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Head from girlfriend's sister in bathroom

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Head from girlfriend's sister in bathroom

True story, false names to protect privacy.

Lana - Oldest sister, 22, about 5' 3", huge D cups, very fit, nice big ass, black hair, dark eyes, fair skin, virgin and no bf

Daphne - Middle sister, 21, my girlfriend, b cups, nice ass, nice body, brown hair, dark eyes

Melanie - youngest sister, 18, C or D cups (not sure), slim body, big ass, black hair, dark eyes, kind of slutty, has a boyfriend

My girlfriend and her two sister have a huge house in a very rich neighborhood. One of them was throwing a party and naturally I was invited. I was sleeping over that night so I was drinking heavily with everyone else. Everything was pretty normal until about 1am when things started getting a little crazy. Lana was dancing with one her hot friends. They were grinding on each other and pulling up each other's shirts. I've always masturbated to Lana and Melanie even though I was dating Daphne but this was better than I ever dreamed of. They were both kind of sweaty and their jeans were riding low so I could see both of their thongs and occasionally their bras. Daphne was passed out next to me on the couch so I didn't have to worry about her looking. Melanie was in and out but she was probably sucking off her boyfriend or some other guy somewhere around the house. My dick was rock hard watching Lana and her friend dance but there was nothing I could do about it. Daphne wasn't waking up anytime soon and I couldn't masturbate anywhere so I just got up and went outside to talk with some friends.

The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor in the dining room. There was light out, but it was definitely early. I looked at my watch and it read 8:35am. On a normal day I would be up by then but after a night of heavy drinking it might as well have been 5am. Anyway, I got up and looked around the house. There was a sea of bodies laying motionless on the floor. Daphne was still passed out on the couch accompanied by three strangers. I slowly made my way to the bathroom and soon realized the door lock was broken. I didn't care enough so I just whipped it out and started urinating. Afterwards I went back to my little spot on the dining room floor and tried to go back to sleep. Right after I closed my eyes, all I could think about is Lana. My dick became hard instantly when I thought about her big tits bouncing up and down and how I would love fuck that perfect ass of hers. I tried thinking of something else but it was no use. I decided that I needed to masturbate if there was any chance of me going back to sleep (I was still very tired). The first floor bathroom wasn't an option because of the lock, the second floor bathroom had someone sleeping in it, which left the third floor bathroom. The third floor was shared by Lana and Daphne. I knew Daphne was downstairs and her door was locked, Lana's door was open and I saw her sleeping on her bed in her pj's. She was wearing dark blue boy shorts and a yellow t-shirt. She was laying on her stomach so I couldn't see much. Anyway, I went to bathroom, put the toilet seat and cover down and closed the door. Then I thought I'd better leave the door open a little so I can hear if Lana gets up to use the bathroom. I saw a pair of underwear on the bathroom floor that didn't belong to Daphne and since once her and Lana shared the room I knew they were Lana's. It was a black lacey thong and as I picked it up my dick started throbbing even more. I finally pulled down my jeans and boxers and carefully examined by 7.5 inch throbbing cock. I sat down on the toilet cover, wrapped Lana's thong around my cock, and began imagining her caressing my big hard cock. As I was stroking it I couldn't help but whisper things like "oh fuck yes Lana", "how does my cock feel in your pussy Lana" etc.

Suddenly, I heard noises. I stopped doing what I was doing and listening to identify their origin. At first it sounded like Lana walking from her room to the bathroom, but then I heard a creak that sounded like someone walking up the stairs. I grabbed my boxers and jeans from my ankles with one hand and headed towards the door to close it before someone came in. I took two steps towards the door with my arm fully extended, but I was too late. Lana darted in the bathroom and quickly closed the door behind her. She was standing with her back against the door wearing her dark blue boy shorts and yellow t-shirt, only this time I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. When she realized who I was her whole body stiffened. Her eyes kept darting back and forth from my face to my cock with her panties on it. Her facials expressions were that of shock, confusion, shock, slightly pleased with seeing my cock, and more shock. I was petrified as well, I've fantasied about her many times but this was actually real. I didn't know what to say or do, but my dick maintained the salute. Before either us could say or do anything, I heard more footsteps coming from the stairs outside.

"David?....Are you in there?"

Oh shit! It was Daphne. She would never believe this, what the fuck should I do? I looked at Lana and she mouthed "I'M NOT HERE".

"Yeah" I said hesitantly.

"What are you doing?"

" stomach hurts....and I didn't want to go downstairs"

Lana looked at me with a questions mark on her face. I shrugged my shoulders and mouthed "I don't know".

"Aw poor baby, let me come in" she turned the doorknob but the door was lock.

"No, I'm ok. I'll be out in a few minutes"

"Ok, I'll wait on the stairs"


WHAT THE FUCK, the stairs were only 5 feet from the bathroom. Lana tippy-toed her way over to me and whispered,

"Now what do we do?"

"I'll go out first and when we walk downstairs you can go back to your room"

"I heard someone saying my name so I came to see who it was. What the fuck are you doing with my underwear on your dick?"

"Well, there's no other way to put this, I was masturbating to you and I found your underwear and used it to pretend like I was fucking you."

"Are you almost done in there?" yelled Daphne.

"Yeah, a few more minutes" I promptly replied.

"I can't walk out there like this (pointing to my dick), I'm suppose to be shitting with a bad stomach"

At this point I really didn't care about anything but getting out of there without Daphne ever finding anything out. Lana and I both looked at the door, then at each other. There was moment of silence, we both stood there completely frozen. Without warning or hesitation, Lana firmly grabbed my throbbing cock and started gently stroking it. My eyes were about to pop out of their sockets like a cartoon. I could not fathom what was going on right at that moment. Lana, Daphne's older, sexy sister that I've jerked off to so many times was actually touching me. Every fantasy I ever had about her ran through my mind and nothing could top this. She didn't even bother taking her panties off my dick, she just stroked it at a quickening pace. The excitement and the pleasure was so surreal. I finally let out an "oh my god.......this feels so good". She looked up at my with a smirk.

"How much longer? You have to hurry up", she said with urgency. But I was in extacy, I never wanted this to end.

I was finally able to get out, "I don't want to cum".

She looked up at me with a facial expression that said "oh really?" and she changed her grip from a handshake one with a back and forth motion between her and me to a vertical one and stroked my cock up and down furiously. Her nipples were so hard and very visible through her shirt. I wanted her pussy but I know she was virgin and waiting until marriage so I didn't even try.

Suddenly, she released her grip. She took off her shirt and let her huge tits bounce up and down. She threw the shirt on the ground and used it as a cushion for her knees. Her head was now level with my cock. She gently took off her panties from my cock and threw them behind her. She grabbed the base of my cock and look up at me. I will never forget the way those eyes look at me or her face. She was yearning for my cock and mouthed "I want your cock in my mouth" and then she slowly opened her mouth and put it in. I could have literally died and gone to heaven in that moment. Her mouth was so warm and wet and it felt so good. She slowly sucked and used her other hand to get my cock wet. Then she grabbed onto my thighs and swallowed my cock in one bite like Heather from My eyes rolled back along with my head and I couldn't breathe. She swallowed the length of my cock a few more times before I heard,

"David! What are you doing in there?"

"I'm getting out in two minutes, can you relax?"

"Ugh, hurry up or I'm coming in"

Lana wasted no times trying to speed things up. She grabbed both of my hands and placed them behind her head. Then she placed her hands on top of my hands and pushed her head on my cock a few times asking me to fuck her pretty little face. I knew I had to cum soon so I grabbed her hair and wrapped it around my hand, placed my other hand on her head and started ramming my cock in her mouth. All I could hear was the sound my cock hitting the back of her throat over and over and over again. Her eyes started tearing a little bit and there was a lot of spit dripping onto her tits but she never made a sound. I was moments away from cumming so I pulled out and and started stroking my cock at her face. Her hair was messed up, her make-up, eyes, and nose were running, her tits were covered in her own spit. I put my left hand on top of her head and made myself cum with my other hand all over her face. I shot 3 big loads on her face and a small one on her tits. Then I used my dick to smother my cum all over her face. She looked up and my with a smile and one eye open because the other one had cum in it. She whispered "go". I pulled up my pants and as I was putting my belt on and she was wiping her face I said "I never got to fuck your tits", she smiled at me and said "next time".

After I walked out, Daphne and I walked downstairs and she never found out.

P.S. I have more stories if you guys want
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Very hot story. Loved it x
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Tell us more, thats hot. Nothing like a sexy sister........!!
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Default Dump Daphne for

Lana..fucking hot and a virgin you shouldn't think twice about it and fuck Lana.
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Hi, I'm new here
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Was there a next time?
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Hi, I'm new here
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yes there was, along with something else....
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Hi, I'm new here
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Please post it!
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