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Our First Swinger Party Experience

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Default Our First Swinger Party Experience

My wife and I have been together for 11 years / married 8 years. Early on in our dating relationship, I realized to my surprise that she enjoyed watching porn with me. It was soon a fun little aspect of our relationship. Every now and again we would curl up in bed or snuggle up on the couch and pop in one of our favorite adult movies.

As I think about it today, I realize that those movies led us to enjoy a greater amount of quality foreplay with each other that led to some great sex. It also opened the door to many exciting discussions we would have with each other over things we liked, or had fantasies about when we watched those movies. Our ability to openly communicate with each other gave each of us the feeling and understanding to talk to each other about everything.

As we began to explore ourselves more sexually, we had managed some years back just after we were married to take a vacation to Jamaica where we stayed at a clothing optional resort. Our first publicly nude experience. While we were there, a large online group from the Lifestyle or swingers for short had also booked the resort the same week. We weren’t swingers ourselves, but we were in no way turned off by the lifestyle. It was interesting and exciting to mingle in among so many interesting people who were swingers themselves. As the week went on, we made many good friends. We were offered many times while there to join another couple for some sexual fun. And on numerous occasions my wife would be asked quietly by another woman who she might have been sitting in the hot tub or pool with if she would be interested in a little girl on girl fun. Not being Bi, my wife would simply say no thanks. She did however later tell me that even though she wasn’t Bi, she was kind of flattered being asked by another woman to play. Being new to everything we politely said no thanks to the different offers. We hadn’t really ever discussed the swinging situation and neither of us was going to take the chance at the point not knowing how it would affect our relationship. What we realized that week was that everyone there that was in the Lifestyle turned out to be some of the nicest and most charming people. Never was there a time when a simply no thanks ever turned into an awkward situation. That trip turned into a real understanding for the lifestyle for us that would never have been achieved by just our conversations alone.

Months later when we were back at home, my wife was laying on the couch one night watching late night TV. As I walked in, I was shocked to see she was deeply engrossed in watching a late night documentary about the lifestyle and swingers. Pretty interested, I sat down with her and watched it to the end. Later on she shocked me by saying she thought it would be interesting sometime to go to one of the swinger clubs and see what it’s all about. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t going to let this one go. Over the next few days, I did some research on the net and managed to come across a few different clubs located within a few hours from us. When I approached my wife with what I found, she smiled and said “seriously, I didn‘t think we‘d actually do it??”

I told her that she mentioned it would be interesting, and she responded with yea, it would be. So we picked a date and when it got closer to the week before, we made the call to the club as they required both individuals to be present for the initial call so they could prove you and your spouse were on the same page about attending one of their parties.

The night came, and we dressed up and headed off to the club as we needed to get there early for new couples orientation. When we got there, I think we were both in a bit of shock that we were going through with it, but inside we went. After checking in, one of the hosts for the party that night led us around the club with another new couple. It was still early and at that point, only a few couples had started showing up. The club was very nice. It had a large meeting/lounge area adjacent to the dance floor with its own stripper poles. Large flat screen TV’s were stationed around the club playing porn to get the mood going. Through the club we went, one room was a private bondage room for those risky encounters. As we walked around, we headed upstairs to where the action was to happen later. Many different private rooms, open rooms, small orgy room, large orgy room, loft beds to overlook the action down through the lower rooms…..and rooms with multiple beds and single beds. Unless a room was locked, everyone would be free to come in and watch all the sex happening in that room we were told. At that point, it was early in the evening no one had moved upstairs for some fun so we headed back down to the lounge area to grab a few drinks.

As the night went on, couples started to show up. The Dj got going and the dancing began. Different times my wife and I would decide to stroll up stairs and see if anything was happening. Different locations were set up with condoms for those to grab who were headed up to play. As we walked by the first couple times, it appeared none had been taken and sure enough we would find no one upstairs in the rooms. As things really got going, our next trip to the upstairs started to show some promise. When we passed, we noticed that the condom supply had started to look smaller…..good sign….As we got upstairs this time, it was clear that a few more people had began to roam around the rooms and we noticed a small group standing toward the end of the hall next to the small orgy room. As we approached, the moaning became noticeable. Coming to the room we were greated by 2 couples laying across one of the beds with both women riding the guys cow girl. It was a pair of couples who went up to swap partners….now the party was starting…As we watched, more people would slowly begin to walk in and a few more would quickly shed their clothes and jump on the other available beds in that room and begin having sex.

As we walked around, the smaller rooms began to fill up slowly with hot and horny couples. The moaning upstairs began to grow louder as more and more couples were fucking away at different ends of the house. We walked into the large orgy room to find at least 5 or 6 couples now laying in a group starting to have an orgy. As people would come in to watch, the watching couples would stand along the wall to allow for more to come in. It wasn’t long before wives were dropping to their knees in front of their husbands and pulling out their cocks for a nice blowjob as they watched the orgy happening. At one point there was probably a dozen couples in some sort of fondling or oral sex against that wall.

I remember having my hands up my wives shirt fondling her titts as she rubbed her ass up against my cock through my jeans. We walked around checking out all the rooms and the action and got hornier by the minute. At one point we decided to crawl up to one of the loft beds. When we got up to one, it was amazing to look around in the dimly lighted rooms and see all the couples fucking away. It wasn’t long at all before I realized my wife was peeling out of her clothes and I started the same. We got naked and she quickly went down on my cock with her mouth as I reached around to feel her pussy. When my fingers reached her, I couldn’t believe hot wet and dripping her pussy was. At one point as I layed her back and started licking her pussy, I remember another young couple climb up to the top of our loft bed and ask if they could watch. Having a bit of an exhibitionist side, we said sure and they settled in just inches from us. As they watched me finger and tongue my wifes pussy, I noticed the young woman had her mans cock out and was stroking him as she watched us. She would then reach over and lightly carress my wifes titts with her other hand as my wife layed there on her back as I ate her. My wife being in the moment just closed her eyes and enjoyed what she was feeling. As my wife and I began to fuck, the younger couple got busy and stripped off there clothes and began fucking each other vigorously next to us as we fucked. Changing up positions many different times, we continued as the young couple unfortunately finished their fucking and quietly put there clothes on and climbed down. We continued that night, climaxing, then taking a break before doing it again up on that loft bed. I think my wife came 4 or 5 times through it all. At one point toward the end after I had cum inside my wifes pussy for the second time, I then made a quick decision and went down on my wifes cum dripping pussy for another good tonguing and that was the first time that I had ever eaten her out just moments after I had cum inside her. There I was licking away, tasting and sucking my cum out of her pussy, and I was enjoying it. She was enjoying the thought of it aswell and climaxed just shortly after for the final time that night. The sexual excitement all around us made us do things we had never thought about doing before.

We’ve been back to that club a couple times a year for the past 5 years!!!
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nice story. we tried a few clubs over the years but never really got into that side of swinging. the one exception is a club in paris called Au Plurial. if you are ever there try it!
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Hi, I'm new here
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really hot story, got me hard reading it!
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Thumbs up Good Time

You guys are great. Sharing sex is a wonderful thing.
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