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Sex with a married woman

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Sex with a married woman

A while ago I was friends with a married woman. I was 27 at the time, she was about 34. We generally used to meet up and talk, have a drink together and go for walks just to get away from what seemed to us a mundane life that we were having at that time.

As we got to know each other more, things started to progress into something more. We'd walk hand in hand, started sitting and kissing whilst we were out together on one of our walks. After a while, things started to go much much further.

When it started, we were again on a walk in woodland. We were sitting on a bench, and started kissing which then led to caressing. Since people were around although only from time to time, and it was starting to get a little heated, we decided to find somewhere a little quieter.

We went off into the trees, continuing our kissing and caressing. It wasn't long before she had her hands on my cock with my jeans undone, as I was getting her breasts out as well as inside her skirt and panties playing with her. She then said she wanted me, and she faced the tree, whilst I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side, and slid all the way inside her velvety, soft, warm wet pussy. We hadn't gotten long into it, when I had the inclination to turn my head to one side and see that a guy was walking his dog. We stopped at this point as we didn't want to end up in too much trouble, so we moved on and headed back to her car - a Ford Galaxy.

Nice thing these people carriers, in that they have quite a bit of space in the back. Plus the rear windows were tinted. We put the seats down in the back, and got in. We then wanted to continue where we left off, so we had each other stripped off completely, and started to get back to where we were. Needless to say, we were having hot, hard sex in the back of the Ford Galaxy. She didn't want me to cum inside, so I pulled out and shot over her big breasts. When we'd finished, I put the seats back up, then realising a bit of cum had gotten over the back of the seats, but rubbed it away hoping all would be OK. Well, it seemed to be since her hubby never noticed

We met a few more times like this, either enjoying sex on the bench in the woodland or up against a tree again, or in the back of the Ford Galaxy, shooting my hot creamy sauce deep inside her so that we didn't make a mess of the car again.

After a while we stopped meeting. Her hubby found out she had been meeting someone, as she'd been writing a diary and had it hidden under the mattress of her bed (she didn't share with him). She said it was just fiction, but I'm not sure he bought it. So things went quiet for quite a while. We did meet up about a year later and had a brief sexual reunion, but then decided that it would be the last time.
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another hot story from the MAN!!! now im seeing quite a trend in here..what makes older women attractive and hotter to u? but for some weird reason...i kinda like younger guys think id make a good cougar one day?lol
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Public sex with a naughty married woman.. that must be a thrill Hot story man!
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Originally Posted by Fila View Post
you think id make a good cougar one day?lol
Well, we can always try and find out
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