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Angry Revenge Sex GANGBANG!!!

The Break-Up/Revenge Sex Gangbang (episode 16)

After spring break psycho chick Jackie renewed her stalking. She had fucked several guys in my fraternity by this time in her insane effort to get my attention, stolen things out of my room, and renewed her attack of calls and texts. I had to block her new phone number. The guys by this time realized what a menace she had become to me. I met with Nick (fraternity president) about the situation. Nick and several fraternity officers met with Jackie, told her she could never come back on fraternity property and that if she did they’d file a restraining order against her. She was very angry and humiliated by this.
This, however, convinced her that I would never have anything to do with her, so now she set out to get revenge on me. Jackie was a graphic design major and a genius at Photoshop. I did not know it at the time but she had stolen several pictures of me from the photo pegboard wall at the frat house & scanned them to use in her scheme. Then she used Photoshop to put herself in several pictures with me. She then got a couple of her sorority sisters to be part of her scheme to use the faked pictures along with her friends lies to convince Jennifer that I’d been cheating on her with Jackie. She spent weeks working on an elaborate plot.
Meanwhile, things between me and Jennifer could not be better over the weeks after spring break and were getting really serious. That spring Jennifer even had me to choose a little tattoo design for her lower back. Jennifer was telling me everyday that she was in love with me and we were talking about waiting until next Christmas to announce our engagement at her parents big Christmas party which would give me time to come up with a ring.
Jackie waited until the weekend before final exams to spring her scheme. She and two of her sorority sisters went over to Jennifer’s apartment, told her their lying story and used those fake Photoshopped pictures to back it up. She also took a pair of silk boxer shorts she had stolen from my room that Jennifer had bought me. Jackie told her that I’d left them at her apartment. (I didn’t even know where her apartment was.) It would be a few months before I found out about the fake photos or I could have easily proven the pictures were fake and blown her story apart.
That evening Jennifer called and left me an angry message. I went over to her place but she wouldn’t speak to me & had left several of my things I kept at her apartment in a box in the living room for me to take. Renee and Brittany were there and also angry, telling me that they all knew I had been fucking Jackie for the last several weeks. I fervently denied it and explained that she had been banned from the frat house. No one would listen to me. I finally took my stuff and left. I could not understand why they would believe Jackie instead of me. I left several phone messages and texts for Jennifer that she did not return.
My fraternity buddies were in shock that Jennifer & the girls believed Jackie. Kelli & Katie definitely believed me but even after they both went to talk with Jennifer they still could not convince her that I had not cheated on her. They didn’t know about the faked picture evidence yet, either. We were all dumbfounded. I had to try and put it out of my mind because of final exams were about to start.
On Thursday evening of final exam week I got a text from Jennifer that she’d consider talking to me and if I wanted to talk to her that I should come to this “Post Finals Celebration” party thrown by some friends of Renee’s on Friday night. I texted her back that I’d be there. Little did I know that this was part of a revenge sex scheme that she and Renee had cooked up.
I followed her directions and arrived at this house at the specified time she asked me to. There were several cars there but it didn’t look like a huge crowd. It was a very hot and sticky humid evening. A couple of black guys with white chicks were on the front porch, when I walked up the steps they said hello to me and said to just go in. Once inside I went over to the kitchen area where several drinks were set up on the kitchen bar. A black girl asked if I wanted beer, champagne or liquor. I took a beer from her and started looking around for Jennifer. There were lots of black guys and lots of white chicks, but only a handful of either white guys or black chicks. I saw Jennifer sitting on this couch with a couple of black guys on either side of her, one guy with his hand resting on her knee. She was wearing a little slinky baby blue front plunging dress that came below her belly button barely covering her titty nipples and exposing her breasts on the sides. She was sitting drinking champagne laughing it up and talking with several black guys on the sofa and chairs facing her. She saw me standing there but didn’t get up to come over for several minutes. From where I was standing I could easily tell Jennifer wasn’t wearing panties. I also saw Renee was over in the corner getting real friendly with some black guy with long braids. I didn’t recognize any of these people. None of these black guys were from the football or basketball team because I knew most of the team.
Finally, Jennifer got up and did her sluttiest walk as she came over to me. I could see that her dress was very sheer, exposing the shadow of her little trim job through the slinky thin dress material. The plunging front fell low enough to expose the dangling silver belly button ring she had on and her brown nipples shown through the material. She did look sexy as hell in that slutty little micro mini dress with her long dark brown hair, long dangling silver earrings and wearing a lot of metallic blue eye shadow. Right away I could tell she’s really high on something. Even though Jennifer has really dark brown eyes I could tell her pupils were very dilated and she was drunk.
She said, “ I should’ve called or texted you & told you not to come, we don’t really have anything to talk about.” I told her, “Look, I have never been with Jackie EVER! That psycho is a liar.” Jennifer responded, “Please! Don’t insult me! — Look why don’t we just try to be friends, cause I’m not ready to try and work this out, I’m just too hurt, okay!” I tried to talk to her but she didn’t listen to me. Then she said, “I don’t know, well, just stick around for awhile, after a few more drinks maybe we can talk some, okay?” Then she touched my chest with her fore finger, turned around and did a real slutty walk back over to the couch & sat down again. Her dress was so low in back, nearly down to her butt crack showing her new lower back tattoo that I had chosen for her. I got another beer hoping she’d change her mind.
Then she & three of the black guys got up, walked across the room went down the stairs. She motioned with her finger for me to follow. I followed as they walked down the stairs into a game room in the basement with pool table, a bar and stuff. The guys got her some more champagne. I sat down in a chair in the corner. There were only a few more people downstairs just standing or sitting around talking. The basement was kind of warm and muggy, I guessed that there was no air conditioning down there and noticed all the windows were open.
Two of the black guys Jennifer had been talking with sat on a couch, then Jennifer sat in one guy’s lap with her legs up on the other guy’s lap, the third black guy sat in a chair right in front of them. I was thinking that Jennifer had me come here just to put on a display for me to (in her mind) get even with me. I just sat there drinking my beer hoping that she’d finish this little charade and come talk with me. I was really getting quite angry that she didn’t wear any panties because every time she moved those guys could see her pussy. After several minutes of sitting in his lap flirting and laughing I watched as she whispered on one guys ear for a couple of minutes.
Then she got up (of course she spread her legs wide as she was getting to her feet) walked over to me & put her hand gently on my cheek as she put her lips to my ear and said, “Pay back is a bitch!”
Then she walked over to the guys, took one by the hand, all three of them got up and they walked down to the end of this little hallway into a bedroom door where she stopped, looked at me with a devious smirk, reached behind her neck and unhooked her dress letting it fall to the hall floor. The three black guys, oblivious to me, just let out some “oh yeas” or something as she stood there naked wearing only her platform shoes and the door closed behind them...
I quickly walked over to the door and tried the knob but it was locked. I think I banged it hard once or twice then I just turned and left. My heart just sank, pain and hurt overwhelmed me. I was not guilty of the crime she was giving me pay back for. The girl I was madly in love had just walked into that room to fuck three black guys in revenge for cheating she was convinced I had done. I walked upstairs in disgust.
I glanced around the room & saw that the party looked to be getting sexually charged as everyone was coupled up making out. I saw Renee sitting on a sofa making out with that black guy with the long braids, her legs were spread out as his hand was between them finger fucking her in front of anyone who wanted to watch. Still being fingered, she watched me as I walked out the door.
I walked down the street to my car and stopped. I was so angry, yet I had this overwhelming & uncontrollable urge to go back and see if I could see what was happening with Jennifer & those guys. My gut was wrenching with pain and this uncontrollable curiosity is getting control of me. I walked back to the house, walked around back and found the window to the bedroom they were in. It was hidden next to an overgrown shrub that made it possible for me to be there and not be seen. The window was wide open but a yellow sheet was hung up covering the view, however, there were a few holes in it, one about 3 inches around. When I looked through it I could easily see everything and with the window open I could just about hear everything Jennifer and the guys were saying.
Jennifer was laid back on the bed her legs spread, knees up high, while one black guy was eating her pussy. I could not see her face because another black guy was crouched on his knees his back to me on the bed, obviously Jennifer had his dick in her mouth sucking him while she was being eaten out. I was overcome with mental pain, jealousy, and humiliation, yet my cock was hard as a rock in my pants and I was so aroused, maybe I had never before been so incredibly aroused. I actually was trembling with this mixture of emotions that I’d never experienced together.
The black guy that was licking Jennifer now moved up to put his cock in her. The other guy getting head from her moved off the bed and sat in a chair as did the third guy to watch. Then that guy started fucking her. Jennifer was going nuts yelling, “Oh yes! oh yes! fuck me!” moaning loudly, and “oh god! oh god!”. The other black guys would voice their comments like, “uh huh! Give it to that hot little white chick!” “Hey man give her that black dick!” “ Uh huh, that’s what I say!” Jennifer straightened her legs out wide and backward almost touching the bed, a gymnastic type maneuver I’ve seen her do many times with me. The guy fucking her said to the other guys, "come over and hold this bitches legs back while I give it to her deep!” Both guys got up and went to each side of the bed and grabbed her ankles holding her legs in place bent way back, pushing her torso up. The guy fucking her then starting pounding her hard, the skin slapping skin noise was loud (bap-bap-bap!) and he started fucking her fast and furious. Jennifer was screaming out in ecstacy her voice shaking with every thrust into her, “oh god! oh god, it’s so fucking deep!” Then after several minutes he thrust into her and stopped then again and stopped doing this just a couple of times and said out loud, “damn I’m cumming!”
Just as he pulled out another black guy jumped on the bed and turned Jennifer over on her knees, thrust his dick into her from behind & started fucking her dogstyle. I could see her face, all her usual sex faces, her lips pulled tight with her lower lip jetting out forward as she yelled out in sexual ecstacy, then her mouth making a little O shape as she oo’d and aah’d. She was shouting, “oh oh oh fuck me! yes! yes! yes!” and dropping her head to look underneath her at his cock going into her pussy, the other guys cheering him on with their usual comments. Then he grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back . The heat & humidity was making everyone really sweaty. Jennifer’s naked body, glistening with sweat, jerking every time she received a thrust, her hair being pulled while getting fucked and her really loud screams of pleasure were close to making me cum in my pants. The pain, humiliation and jealousy still there inside me but overwhelmed by the visual stimulation and arousal of watching the girl I love being roughly fucked and utterly loving every second of it. The guy fucking her with one hand holding onto her waist the other grabbed her hair then he used his hand to really mess her hair up wild making it look all messed up and ratty and pushing it down over her face, the other guys laugh. She did too. The third guy had his shorts off and got up on the bed on his knees in front of her. She took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it. He rubbed her hair down on on her face and around his cock as she sucked him saying, “suck that black cock, white girl.”
The guy fucking her stops, as he pulls his dick out, a string of cum streams like a droopy string from the end of his dick to Jennifer’s pussy. I was pissed off that she didn’t get them to wear condoms. The guy in front of her told her to roll over so he could fuck her missionary. As she did I could see her pussy lips spread wide open and soaking wet, her big brown puffy pussy lips swollen. This guys mounts her & starts fucking her hard, fast and furious. He holds her legs up in the air. Jennifer is just shouting out in pleasure, holding her hand to her head, pulling at her own hair. As he’s fucking her there’s a knock on the door, one guy opens it & two skinny black guys walk in the room asking, “Hey man , we can hear y’all loud as hell, can we get in on some of this action?” The guy fucking Jennifer asks her as he is still fucking her, “hey babe, can you take two more guys?” Jennifer responded, “FUCK YES!” “This is great! I mean this is so fucking great! FUCK ME!” Finally that guy pulled his dick out slapping the end of it against Jennifer’s pussy lips to shake off his excess cum onto her.
Then one of the guys, about 18 years old and kind of short, pulled his baggy pants off, the other guys saying, “this is gonna be good!” and laughing. He walked over to the bed and Jennifer leaned over into him to lick his cock to get it hard. She said, “WOW!” and started sucking him as she still lay on the bed with him standing next to it. When he moved away to crawl on the bed I could see that his dick was the biggest of all, maybe 9 inches long or more. He told Jennifer to get on top of him and ride him cowgirl. She mounted him, her ass pointing right at me as I looked through the hole in that sheet over the window. She held his dick while she sat on him and slowly slid down onto his dick. The guys were saying, “All the way baby!” She finally took him all the way in her and slid down all the way, her labia spreading out over his nuts. Then Jennifer slowly started up and down on him. I could see her taking him in and out of her sloppy wet pussy, leaving his dick wet and creamy as she went up & down. Soon she was going full force, yelling her head off. She was so wet that she made his entire nutsack wet and cum was squishing out. Her entire body was covered in sweat. They were all commenting that they couldn’t believe that a chick this damn good looking was so slutty wild. Finally, I guess that guy came in her too. She got off him and collapsed on the bed. He made her lick his dick clean. And the guys all said, “one more babe!” Jennifer yelled out, “Allright! Give that black cock to me and make me cum again!”
That guy, the fifth guy, wanted to fuck her dogystyle and Jennifer got on all fours again. He got on the bed, moved behind her, pushed himself into her and started fucking her really fast. Jennifer’s voice was shaking, her little dangling belly button ring was swinging with each really fast thrust. Then a couple of the guys that had fucked her first got on the bed on their knees in front of her for to suck them both while she was getting fucked. After a few minutes this fifth guy said he was about to cum, he held his dick just inside her and pulled it out slowly. About then one of the guys she was sucking started cumming all over her face. Soon followed by the other guy shooting cum on her face. Jennifer then turned over and laid back propped up on her elbows her body wet with sweat, legs spread wide open with cum all over her hair & face (dripping from her chin), oozing out of her pussy, her labia cum drenched, and a wad of cum on her pubes and she was smiling really big at them and told them that she lost track of how many orgasms she’d had.
By that time I just decided to leave. My nerves or something was making me feel ill. It was hot and I was all sweaty. It was very late by now and I started back to my car. As I went around the corner two good looking blondes I’d seen at the party earlier were standing leaned against the wall getting the shit fucked out of them from behind by two black guys. I walked right by them to my car and drove back to the frat house. I almost felt like crying and I banged my hand hard against the dashboard. I went straight to my room and my bunk. Chip had gone to his parents and I had the room alone. I couldn’t sleep. I was angry, I felt creepy and guilty for watching and but was still worked up and incredibly aroused by it. I ended up masturbating several times until I was sore, thinking about Jennifer getting fucked again and again by those guys.
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little did she know her revenge scheme BACKFIRED! It turned you on!
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Wow Buz!!!! Very intriguing story. I guess at some point you did or will let Jennifer know that you get off on her fucking other guys. If you haven't just go ahead and do that, you'll be much happier and fulfilled. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Wild night! All these white chicks are getting black balled these days it seems. Must be the new right of passage.
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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Hot Damn Buz!!!! You should of just went and knocked on that door and told em you were gonna fuck her ass next! I guarantee you that she would have let you! I KNOW she looked hot getting fucked! That was one very wild and very interesting post dude!
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You may have been right Sleek. If I had maybe it would have cut out a lot of pain and frustration. But then again I had some other great experiences I would've lost out on.
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Oh Buz!! I'm jealous!!!! Of Jennifer that is!!!!! She had a great time! A really great time!

Did you ever get revenge on that Jackie the psycho bitch?

That is a wild sexy story!
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WOW Buz that was soo damned mean of her yet damned hot to read...
luv to have been her!!!!!!!
Write me sometime.
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I read this story and could barely stay seated. Amazing! I had my wife read it too and she loved it! This one is excellent. A true voyeuristic delight! My wife and I really love this Jennifer!
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Dam Buz sorry to hear it, thats gotta suck.
Lifted ^_^
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Rob Johnson
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Wow, that was incredible. An incredible story, with lots of feeling in there.
I felt I was you in the story, and I think I felt a small percentage of the pain you actually felt just reading it.
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college, gangbang, interracial, party, voyeur

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