he left. A drive- by, I guess youíd call it. He was obviously trying to tell me I took too long. I blew it again.

Then, another guy drives up, gets out of his old beaten up car and walks out toward the bushes where guys are supposedly getting it on, or trying to. He's pretty obvious at looking into all the crawl spaces and trails in the bushes- definitely cruising- but I wouldn't of wanted to touch him. He was obese and had unkempt long hair. Nope, not for me. I drove home.

The second and last time I went down there I saw two guys coming back from doing the bush cruise. Neither was particularly bad looking. As they passed by my truck I managed to maintain my composure enough to speak. ďAnything exciting going on out there?Ē, I asked. They stopped and came over to me and said they hadnít seen anything. We were all there for the same thing and we ended up having a pretty good chat about homo stuff.

The only problem was all three of us were looking to suck dick, not get sucked- Three bottoms looking for a top. One of them kept suggesting he'd like to suck me but I had to confess to him I was one of those guys losing the ability for an on- demand hard on. I was soft as ever right then and it was even more hopeless as, despite the pleasant conversation, I was still a bit nervous and that didn't help with a hard on. I did drop my pants so he could get a look at me, though.

We ended up moving on and going our separate ways and I gave up on the cruise spots. I was too nervous for that sort of thing and there was a certain sleaze factor in it that made me a bit too uncomfortable in trying it anymore.

The Yahoo Clubs (now Yahoo Groups) along with Yahoo Messenger I ended up spending a great deal of time with. They worked out fairly well.

There used to be a number of those clubs catering to homos, bi, straights or whatever. I found a bunch of local ones and joined them. I eventually dumped a lot of them since they just had cross posts from other clubs and spam. There were at least a couple good ones I stayed on where many of the people had gotten together and knew each other. Those were especially fun.

The good thing about the Clubs and Yahoo Messenger is you can give yourself an alias and contact others anonymously. After you learn a little about them and maybe trade some pictures you can decide if you want to go further with them. As youíll see below, even a preview of the person doesnít always mean youíll be meeting the right guy or gal.

I met up with a few good folks through the clubs but missed out on probably dozens of others because I'd be too nervous to deal with the social situations involved. Yep, I'm one of those guys that would make an initial contact with someone, do some e- mail back and forth, then get too nervous to continue.

But I met one hot gal early on. Debbie was probably a big a slut as I am. We went back and forth on Yahoo Messenger for a while and we both had web cams so we knew how each other looked and we both lived in the same town.

Eventually, I went to her house one day and we chatted for a couple hours. I even managed to get a hard on and she sucked me off on web cam to the delight of all the people that followed her cam. She had a lot of fans and, being a bit of an exhibitionist myself, I got a kick out of the idea of all those people watching me get sucked off. I went back later and she helped me get my ass loose with her double headed dong. She was great.

She used to have sex parties at her house, too, but I could never go to those since they were nearly always at night and the wife would wonder about me if I started going places at night. I just don't go out at night much. Eventually, I just drifted away from her and last I heard from her she said she wasn't "playing" anymore. She had some new boyfriend in prison she was saving herself for.

I'm probably forgetting some of the guys I've met through Yahoo but I remember one young guy from a couple years ago. We'd messaged each other off and on. I'd seen his picture and he looked like a cute guy. One night I was home alone and decided I'd like to have him come over, with reservations: He said he was a bottom and I tend to be a bottom, too. I wanted a stud. it was probably a good idea I didn't have him fuck me as it turned out.

We caught each other on Instant Messenger that night and I paid for a cab to bring him to my house. He shows up at the door and I'm pleasantly surprised as he's better looking than his photo made him look. 25 years old, trim, with short hair and clean shaven. He also brought along a nice feminine type night robe that he looked hot in. Problem was, he was big druggie.

From the moment he came in the door, he was either hitting on a crack pipe or shooting up speed with a needle. He must of been taking a hit every 10 or 15 minutes, all the while telling me he doesn't have AIDS because he doesn't share needles and then suggesting I might want him to inject me with some of the crank he's using because it will make me real horny. I don't use drugs but don't have much of a problem if other people do, but I didn't really like that going on in my house. I declined the offer.

So, he played with my computer for a while sending out some e-mails. He told me he just sold his own computer earlier that day (for drug money, Iím sure). Eventually, we hopped into bed. He wasn't much into making out and wasn't all that great a kisser. He ended up with a very nice boner and I sucked on it for a while and he finally cameÖI think. Something came out of his cock but there wasn't much of it, although I could taste it. Either the drugs or maybe heíd had sex too soon prior to coming over so he was dry?

He then rolls over on his back so I can fuck him. If Iíd had more time I could of taken some Viagra but I hadnít. I managed to get some semblance of a hard on, though, and got inside him. I came really quick and was somewhat embarrassed when he asked me if I came. Usually itís pretty obvious.

He just got up, took another hit on his crack pipe and went back to play with my computer. I got the feeling the guy wanted to hang around or even spend the night. The phone rang and the short conversation I had gave me an excuse to tell him he had to go because someone might be coming by. There wasnít anyone coming by but that was a good as an excuse as any.

I called a cab and gave him ten bucks, which should have been more than enough to cover the cab fare and off he went. Never saw or heard from the guy again.

Another guy I met in the Yahoo Groups and Instant Messenger turned out to be a pretty hot date. This was a guy in his mid 40s. We had chatted a bit on Instant Messenger over time and one night I decided I wanted to meet him so I gave him my phone number. Talking on the phone seems to set me a lot more at ease in meeting guys. He called me. The conversation went well so I asked him over.

This was another one where two bottoms ended up together, but he was fun. We sat at my computer for a while at first. He was very experienced in making hook ups with a lot of local guys. We went through the Yahoo Groups. He seemed to know and have been with most of the guys whose names I was familiar with.

I was also surprised to find out he was a long term sex partner of another bi guy I knew of. I hadnít made the connection between the two of them until then. The two of them used to have a web site where they advertised themselves as an available male couple even though one of them was married to a gal. I also happened to know his friendís wife. Weird.

Then I remembered that the two of them had advertised themselves as barebackers, using condoms only if someone they were with insisted. No problem with that, as I much prefer bareback myself. I was sober enough, though, to realize these two were very sexually active and barebacked with a lot of people. That was a bit worrisome, but, he wanted me to fuck him, not the other way around. I was willing to take the slight risk by topping bareback.

After we played with the computer a while we got up to go to the bedroom. First we kissed and he was a good kisser. Good start. We took off our clothes and went at it with a lot of heavy kissing along with cock sucking.

This guy was GREAT. He did it all. He gave me what was probably my second ever rim job (licking my butthole for those that donít know what that means). We made out more and I ended up with enough of a hard on to penetrate him but it took some work. Another one of those times I should have taken Viagra, had I thought of it.

When I was inside him weíd be kissing and licking each other then, at least once, he had me pull out of him so he could suck on my dick some more- the old ass to mouth routine Iíve seen done in the porn films. I find that real hot but havenít done myself yet. But I guess it was almost the same thing french kissing him after he sucked my anal dipped cock, huh?

It was a memorable sex encounter and I finally came inside him and then half rolled back and got on my knees. I was thinking that I should suck him to completion. He certainly deserved it but I hesitated, keeping in mind his sexual history. He just went ahead and jacked himself off to finish and it didnít take long.

After a few kind words and kisses he left and went home. I chatted with him briefly on Instant Messenger the next day and apologized for not sucking him to climax or even licking up his cum after he jacked off. He said no apology was needed as it was a nice session and I did exactly what he wanted me to do.

Great guy, but real life intervened shortly thereafter and I didnít follow up on seeing him again.

Craigslist came along and I started checking out the hook up ads there. All kinds of them but I didnít, or couldnít, take advantage of them the way Iíd have liked.

They can be kinda scary, for those who donít want to be outed. Unlike Yahoo Instant Messenger, youíll eventually have to send a real e- mail with your name attached to the guy. It can be a bit nerve wracking, when you want to meet someone, trying to see who is gonna know the other guyís real name first.

What if you end up responding to an add for someone interesting in drinking piss or some such and it turns out it was someone you know that you didnít want to know what your personal fetishes were? I suppose if you just post youíre going to be somewhere at a certain place and time to suck cock that would eliminate giving out your name but thatís almost like doing the cruise spot thing- a bit too sleazy for me.

But, Iím only half way concerned about being outed. Thereís probably more people that know Iím bi/queer than Iím even aware of and it hasnít been too much of a problem for me.

So I ended up posting Craigslist ads a few times and got some hits, although many of them I got too nervous to follow through on. The best results I got came from one titled ďFree Blow Jobs In Eureka TonightĒ. For the text I said Iíd be taking on all comers for a certain period that night and Iíd suck and swallow all of them. I ended up getting like 7 or 8 responses right away but, by the time the night was over, I think I only got 3 dicks to actually suck on.

One turned out to be a real hottie. A bi married guy who lived not all that far from me. His wife would use a strap- on with him, but he liked a guy every now and then to experience the real thing.

He didn't like to kiss guys, but we cuddled a bit and I sucked on his dick while putting my fingers up his rectum. I could actually feel how his wife's strap on molded his rectum. Pretty neat. Then he asked if I had any dongs and I brought my dong out and used it on him. Eventually I got down on him and sucked him to completion. What a fun guy to play with.

He even came by the next day for some more fooling around. I felt a little uncomfortable, though, as it was the middle of the day and I didnít know who else might be stopping by so I declined. He might have been exactly what I was (and am) looking for except he didnít like kissing. That, and both of us being married, would have left us limited time and places to play. If I hadnít declined playing with him the next day, maybe weíd still be seeing each other? No way of knowing as I never saw him again.

The other two guys just came over, I sucked them off and they left. The first one drove over 7 miles from a town north of me and, after we were done I wasnít sure why. He said heíd just had sex with his girlfriend but wanted to top it off, or some such. Once I started sucking on him he came almost immediately, pulled up his pants and almost ran out the door. Why drive all the way to my house for that?

Recently Iíve placed a couple ads and responded to a few. A couple guys sounded good but they were out of town and I donít like to travel at night. Heck, with the price of gas, I rarely drive anywhere if I can help it. But one ad I responded to resulted in a nice encounter.

One guy advertised that he wanted someone to suck his 7Ē dick and lick his balls. That sounded right up my alley and I wrote back immediately that I could help him out. He responded right away and was traveling through the area on his way north. Apparently he was doing some blackberry type thing cause we went back and forth with directions a few times as he got closer and he kept me updated on his location as he drove north.

The guy was somewhat familiar with the area so he knew roughly where he was going. On the down side it, it was late at night and was way past my normal bedtime. I was tired. If I had any doubt he wasnít going to show Iíd have just gone to bed but, finally, there was a knock on the door.

I open it up and am pleasantly surprised. Good looking younger hispanic guy. He comes in and I ask him if heís bi or gay. He said he was gay. Ok, enough talk. Weíre standing in the middle of my living room and I reach down to drop his shorts and he goes ahead and does it for me. Another pleasant surprise as itís probably one of the nicest cocks Iíve had the pleasure to see and taste. Looked bigger than 7Ē to me.

I get started sucking on him and almost gag as I jammed his cock too far into the back of my throat, further than I was expecting to, anyway. I get back to normal sucking and he softly says heíd like his balls licked and sucked on. I start in on his balls while he jacks himself off.

Itís not too long I can tell heís ready to blow so I stop with the balls and open my mouth wide in front of his cock waiting for his load. He comes and squirts a number of times into my mouth. I got every drop of it.

I was rather proud. Unlike so many cum shots I see in the porn movies, none of it missed and dribbled down my face. I wished I had a video camera filming that so I could upload it to xtube and show everyone how to do it right!

After he shot his load I went ahead and sucked on his dick one last time, stripping the cock to get out any remaining sperm. Then we were done. For some reason he asked to wash his hands. I showed him the bathroom, he washed his hands and left. I wouldnít mind seeing that guy a few times a week.

I still check Craigslist on occasion but havenít met anyone from there since that last guy, although I've corresponded with a few guys. I posted one fairly serious ad- not really meant for a hook-up- asking if anyone in the area was interested in watersports (piss), as Iíve wanted for some time to get pissed on and even try drinking it. I was hoping for a longer term relationship, rather than a simple hook- up. Maybe I shouldnít be surprised that no one responded?

I have the feeling, though, my best hope is working with people I already know, or am familiar with and not the internet. Thatís worked the best before but Iíll keep trying both. The more guys, the better!
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Cool sex history you've had. I never had Internet access until my wife and I got together so I never used it to hook up. I think going the Craigslist route would be too scary for me. I'm too afraid I'd find wackos. I tried a couple of bi clubs on Yahoo just to have people to talk to but they were so slow that they got to be boring. Plus nobody seemed interested in being explicitly open as people here seem to be. If I'm going to be talking sexually with people I want it to be no holds barred.

Concerning your interest in piss games, they can be fun with the right people. I had a girlfriend who connected me with pissers awhile ago and it was a lot of fun.
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Yeah. The piss thing I wouldn't want to do with just anybody. It would have to be someone I knew and liked.

I'm not sure if it's the same guy, but I've seen 2 or 3 ads on Craigslist over the last two or three years from guys asking if anybody was into piss. I responded to all those ads if only to ask if they got any replies and that it was nice to see someone else interested in doing piss. None of them ever e-mailed back.
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