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My experience at 21 with a 39 year old woman

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default My experience at 21 with a 39 year old woman

I'm a male, and this is a summary of my sexual encounter with a 39 year old woman when I was 21 in the Spring of 2002.

We met as patients at a psychiatric hospital. We were both there voluntarily seeking help for depression. My depression was mostly chemical imbalance, compounded by the stress of college and some relationship issues. Her circumstances were worse- she'd recently suffered the death of her father, the loss of her boyfriend, and then had a falling out with her brother over matters relating to their father's property.

She was about 5'9'' with short sandy hair. She wasn't stunning, but she was attractive, and she had a nice body. Good proportions for her height.

Most of the other voluntary residents were in their late 20's or 30's, so I was the youngest person there. I ended up forming a kind of clique with the aforementioned 39 year old and another woman who seemed to be about the same age. We'd sit around and do jigsaws, or go outside and I'd bum a smoke (even though I didn't normally smoke) and we'd chat. Things got flirty between me and the 39 year old, and at one point she mentioned that she only dated younger guys. I took that as a possible signal, but I'm not sure I anticipated anything happening yet at that point.

I was only there about three or four days, and when I left we exchanged numbers with an agreement to do something together when she checked out later that week. She was the one who initiated things by calling me and suggesting we meet and go bar-hopping. I had just turned 21 and this was my first time bar-hopping. She basically led the way the entire evening, taking me to bars she was familiar with. We matched eachother drink for drink throughout the night. At about the fifth bar, the two of us ended up out on a kind of dance floor. We were both pretty buzzed at this point, and again she made the first move by coming in and kissing me, and sticking her hands down inside the back of my pants. I reciprocated by sticking my hands down the back of her jeans (she was wearing a thong) and fondling her. We stayed there making out for a bit, then returned to the bar where a female friend of hers was sitting. We chatted for a bit, finished another beer, and she suggested that we go to her father's old house which was reasonably close.

Once there, she started getting emotional, magnified by her drunkenness I'm sure. We went out to the back yard where she cried for a bit and cursed about her brother. I was sympathetic, but still horny and tried my best to steer the mood back to where it had been earlier. We made out a bit more until I suggested that we go inside.

Once inside, she led me down to the basement where there was a couch, and we both immediately began stripping. Again, she had a nice body with short trimmed pubic hair. I was 5'11'' 189lbs and had a nice body myself due to a few semesters of purposeful weight training in college.

She chose the position, laying down on her back. As I penetrated her, she confessed, rather self-consciously, that she was a "squirter", telling me that her last boyfriend didn't like it. She asked me if I had a problem with it. Having never experienced it myself, I didn't know what to expect, but I was horny and wanted to proceed. I told her I didn't care, and we continued until she reached her first orgasm. It was maybe a tad off-putting at the time, but I'm sanguine about it now. We shifted positions a few more times, her sitting up on the couch, and then down to her knees on the carpet. She told me later that she rubbed her knees a bit raw from rug-burn thanks to this position. I guess she was either too drunk or into it to care, or too shy to ask me to change. I don't remember how many times she had come by this point, but it was more than a few. We took a short pause, and she then returned to the couch where I went down on her. At this point she became self-conscious about that fact that I hadn't come yet, so we switched places. She went down on me for a while, but for whatever reason, she wasn't able to get me off. I assume the booze was a factor. We stopped at this point, as it was already dawn. I suggested a shower, but she wasn't keen so we both dressed and left.

This turned out to be a one-time thing. I ended up moving to take a job at a summer camp and although we spoke a few more times, we never hooked up again.

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Excellent story ritzer! Even if it didn't end too well for you it was a very hot one! Psychiatric hospital seems like a killer place to pick up chicks, was there any hotties there? hehe
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lol..this story reminds me of the movie Girls Interrupted for some strange reason...anyway, too bad for it's still a story worth indeed
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