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My Best Friend

CFNM Stories (Clothed Female Naked Male)

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Default My Best Friend

I met my best friend in the 8th grade, she cheered throught high school at the varsity level and even though she has an amayzing body good size tits and a big ass and she gets a dark bronze tan in the summer I just never grew attracted to her sexually. We are sophmores in different colleges now so we dont see much of each other sept during the summer.

A month ago or so we had plans to do something stupid with a couple of friends she was coming straight to my house from her job but as I sent the last text "doors open come in, ima jump in the shower" I fell asleep, had a long day, i didnt work or do much but I was tired, I woke up to her telling me to get up and lets go...she was wearing a dress with thin speghetti straps, something im not use to seeing her in with her tits practically hanging out. She wore this to work, shes a chashier at a clothing retail store but had her hair covering her cleavage. The dress held her tits up perfectly and sense she was giving me a good view I figured I would return the favour. I told her I was gona change cuz I fell asleep and didnt shower, she tells me to hurry. We were basicaly going to be running in the dark anyway. Now we have changed many many many times infront of each other bare ass because we get ready to go out for the night or swimming at her grandmas or variouse other reasons but this time was the first time I was doing so on the idea that she was watching me and I was doing this just cuz I wanted her to watch. I change shirt first and than to pants new set of boxers as well I peek to see if shes looking but bail out and just pay attention to changing, I didnt want to risk getting hard. I get brave and pull my pants off saying id rather go in shorts, purposly pulling down my boxers as well but right back up as if they accidentaly came down with my pants I feel im starting to get hard so just threw on the shorts quick and left for the night...

I guess she liked my show cuz as im tailing her to her house she calls me and says "ima stop by the house first, and change" i asked why and she says "you think ima run in this dress?" we get there and go upstairs to her room and I knew she wasnt going to go to the bathroom and change she picks out shorts and a shirt. Im sad to see shes going to keep her same underwear on though... she strips to her bra and panties(matching black lace,very sexy) puts her shirt and short shorts on. Were about to head out but she goes back into her closet and comes back out with a bra. She takes her shirt off saying "I wanted to match but this ones to thin" she takes her bra off facing the mirror thats right beside me giving me a great view of those perky tits and puts on the other one. I asked if she was expecting someone to see them match....she said "No, but you know how I just like wearing the same kind" she has said that before but I had to ask.

I still have never touched her and want things to stay that way...I guess I was just horny at the time as I always am when I wake up.
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lol good stuff!
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Of course she made you horny!!! That's just natural!
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