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My girlfriend put a vibrator up my ass!!!

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Talking My girlfriend put a vibrator up my ass!!!

(Episode #14 — This follows: Getting Kinky during 2005 Xmas Break!)

Winter semester 2006, the campus sororities were making their last desperate efforts to recruit both Jennifer and Brittany into their membership. They had done their homework and realized both girls were from some of the wealthiest families in the state. I think Brittany may have joined if Jennifer would have but Jennifer absolutely was adamant that she would not join one. Kelly and Katie never tried to recruit them into their sorority because quite frankly. Kelly and Katie only joined that particular sorority to make their moms happy since both were former members. Jennifer and I liked to pull pranks on the sorority girls that came calling. When she knew they were coming Jennifer would answer the door while wearing a leather S&M outfit she borrowed from Renee and I’d be on all fours the floor barking like dog with a leather mask over my face wearing nothing but my boxers and some handcuffs. (we personally did not do any bondage stuff, this was just to freak out the sorority chicks doing the recruiting.) The expressions and stammering comments from these shocked these girls were hilarious. Brittany and/or Rene would often be hiding behind the kitchen counter trying not to laugh out loud.
Winter semester also found Jennifer trying out some new sex tricks on me. Both Jennifer and Brittany were getting Renee to tell them about her, evidently, massive knowledge of sexual experiences. Renee, after all, had been an escort and a stripper, which fueled Jennifer and Brittany’s interest in her. One Sunday afternoon after returning from visiting my parents for the weekend I was looking through Jennifer’s apartment for my stainless steel Georgia Bulldog travel mug. I had looked in the dishwashing machine and found that it was loaded with several dildos and sex toys belonging to Jennifer & Brittany and some which must have been Renee’s. That’s how the girls always washed their sex toys, in the dishwasher . Right away I wondered if the three of them had some kind of lesbian orgy that weekend. It didn’t bother me if they had, though, I’d loved to have seen it.
I started looking under the furniture to see if my mug had rolled under the sofa or chairs. I didn’t find my mug but did find the straps portion for a strap on dildo, along with a nearly empty bottle of sex lube. I was then very sure the girls had done some kinky stuff. It turned out that the strap on stuff belonged to Renee. I finally found my mug under the seat of my car.
Then one evening while in bed with Jennifer at her place, she wanted to put a dildo in my ass. I was like, “What? No Way!!!!” Jennifer was laughing and telling me that I would love it. She told me that Renee had done this to lots of her customers when she was escorting and they loved it. Then she reached under her bed and pulled a big dildo out of her “toy” box and held it up. Looking at that thing I just said, “that ain’t gonna happen!” She started laughing and said she was just kidding, then she got a small battery powered dildo and some lube. The dildo was only about 5 and one half inches long and not very big around. She started pleading with me to let her do it. She promised it would feel great.
I told her that reminded me of something we did to bulls at my uncle’s farm. Jennifer (being a true city girl) was like, “WHAT?”: I told her we inserted an electric powered thing in the bull’s ass and turned on the electric current, while someone held a receptacle over the bull’s dick to catch the sperm. As soon as the current came on the bull would shoot a load into the receptacle and we used that sperm to inseminate cows. Jennifer lost control laughing. She first said she’d loved to have seen the expression on the bull’s face when it happened. Then she was laughing and teasing me by accusing me of being a perverted animal abuser. She finally calmed down from laughing and again started pleading with me to let her put that thing up my ass. She promised it would only vibrate some and wouldn’t shock me with current and then laughed. Jennifer said she wanted to suck and lick my cock while she manipulated that little vibrator up my asshole.
After much coaxing, some really passionate tongue kissing and teasing I finally relented to her request. Jennifer lubed my asshole and the little dildo and began giving me a slow wet blow job, licking my nuts and scrotum. Then she played with my asshole and slowly began to slide the little vibrator up my nervous asshole. After slowly moving it in and out I was thinking that it wasn’t too bad but still didn’t quite get why someone thought it was so great. Jennifer continued to suck my cock and then she turned the vibrator on. DAMN! What else can I say but DAMN! That was a entirely new feeling!!!! (and it was really great!) It did not take me long at all before I shot a load of cum in Jennifer’s mouth and she swallowed it.
We both fell back on the bed and she lay her chin on my chest looking at me for a response. I was about to tell her that it did feel great, but a crazy thought came over me and I just looked at her and let out a very realistic, “mooooooo!” like a cow. Jennifer started dying laughing and I “mmmoood” at her again. Jennifer starting laughing and beating on me with her fist in a fun way like she does a lot and laughing. She then starts telling me to quit moooing but I kept moooing and making funny faces at her. She started moooing back and it led to other farm animal sounds and a lot of loud laughing.
Then we heard a knock on the bedroom door and it was Brittany who yelled, “What in the hell are y’all doing in there?” Jennifer and I both started laughing out of control. Brittany opened the door and came in and Jennifer was laughing so hard that she was immobile and had tears in her eyes. I was laughing and trying to pull the sheet up to cover myself but couldn’t get enough of it to do that. Brittany said, “Oh stop silly I’ve already seen you naked bunches of times!” Brittany sat on the bed with us starting to laugh herself just because we were laughing and she started shaking Jennifer telling her to stop laughing and tell her what was so funny. Finally, Jennifer got enough control to blurt out that I was an animal abuser and she died laughing again.
Brittany just looked at me curiously. I finally said, “Jennifer begged me to let her ram a dildo up my ass!” Brittany looked very amused. And then I just explained that she is laughing because I told her about how we used to get sperm from bulls to artificially inseminate cows.” When I got that out Jennifer still laughing said, “Isn’t that one of the most perverted things you ever heard?” Brittany laughed and said, “I’ve helped to that to some of our horses!” At that Jennifer just screamed out another really loud laugh falling back on the bed and finally got out the word, “WHAT?”
Then Brittany said, “We do that to our race horses to inseminate the mares!” It seemed like five minutes before we could get Jennifer calmed down from her laughing. And she finally laughed and said, “You two are so sick” before she lost control laughing again. Finally her giggle box stopped and she caught her breath. I asked Brittany, “Y’all have race horses like thoroughbred horses or what?” “Sure,” she said, “my family owns a horse farm in Kentucky.” I knew she was from a rich family, but damn a thoroughbred farm in Kentucky?
This vibrator-laughing incident led to nearly two weeks of us all making impromptu animal noises and laughing. I have let Jennifer put that little vibrator up my ass just a few times since but nothing larger is ever going up there, for sure!!!!
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Dude that's damn funny! What's funnier I'm not sure, you and those 2 crazy ass rich white chicks or that damn vibrator up yo ass! It might feel good but I ain't never had one up my ass. I might have to be damn drunk first! But that was funny ass story!
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hahahahaha loved the story :-) Glad u enjoyed it, so far i have only had 1 bloke who let me play with his arse ( see a dream come true) im sure alot of blokes would love it if they gave it a go xx
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Okay! That was pretty funny Buz! Y'all are crazy! So you did like the little vibrator huh!
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I like what you all did to the snooty sorority girls that came recruiting just because your friends were rich. That's now most those sluts were when I was in college. Looks like you had a very memorable college experience. Funny story! I may have to pass this one on to my proctologist! ha ha
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