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Hoe does a twosome become a threesome..sheer luck

Incredible Luck Stories

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Default Hoe does a twosome become a threesome..sheer luck

I was out last Friday night because i had a date with a new friend Jennifer but at the last minute right before i was leaving to pick her up she called and said her husband whom she is seperated from had shown up without warning and they were arguing and it wasn't going to be a good time. I was understanding though frustrated and went out to a local watering hole looking for action. I figured i might as well since i had just taken a little blue magic pill thinking i was going to bang Jen all night.
I got there a bit before 9 and had a few drinks checking things out and about 10 guess who taps me on the ex wife Veronica. I had not seen or talked to her in weeks. She was all dolled up in her yellow dress with highheels that showed off he tanned legs well and found a place to sit and talk and drink. I asked her if she was still slumming with that hillbilly Donnie she said hell no..and in true Veronica stlye she said his big dick didn't make up for being a complete asshole and idiot which had me laughing my ass off. We had a couple drinks and i said..well were here. Probably for the same thing and she want to take me home and fuck and i said lets go. When we got to the parking lot she said she would just drive and met me there.
It was near 11:30 when we pulled inrto my driveway noticing another car already there and low and behold sitting there on the front step of my house is Christi the barley legal Hottie i recently fucked.
As i walked up hearing Veronica's high heels clicking behind me i asked..what are you doing ? Christi peered past me sitting there in very tiny red shorts and a white v neck top showing off her amazing big hard tits and said i am off work and wanted to see you and then she asked who is that old lady with a dirty look. I heard Veronica speak up as i turned to look at her and she said..who are you calling old ? i intervened and said ladies ..ladies..lets be civil come on lets take this inside. I led them into the front room and as i sat down Christi plopped herself practically ontop of me sitting beside me and V got this big smile on her face and shook her head. Veronica is a smart lady and as she quickly went into nice mode i knew she had the hots for Christi too. Veronica loves the ladies as much as the men and she smiled and said my name Veronica and Christi was caught off guard and said Christi and seemed to lose her defensiveness as i got up and said i am going to get us something to drink. As i walked toward the kitchen i looked back to see Christi sitting there in the middle of the couch staking out her claim with her legs crossed and swinging one leg up and down nervously i passed by Veronica standing there and she gave me a look as i smelled her perfume that i had not noticed in the bar and it always gave me wood.
I was opening and pouring wine for V and i and then a coke for Christi and i brought them their drinks and handed one to V and the other to Christi and went back for mine as i heard them chatting nicely and V telling her how beautiful she was. I came back and sat down to the left of Christi near the end of the couch and V said. Please excuse me i need to use the ladies room and she put her wine down and strutted away.
Right away Christi said..who is that and i said my ex and she you get rid of her ? I said why..she's fun ..not bad looking either huh..and Chrsiti said..i guess not for an older lady. I had turned the lights down low before coming back into the room and Christi started to paw me and say..mmm..i want to fuck..don't you...i said well i do have another guest and Christi said..i can make you forget about her and started to kiss me and then go for my belt undoing it and unzipping me as i sat up and pulled my pants off breifs and all and she stroked my dick harder and went down on me as i layed back on thearmrest of the couch and she got up on the couch kneeling down and going up and down on me going like that and i was
Christi seemed so engrossed in sucking my big dick she didn't notice Veronica walk back in and smile as she looked down at Christi bent over with i am sure her ass cheeks hanging out from under her little red shorts.
I had not heard her either and when i saw her i knew she had taken off her shoes and snuck back on purpose.
Veronica stood there against the doorway with both hands on it just watching and kind of licking her lips lightly. Christi had been going down on me for a minute or so and sat up looking at me and pulled off her top and saw my eyes looking past her and turned to see Veronica standing there and V quickly said..don't let me stop the fun. Christi had herself turned somewhat and din't say anything and i don't know what her face looked like but within seconds she turned to face me again and undid her bra and let her big natural firm asian tits out for me to see. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off laying back again and Christi bent down and slid her big tits against my belly all the way up to my face and kind of straddled me as i leaned up to kiss and lick and suck her hardening nipples as she started to moan and reach down with one hand to touch and try and hold my swollen cock. She looked aroused but unsure and i's all good V likes to watch. Christi was sitting on me in just her little red shorts and slid down me again and began to suck my cock more with her..mmmmm..oohhh..mmmmmm...bent over with her ass up in the air. I saw Veronica move in but Christi didn't notice until she felt Veronica's hand between her legs rubbing her crotch gently and she pulled off me looking back and did this...ahhhh...ewww and it seemed like V rubbed more vigorously and Christi just kind of hung her head and enjoyed it. I was incredibly turned on with Christi having my cock in her hand and V rubbing her pussy and seducing her.
I slid up and out as she let go of my dick and stood up and walked to Christi and pulled her to stand and pulled her shorts off as she stepped out of them and sat down and had Christi get on the couch above me as i went down on her and she had her hands down on my head as she stood on the couch and settled down on my face. I ate Christi as she moaned for a couple minutes and sensed Veronica getting undressed and then felt the couch move down and l heard V lean in and kiss with Christi as i ate her. Now, i wanted to tag team this horny little asian and knew V was into it so i pulled her away and down and put my rigid hard cock at her pussy and she started to sink down further n further with her moans getting deeper. When she had hit bottom i sat back and V was leaning in fondling her big firm knockers and leaning in to kiss her and then kiss and lick her tits and Christi was going crazy. I knew V wanted a taste so i pulled her off and kind of threw her down to the side with her back on the couch and slid over while V stepped over me. I got up and V went right down and i stood there with my cock in the flagpole postion and watched V spread her legs and go down on her softly and gently and Christi's breathing was getting fast and shallow and i was stroking my dick. Veronica's ass always looks sensational in a thong and i knelt on the couch behind her putting my hands on it and pulling it down to her knees and V was ready bending over more and pulling head up to look at Christi and as i put my cock in her she did this..EWWWW..MMMMM ..hahaha.. as i stroked her pussy slowly all the way balls deep and back. She had one hand up on a tit of Christi's and was saying..ohhhhh..emmm..i love that Big dick..EWWWWWW.
I had only been balling her for less than a minute and it hit me..we needed to take this to the sex room. So, i pulled out and got up saying lets go to the play room and V smiled and said..oohhh yes.. and got up and took Christi's hand and helped her up saying your going to love this as they followed me downstairs and into the room.
I was hard as hell from the viagra and the excitement knowing as soon as i flipped the light switch in the room the camera's would start to record it and i had not added to my recording library in weeks since our little orgy that V was apart of. We walked in and the look on Christi's face was priceless and she looked around at the bed and sex swing and wall area to bind a person. I was uncontrollably horny and took Christi by the had walking her to the bed and throwing her down on her and mounting her raising her legs with my hand under her and putting my dick in her and then pumping away hard and fast as her big tits shuddered from the impact of my cock thrusting into her balls deep over and over and she got real loud going..OHHH..UH..OHH.UH..UHHHHH..UHHHH..her little asian body bent like a pretzel under me and the bed springs creeking under us as i fucked her silly with her throwing her head around and going...HAHAHAHAHAHA...until at one last plunge deep i felt the throbbing and unloaded big time in her as she went...OOHHHHHEWWWMMMMMM...we were both out of breath and i stayed there balls deep in her and wiggling my cock around as she squeeled in delight and i felt V kiss and lick my balls and bent further over to enjoy it.
As i betn further over Christi was bent in i moaned from the feeling of V's tongue as was if not still hard getting hard again while buried in Christi and i moved back and puleld out as V stood up and let Christi lay flat with a sigh. I reached up with one hand and V took too it and i pulled her down as she laughed and layed her on her back next to Christi and got ontop of her as she spread and raised her legs and drove into V and she made this..UHHHH...YESSS... sound and i balled her good for a couple minutes until V climaxed raising her butt up to meet my cock and going ...OOOOHHHH...UH UH UH UH..haaaaaaaa...i was beat and pulled up and stood by the bed looking down at both of them on their backs and felt so full of myself that i had banged the hell out of both of them and V had put her hand on Christi's leg and was running it gently over her leg and then turned and was over her kissing her and fingering her pussy. I stood there and watched for several minutes as they played and then V got more aggressive and put her hand on Christi and made her slide down and Christi started to lick V's pussy. I could tell she was new to it and V said.not so hard..easy..gentle as she taught Christi how to orally please a woman. I was getting excited again watching V with her eyes closed enjoy her tongue and i saw her twitch a few times and convulse and Veronica held the back of Christi's head in place as she orgasmed and then layed there sighing and moaning softly. I had to have more of my little asian so i pulled her off the bed and put her in the swing and showed her how to hold on and slowly fucked her thrusting up into her and back and she was moaning loud and panting and after maybe 5 minutes i was holding the straps of the swing and moving my hip fast up and down balling her and she yelled out..OOOHHHHH GODDDDDDD AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...and came with her almost bobbing up and down in the swing until she finished cumming and i pulled out tired as hell. I helped her out of the swing and to the bed and we layed down with me between Veronica and Christi to rest. Veronica told her how good she was and and asked if she liked it and Christi told her yes and it was her first threesome and first time with a woman and how great it was. About half an hour later V got the ball rolling again by stroking my cock an then leaning over and going down on me and then pulling off and holding my cock straight up and saying..your turn Christi and she took it in her hand as little as it was and went down on me sucking my cock. I had my hand around and under her butt fingering her and let her suck it for a couple minutes and then pulled her ontop of me and had her ride me. Her tight young wet pussy felt so good and i manhandled her tits and was ready to cum again soon and pulled her off and pulled her down and stuck it in her mouth and came shooting in her mouth and then pulled her back after the first shot or two and pulled V over and like a good trained wife she took it in hand spurting and deepthroated me letting me finish in the back of her throat and then sucking every last drop out of me as i layed back going..AHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK. I was totally worn out Viagra or not and got up saying you girls have some fun i am going to bed. I don't know what went on after that but woke up about 8 am Saturday with V naked in bed with me and being the trooper she is when i woke her up she stroked and sucked me hard and let me slow fuck her ass for a good 10 minutes and get off in her butt. I let her lay in bed as i showered and then she got up sore and beat and showered and kissed me goodbye and a night..and i was done for the
I do wonder what is going on with Christi..Veronica and i never discussed it. But this had to rank up there with the best sex night of my life. My balls are still a little sore the boss just left without Tory which is unusual so maybe hair of the
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