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Her First time Squirting!!

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Default Her First time Squirting!!

For years I've seen different videos and heard stories online about women who have an ability to squirt or "have a female ejaculation". I've always been skeptical about if such an accomplishment was even capable since some videos show women who can squirt ungodly amounts of fluid, but the idea fascinated me if there was a chance such a thing was true.

Back in February of this year, I found myself sitting in the downstairs family room on a cold saturday afternoon surfing the net on the home computer. Our 2 young children managed to exhaust themselves enough that for once they were both taking naps. My wife and I work busy schedules and sometimes finding alone time with each other is near impossible. That day however was the exception.

My wife walked downstairs to see what I was up to. She had came up behind me as I sat there and started kissing my neck. Right away I could tell she was in the mood. We both had probably been going on over a long week if not more since we had sex last. It wasn't going to take much as my cock was hard already just feeling her hot breath on my neck. I turned the chair around and she climbed on my lap and pressed my head in between her 36D titts. She was wearing a low cut top which left every chance for me to grab ahold of her titts and feel their softness against my face. Next thing I new she was getting down on her knees on the floor and unzipping my pants to get at my throbbing cock while I sat there. Within seconds she had my cock burried in her throat and was giving me one hell of blowjob. A few minutes went by and I realized that we were both so fucking horny that there wasn't going to be much foreplay and we had to fuck quick. I asked her if she wanted to go over to the couch and she was up off my cock and leading me away by the hand to the couch where she pushed me down into a sitting position. In seconds my pants were off and she was working on hers. I remember her saying she needed a cock inside her right now. She climbed onto my lap and straddled me and slid my cock into her pussy. I couldn't believe how wet and hot her pussy was since it had only been just a couple minutes since she had come downstairs. She was really wanting a cock.

She began to ride my cock hard, her shirt still on as we fucked. Her hands around my neck, she arched her back and drilled my cock into herself. As we fucked, I could feel all her pussy juices running down my cock and onto my legs. At the time it felt sloppier than normal, but we were fucking so hard. When she came, I remember sitting there feeling her wetness and then she raised herself off my cock and I realized I was sitting there drenched in a puddle...what the heck happened. Not to be disgusting, but my first thought was that it was pee!! But to my surprise it didn't smell like was like water and it had a slight sweet taste when I dabbed a taste with the tip of my finger off my leg out of curiousity.

Over the next month, I remember thinking about how wet things got and it crossed my mind one day that maybe my wife had squirted while we were having sex. Was it possible?? Was squirting actually real?? I spent hours doing research reading forums online and to my surprise, everything I was reading seemed to confirm my thoughts. When a woman becomes comfortable in her sexual life, it is possible for her to achieve a female ejaculation of clear fluid that has a sweet taste from her urethra that is not urine just as a man can ejaculate semen from his penis. It's said that the amount of liquid can very from just a few ounces to even the gushers you see in some porn videos. I couldn't believe this may have happened, and It excited me even more.

As I wasn't 100 percent sure that it had really happened, I didn't approach my wife with the idea I had at first that she had squirted for the first time while we were have sex that day. I decided to wait and see if there was a chance it could happen again.

One evening a few days later we had managed to arrange for our children to spend the night at my wife’s parents house so we could go out to dinner and spend some quiet time together. Later that evening when we returned home, I quickly jumped in the shower and was just stepping out when my wife surprised me by coming out of the bedroom wearing this short little camo skirt with no panties that I had bought her recently that barely came down over her ass. She also had on the sexy little pair of 6” tall stiletto stripper heels that I had gotten to go along with the skirt. At 5’-4” tall compared to my 5’-8” height, the heels brought her up to eye level with me. As I stood there in the bathroom drying off she approached me and we stood there kissing…my hands running up under her skirt as I pressed her up against the bathroom counter. I quickly moved one of my hands around under her skirt to her smooth shaved pussy and found it already moist. As we tongued each others mouths, I run my middle finger up and down the length of her pussy lipps feeling how wet she was and started to insert it inside of her as she began to moan as it penetrated inside. Putting her hands behind herself on the counter, she leaned back slightly to balance herself, she also lifted one of her legs and rested her stiletto on the side of the adjacent bathtub to give me easier access to her pussy. The thoughts started to run through my head at that point. I had read in all those forums about how to make your girl squirt using your fingers, and this was looking like the perfect time to try it out.

I turned my hand over with my palm facing up towards me and inserted both my middle fingers into her wet pussy. Gently curving both fingers up toward the back of her G spot, I began to finger fuck her applying pressure just behind her G spot while using my thumb to massage her clit, my other hand cupping the small of her back as she balanced on the counter. My wife began to moan louder as my fingers massaged her internally. At one point I lowered myself down to the floor below her pussy so I could lick her clit with my tongue as my fingers kept up a good pace. Standing there basically on one heel that was 6” tall put her at just the right height for my mouth. Her moaning grew louder as I looked up at her from below and she had her head leaned back. This probably went on for a good 10 to 15 minutes until at one point I remember a new feeling of something warm and wet like water running down my arm to my elbow. My heart at that point was about beating out of my chest with excitement as I pulled my fingers from her pussy and used my same two finger tips to vigorously rub her clit. At the point I did that, she began to noticeably but yet lightly squirt from her pussy against my hand. It was happening……I quickly inserted my two fingers back inside her and at a more rapid pace than before began applying pressure as I finger her. As I did this, to my joy more fluid would lightly squirt out, now hitting against my bare chest and running down to my cock and legs. I leaned in with my mouth and let her juices hit my face. There it was, the sweet taste all its own on my tongue…’s real!!! We continued like this for a few minutes until she finally climaxed there on top of the counter. To her surprise she looked down to find me sitting there dripping from her soaking of me with a smile on my face completely unaware until that point what her body was capable of.

The next day I managed to print off the information that I had found on the internet so she could read all about her new skill. At first she was not sure what to think about since she had never heard anyone talk about it. The more we talked about, the more she became comfortable with being able to achieve such a feat and knowing that it was a turn on for me made it easier for her to adjust to and enjoy it at the same time.
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Very hot story. The first time i squirted i thought i had wet myself too.
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Smile hot

Worth a try. Thanks
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