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Making My Mother In Law & Sister In Law Happy (Again)

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Smile Making My Mother In Law & Sister In Law Happy (Again)

I had the best afternoon of my life on Wednesday. I had a repeat performance with my mother in law and my sister in law. It's a damn shame that I had to leave.

I arrived at my mother in law's house around midday after the 90 minute drive. The 90 minutes felt more like 90 days today. I knocked on the kitchen door as usual and my mother in law answered it and let me in. She was wearing only her bathrobe. My sister in law wasn't there yet. S (first letter of my mother in law's name) said that she was going to ring K (first letter of my sister in law's name) when I arrived. S picked up her mobile phone and gave K a ring. "Hi K. He's just got here. Are you on your way round?" A brief silence followed. "Ok, see you in a few minutes." S looked at me. "She's walking round now." "Ok, excellent." I said. "Would you like something to drink before she gets here?" S asked. "Just a glass of water will do, please." I replied. S got me a glass of water and we went in to the living room and sat down. We made chit-chat while we waited for K to arrive, nothing exciting. After a few minutes we heard somebody attempt to open the back door and then a knock followed afterwards. S went in to the kitchen and I heard her unlock it and let K in. "What have you got the door locked for?" I heard K ask. I heard the door shut and lock. "Because K, last time somebody let themselves in if you remember." S replied. K walked in to the living room. "Hiya." she said to me as she sat herself down on the smaller settee opposite. "Hello." I replied. "If you want a drink, help yourself K." said S. S sat herself down next to me. "What are you going to do then?" K asked, looking at S and I. "I'll let you two decide that." I said to K and S. "As long as I get my fair share, I don't mind you going first." S said to K. "Ok, whatever is alright with me." K replied. "Are we ok using your bed again?" K asked. "There's not many other places unless you want to do it on the settee or on the kitchen table like we did a few weeks ago." replied S. "I'll settle for the bed, thanks." K said. K got up and looked at me. "Are you coming?" "Yep." I got up and followed K up to the bedroom.

We got to my mother in law's bedroom and closed the door. I watched K get undressed like I did last time. It's very sexy sight to behold as she reveals more and more of her naked body as she removes her clothes and underwear. She got down to her knickers and removed them, revealing her shaven pussy to me. She sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for me as I removed my clothing. When I was completely naked I walked over to where she was sat. I was going to push her back so she was lying on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed so I could bury my face in between her legs but she didn't give me the chance. When I walked over to her she took my dick in her hand and then wrapped her mouth around it. The feeling was intense as the warmth and moisture of her mouth moved along my dick as she moved her head backwards and forwards slowly so my dick was moving in and out of her mouth. She certainly knew what she was doing and she knew I was enjoying it. I let her carry on as long as I could and then I had to stop her otherwise it would have been over too soon. I quietly asked her to lie back on the bed. She did but she propped herself up with her elbows. I gently opened her legs to reveal her gorgeous shaven pussy with it's little pink lips. I gave it a little rub and she was already wet but that didn't stop me wanting to get my mouth on it. I moved in and started to gently lick her clitoris. K let out a few gasps as my tongue moved over and round it. K's face got a little bit red as I carried on licking, flicking and sucking. I worked on it for quite a while but eventually I didn't just want to lick it, I wanted to be inside it. I got up and asked K how she wanted to do it. She didn't say anything. She just got on all fours on the edge of the bed. This way I was still stood up and able to easily penetrate K who was on all fours on the bed. I moved closer towards her sexy arse. K reached round and took hold of my dick. She placed it on to her pussy hole and moved back as I moved forward. Her pussy parted and I started to disappear in to her hot wetness. I placed my hands on her sexy arse for leverage and started to move in and out. "Don't go too fast." whispered K. "Ok." I replied. We went at a slow speed and I was enjoying every second and judging by K's heavy breathing so was she. It was such a turn on to see my dick moving in and out of K's pussy and her sexy arse right there in front of me. As I moved in and out I gave her arse a gentle rub and squeeze, occasionally catching glimpses of her arsehole. This went on for a few minutes and I was seriously enjoying it. Just as I felt the early warning signs that I was going to cum, K slid away from me and asked me to get on my back. I lay down on the bed and the early warning that I was going to cum had disappeared, therefore buying me a few more minutes. K straddled me and I was quickly inside her. Although we'd been slow with the doggy-style, K rode me pretty fast. Not that I had any problem with that but because she was riding me quite fast, the early warning signs appeared again. K sat up straight, placed her hands on my stomach and grinded against me. "Shit, I'm going to cum." K whispered. She grinded faster and then started to cum. She was certainly a little bit vocal about it. A few seconds after K started cumming, I started to cum. It was intense and I was more than just a little bit vocal about it too. She carried on grinding until she had made sure that I had finished cum. She slowed down and then stopped. "Do you want me to carry on?" she asked. "That wouldn't be fair on S would it? Besides, I need a few minutes." I replied. K stayed on top of me with me still inside her for a minute or two while she got her breath back. She got her breath back and she lifted herself off of me. She got off the bed and hurried to the toilet. K came back after a couple of minutes. I was lay on the bed getting my energy back as I knew S would be along soon and I didn't want to disappoint her. K sat on the end of the bed. "Shall I go and tell my Mum that she can come up?" asked K. "Yeah but give me a few more minutes." I replied. K started looking in her Mum's wardrobe for a pair of pyjama bottoms or something similar. "Why don't you just get dressed?" I asked. "I will later on. I just want to wear something I can relax in for a bit." K replied. She eventually found a pair and put them on along with her bra. She left the room wearing only these two things and leaving her knickers, jeans and top on the chair in the corner. I could hear K and S talking for a moment downstairs. Could make out what I was though. I presume that K was telling S that she could go upstairs.

A few seconds later, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. S entered the bedroom and removed her bathrobe to reveal her sexy body. I noticed that her pubic hair had grown back somewhat. Not too much and I found it quite a turn on. Seeing her naked again turned my semi-on in to a hard-on. I was ready for her. S got on the bed and I got on top of her. This way I could control the speed. I expected her not to be quite ready but how wrong was I? When I place my hand in between her legs she was wet and very ready. She must have been getting herself ready while she was downstairs but I didn't ask. I easily slid in to her. I lay on top of her and moved in and out slowly. S's legs up at the side of me and one of my hands stroking her leg, her arms wrapped around me as she gasped with every one of my thrusts. I could hear the wetness of her pussy as I moved in and out. After a while, S asked me to get on my back. I did so and S decided to ride me, only this time she was facing away from me. She squatted over me, reached between her legs to take hold of my dick and then lowered herself on to it. It was amazing. I was getting a fantastic view of her sexy arse bouncing on me as she moved her pussy up and down on my dick. After I few minutes, S's breathing changed. I knew she was going to cum and sure enough she did. I hadn't cum yet so I asked S to get on to her back again. I got on top and entered her. I wanted to fuck her and before I did I moved her legs so they were resting over my shoulders. I wanted to get deep inside her. S said that she'd never done it with her legs like that. I really wanted to cum inside her so I started to fuck her quite hard. I pounded at her and got really deep. S was really loving it and she was turning the air blue by what she was saying whilst I was fucking her. I felt that I was going to cum after a couple of minutes. I gave one last big thrust as I came. Her legs slipped off of my shoulders and I collapsed on top of her. We kissed for a moment and then I pulled out. S was smiling saying that was just what she needed. We both lay there for a few minutes before S got up to go to the toilet. I noticed a wet patch on the bed from where some of my cum had leaked out of her. She came back in the room and asked if I wanted to go downstairs and have some lunch. I had arrived at midday and by now it was only almost 2pm. S put a nightie on to go downstairs. I put my boxer shorts and t-shirt back on and followed.

S made the three of us some lunch. Nothing elaborate. We sat in the living room and ate. We talked for a while and it was mostly about sex. K was saying that her husband clearly isn't interested in her anymore and S said the same. I voiced my confusion as to why that was as they're both extremely sexy and any man would be lucky to have them. They both replied almost at the same time, "You do have us." followed by a little laughter. About an hour passed and I had I thought it was best that I had go before S's husband returned home from work. K jumped in and said that we should arrange to do it again, maybe at her house next time. I said my farewells, giving S a kiss and for the first time K a kiss. That was a couple of days ago and we have since arranged to meet at K's house tomorrow (Saturday). I can't wait!
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Red face Wow!

I just had a huge orgasm with my Hitachi. I have been catching up on older stories written by THKDICKNU and you. My whole body is in a stage of great sexual need. I get visions of a hot DP with the two of you. Mark won't be home until after supper. If I keep reading, I know that I will cum many more times. I duct taped my Hitachi to my seat. I can sit on it with the handle in the crack of my ass and the ball pressing into my pussy, in contact with my clit. OK guys. I am going to ride this wand for the next 5 hours.
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