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Threesome with the bosses daughter

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Threesome with the bosses daughter

I told my buddy Craig at work last Friday about a setup i had with Sybil for next week and invited him as the third guy and he was excited about it asked what about this weekend and i asked what he had in mind. He said he had banged Shelly the bosses daughter a couple times since she got her own place and said we could tag team her. I was pissed he had not told before that he did Shelly but i did want to try her out and she was throwing herself at me the day i gave her and her mom a golf lesson..that is before i used my driver on her mom
He said they were meeting Saturday night and that she drank like a fish and fucked like a whore when she was drunk said what the hell.
I met them both about 11 pm and she was already wasted and surpirsed but happy to see me throwing her arms around me like an old boyfriend.
I acted like it was a surprise to me also to see them and knowing she was always horny and already drunk i managed to get in to the conversation within a few minutes HOW HORNY I which she clung to me saying ME TOO..GODDDDD. i you two want to get out of here and they both said yes and Craig poured her into his car and followed me home. When i got home i walked in first and just headed right up the stairs and stripped down quickly as i heard them laughing and coming up the stairs. I had just finished down to my briefs when they walked in and she looked at me and said...LOOK AT THAT BIG JUICY DICK...MMMMMM..LOL...Craig kind of gave her a little push towards me as i approached and she fell against me and i pulled her head up and started to french kiss her and she melted into me as her breathing changed and she slipped her hands around me and into the back of my briefs and grabbed my ass cheeks and i pulled her back and down saying this is what you want and pulled my briefs down to my thighs and pulled her head to my cock and put it in her mouth and she started to suck my dick. I was encouraging her telling her what a good cocksucker she was and she was into it and going up and down when i pulled her up and took off her top and little bra and then layed her down and pulled off her jeans bringing her thong with it and then simply mounted her and pushed in to her groan further and further until i was fucking her with her spindly legs spread wide and moving back and forth to my thrusts. Her pussy was not as tight as i had hoped but it still felt good then i noticed Craig had undressed and came over and i pulled out and slid her back and put her on all fours on the bed and he stood on the bed in front of her and put his dick in her mouth as i started to slowly fuck her again. Tag teaming her was fun but not like i thought it would be..she had done it before you could tell. I fucked her and pulled out after a minute or so and let Craig have her and she sat ontop of him and went up and down like a whore while he smacked her ass and she only knew two and faster and had him cumming in less than two minutes.
She got off him and he scooted over holding his dick and i grabbed he by the leg and pulled her to the edge of the bed and up and dragged her to the bathroom sitting her on the edge of the counter and thrust up into her hard to her yell and fucked her and this little slut was moving toward me taking every thrust and giving it back and i grabbed her by the forearms and was driving into her as fast as i could and she was going UH UH UH FUCK.HAHAHA..until she jumped forward on me forcing me back and clung to me forcing herself up and down as fast as she could and mad me CUM as she orgasmed and gushed all over me. Bosses little girl was a fucking wonder that black gardner was balling her. We made out way back to the bed and i let Craig have her while i went downstairs for a drink and some food and watched some tv. I heard their humping from upstairs and knew she was draining him too.
But, in my mind this was a one time thing with her and i had to fuck her ass so i went back up and they were laying there with him playing with her and her with his limp dick in her hand trying to coax more out of walked over and told her to suck my cock and she slithered over and started to lick it and handle my balls and she got me going then i pulled her off turning her around at the edge of the bed and put on leg up on the bed as i took my cock in hand and rubbed her pussy with it and moving it to her butthole and teasing it and then i made her move up on the bed so i could stand on the bed and bend over and i put my dick in hard just a few inches as she yelled and groaned and fell forward pulling off me but i got down ontop of her and cock in hand found her ass again and drove in and then worked in deeper and deeper as i groaned and she went OH OH UH UH UH..her ass felt so good and snug on my dick and i slid back and forth and fucked her ass for a good 2 mintues before i unloaded in her butt to her whimpers. As i finished cumming i stayed in her kind of slow grinding my cock in her ass to her moans and telling her mmmmm...nice ass..thats a good girl...ewwwww...
and then i slowy pulled out and lughed told Craig i was done. I went and showered and then they used the bathroom together and it sounded like she was sitting on his dick on the toilet fucking and then after a long shower they came out and dressed and left. Craig was right..she is a slut and cockwhore!
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