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It started at a nudist resort

Nudist Stories

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Default It started at a nudist resort

If you have read any of my other confessions you may know that we like to spend time on nudist beaches whenever possible, but given that at the time of this incident we were living about 600 kms from the beach we were happy to find two nudist resorts set in the stunning mountain range close by our farm. One was an hour west, the other about 2 hours east. Each lead to some fun times!!

This day was early summer and I think only our second visit to this club. It was well established with a camp site, van site, and about 30 cabins for rent. The pool area was huge with rolling lawns, and a great bar area.

We had spent the day at the far end of the pool area away from the bar, and it was pretty quiet early in the season, although the weather was perfect. From our slightly raised position we looked over the pool, and noticed a small group, of a man with two women and two young boys (toddlers), enjoying the shallow end. My husband was interested because one of the women was gorgeous, and the other was no spam salad either, as they say.

Late in the afternoon, we were both feeling a little horny and headed to the pool to take a dip. We walked close by the group and greeted each other, as my husband and I dove into the deep end. The cold water and the hot sun, and maybe the couple glasses of wine, made me horny as hell, so when we were at the deep end I noticed that the bar area was out of site, as it was beyond a rise in the lawns. I trapped my husband in the corner of the pool, and began to fool around, pushing my breasts into his face, and rubbing my pussy against him. Despite his protest that the small group could see us his response was inevitable, and I soon had a very engorged cock in my hand. With my feet against the pool side as leverage, I soon had him buried deep in my pussy.
Trying to a little subtle I gently rocked against him at the base of his shaft. This always gets my clit into overdrive, and I was soon whispering to him that I was about to come. He knows my triggers well, and when he told me that the guy in the group was sitting in the shallow end watching us, I just blew.

To exit the pool I swam to the shallow end and climbed out right by our voyeur friend, who made no attempt to hide his lovely erection, or the way he stared at my just fucked pussy. My husband remained in the pool for a while cooling off, and when he joined me 15 minutes later, I told him about my encounter, and how rock hard we had made the guy……and how horny I was again!!

Whilst he lay beside me and got some rays, I turned my attention to my new friend. The two women and children were sitting under some trees about 30 yards from him, and behind him. It was obvious we were both having fun so he looked straight at me and began to masturbate. He was a big guy, 6’3” and well over 200lbs, so his equipment fit the build…heavy duty.

Returning the compliment I also started to touch my already puffy labia, and was soon slowly masturbating in rhythm with my new friend. My husband knows me well enough and quietly asked me what exactly I was up to. When I told him he rolled on his side against me, and also began to stroke his lovely cock. While both men managed to hold off I came pretty quickly for the second time in an hour. I love hot sunny Sundays!!!

Before the day ended my new friend and the women came over and introduced themselves. Gerry was with his wife Dee, and the younger gorgeous creature was a friend. G & D are still great friends of ours some 10 years later, and we have had some great times with them, a few of which I’ll share, the first of which happened the following holiday weekend, but involved only Gerry, as Dee was travelling.

It was a Thursday holiday so most people and businesses were adding Friday and making it a 4 day break. On the Friday afternoon we were at a local bar, high on a hill overlooking a large reservoir when my mobile buzzed with an unknown number. When I answered it turned out to be Gerry wanting to know if he could join us. My husband described where we were, and within the hour he was enjoying a few cold beers with us. When we asked him to come back to our place for a steak on the barbie, it was a petty good bet that things would go beyond that.

When we had eaten and the two guys were drinking like there was no tomorrow I decided to soak in the tub and excused myself. The house was a very old farmhouse and the bathtub was the original. It was huge, and thus had seen some fun already. Tonight it would see a little more.

I had almost given up on having any company when I heard them coming down the hall, a little the worse for wear, and when they walked in both were naked and offering me two lovely semi erect cocks. My husband squeezed into the tub at my feet, but given the size of Gerry even this old tub couldn’t hold 3 of us, so he sat on the edge of the tub behind me and began to massage my shoulders. Of course he soon progressed to my breasts, and with my husband playing with my pussy I was soon in la-la land.

It was now that Gerry offered me his cock for the first time by laying it on my shoulder and turning my head towards it. What a lovely sight. Fully erect he was large in all ways. Long, thick, heavy and a lovely head, which I was now busy kissing and licking, as he gently bumped it against my lips. My husband, watching this, began to finger fuck slowly with his right hand whilst stroking his cock with his left. As I felt my orgasm arriving I stopped trying to get Gerry into my mouth, and just lay back masturbating him as slowly as my husband was doing it to me. I came quickly after this, and the two men almost lifted me out of the tub, and lead me to the guest room.

None of us bothered to towel off, and we were soon locked together on the bed. My husband loves the 69 position when we have a friend with us. Obviously he gets a real close up of the action if I end up fucking the guy, so after initially entering me and riding me gently while I sucked Gerry back to his impressive full size, he lay on his back and told me it was his turn for my mouth.

When I turned to take him in my mouth he positioned me over him on hands and knees and started eating me like it was the first time. When he knew he had me near boiling point he offered my pussy to Gerry, who had been caressing my butt whilst watching us. Immediately, I felt Gerry’s big purple head pushing against my entrance, and then felt him stretch my tunnel all the way in. As I said he was a big guy and in this position he could reach places not even the Starship Enterprise had been!!!

Gerry’s size makes up for his technique, which is basically to fuck as long, deep and hard as he can for as long as he can. It’s terrific fun while it lasts, but I wouldn’t want to take it every night

He must have fucked me this way for 15 or 20 minutes making me come twice, before he eventually unloaded what felt like a pint if semen deep into me.

I was asleep in minutes between these two hunky guys, and when I woke to pee in the early hours it was a lovely sensation being there between them. So much so, that when I climbed back into bed I took Gerry in my mouth and sucked him erect in a New York minute.

I wanted to control him this time, so I climbed on top, and slid down his pole. I was a little tender from the earlier session, but the pleasure outweighed the pain. When my husband stirred I bent over and took him in my mouth, and soon had 2 lovely cocks to play with again. I came long before Gerry, but was determined to feel him filling me up again, so I stayed on top until he gave up the last of his cream.

Of course, as soon as I rolled off onto my back my husband was between my thighs ready to add his donation to the flood in my tunnel. After all the action he had seen he was primed to fire, and came quickly and in delicious volume.

This was September (early summer in the southern hemisphere) and we were to have a very erotic encounter with Gerry & Dee on vacation in December, with a young hunk from our favorite nudist beach added in for spice

Alex xx
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Your posts are very interesting! I have been wondering if I'd be interested in swinging someday, after I get married (and I have not met the right guy yet!) Though it would be funny as hell to have my current bf forced to watch me get fucked. LOL
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Sounds like nudists are having alot of fun
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Great story!!!!! You have a fun sex life!!!!! You getting to tease and then please and be pleased. Your husband must enjoy the hell out of watching you. The nudist stuff sounds exciting. I've really only done that once when I was freshman in college a bunch of us went to a nude beach in Florida. We were all 18-19 and it was fun as hell.
I'm sure glad you post your adventures here because they are fun to read.
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Your posts are the best reads! Thanks!

I enjoy them so much that I read each a couple of times at least. Your pleasure is mine too.
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I can sure see you struttin around naked at the nudist camp. Your husband sure do love seeing you naked out being admired don't he? I know you love being serviced by two guys at a time, I sure do love having two chicks at once! You posted another great story!
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Three of the best, looking forward to the next adventure.
The truth will out, so tell the truth.
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nice threesome
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Wink Hot, Hot,Words

Alex, You have a way with words, or is that your fine pussy talking??
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Originally Posted by MissyLuvsYa View Post
...Though it would be funny as hell to have my current bf forced to watch me get fucked. LOL
I agree completely. Hoping I can find a guy that will let me do the same ha ha
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nudist, threesome

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