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Getting caught ..intentionally

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Default Getting caught ..intentionally

I was working for an insurance agency and in my 30's and did not get along at all with this other salesman who was a REAL DICK. The geeky arrogant type that always thought he was better than everyone else and would stab you in the back for a dollar type.
I had worked there a couple years and i was planning on leaving but had not said anything to my boss yet. It was at a September company get together they would have at a nice place for dinner and dancing. The dick was named Gary and i had met his wife a couple times once at a previous gathering and had seen her a couple times when she had stopped bty the offices. They seemed like an odd couple. His wife Tamra was sort of trampy looking always in a lot of makeup and a dress to tight and naughty for a woman with two kids in school. I had remembered how drunk she got at the last company party and thought i would teach him a lesson and fuck his wife.
So, i am at the company party when i notice them come in. She is dolled up and in a skin tight black dress low cut with her boobs pushed up and her dress struggled to stay mid thigh length as she strutted around. I hung out through the evening for a few hours and watched as she had drink after drink and was getting louder. He seemed embarassed by her and i noticed he took a drink away from her but she walked away and had a fresh one a few minutes later. He was kissing ass with the bosses and i thought well i will just see what she thinks about about a good hard fuck. I wandered over to her and she put her drink down and gave me a big hug and said how are you ?
She was tight by then and kind of swayed as she talked and slurred her words. I knew just bow to handle a bimbo like her and said..well..right now ..i am horny as hell and could use a good fuck and your looking sexy as hell tonight ! She let out this loud cackling laugh and put her arms around my neck and put her face real close to mine and gave me this big exaggerated wink and said i my ear...want to take me outside and fuck me BIG BOY and then laughed as she pulled her mouth away from my ear.
I looked over my shoulder almost hoping Gary was watching but he had his back to me and was near the opposite side of the room bullshitting.
So, i took her by the hand and led her out of the room at a decent pace and i could hear her high heels clicking as she stepped quickly trying to keep up with me and giggling as we went out the door and into the parking lot. I took her to my car which was a 4 door Lincoln and opened the back door and had to kind of push he drunk ass in still giggling.
I took off my suit jacket and tie and unbuttoned the collar and threw my tie and jacket over the seat into the front and hopped in closing the door behind me. It was dark and nobody was out at that time to see. I was all over her kissing her and feeling her up and unhooking her dress and pulling it down and pulling a tit out of her bra and sucking it and she was laughing and breathing fast as i reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard dick and then was sliding up her dress and pulling off her panties and it was all frantic and she was a mess half undressed in the backseat when i spread her legs ontop of her and drove it in her and she yelled out OHHHHHHHHHHHHH...and i pulled back and thrust into her balls deep stroke after stroke to her OOOHHHH..UHHHH..YEAH..HAA.YEAH..FUCK ME..EWWWW was a frenzied balling with her and i both moving and thrusting back and forth..and i was so turned on i was saying..YOUR NOT FUCKING THAT PISS ANT HUSBAND NOW ARE YOU ..YOU HOT LITTLE BITCH...and she was going on and on with her OOOOHHH YEAHHH..UHH..UHHH..and then her voice got meek and she was saying...eeee..uhhh..i'm cummin..hahaha..i'm cummin...which only made me fuck her harder and faster and say..COME ON..CUM ALL OVER MY BIG DICK...HAHAHAHA.. and then i impaled her with one last thrust hard and balls deep and grunted and was shooting a hot load of my CUM inside her and she was moaning loud and going ..HAHAHAHA..YEAHH..YEAHH..YEAHHH..when i had drained my balls in her i pulled out and zipped up but felt our cum all over my pants and got out and she got herself up looking all messed up and pulled her skirt down and put her high heels back on and i helped her out of the backseat and was disappointed nobody was there to see what i had done to Gary's wife. She was still drunk as hell and put her arms around me giving me this big sloppy kiss and saying..want to fuck again sometime..ewww you have such a great DICKKKKK....hahaha...and clinging to me. Then she pulled away and took a pen from her purse and put her phone number on my hand in ink and said my kids dn't get off the bus until me soon..ok ? I said sure baby and gave he a smack on the ass and she walked back in and i left.
The next week i turned in my resignation and two weeks later on a Friday and my last day i called her in the morning and told her i wanted to come over at lunchtime and she gave me the address. I went to her house and banged the shit out of her having her suck my cock and fuck her over and over. She had put silk sheets on the bed for us and there was cum and juices all over it after about an hour and a half. I knew i wasn't going back to the office being my last day and i wanted to fuck with Gary so when she went to the bathroom i picked up the phone on the nightstand and called the office and asked for him and when he answered i said hows it hangin Gary..He was rude as usual and said what do you want i am busy..I heard the toilet flush and i said..yeah..well i am busy too.. i have been banging your wife for the past hour and a she sucks good nice and mmmmm..that pussy...I heard the water start in the sink in the bathroom and knew she was washing her hands and he said..YOUR FULL OF IT..YOU ASSHOLE..I said..oh yeah and laughed and said..she tells me i have the biggest dick she has ever seen and i made her CUM 3 times..and by the might not want to kiss her tonight..she took a mouthful of my jizz about an hour ago.
He said YOUR A FUCKING LIAR..i said..oh yeah...listen to this and as she opened the bathroom door i put the phone receiver down. She didn't even notice as she pranced back to bed and made this mmmm sound and started to stroke my dick and i said..ohhh yeah..Tamra..suck me hard again baby and she laughed and went down on me and as she sucked i reache over and pulled the phone down and let it hang so if her yelled out she would not hear him and i started talking real loud...OH..TAMRA..EWWWW..I LOVE THE WAY YOU SUCK MY was perfect because she pulled her head off and said..YOU WANT TO FUCK ME AGAIN WITH THAT BIG DICK...HMMMMM as she had me hard again and was running her hand up and down my cock. I pulled her up and put her on all fours and played with her pussy with my dick slipping it in and out getting it real wet and said i a louder voice..I WANT THAT ASS TAMRA..MMMM.I HAVE TO FUCK THAT SWEET ASS...and she said..EEEWWWWW YEAHHH.FUCK MY ASS...MMMMMMMMM..needless to say i knew i had at least 30 minutes even if he left by then to fuck her and get out and i went to town on her butt and after maybe 5 minutes pulled out and sprayed my jizz on her lower back and butt as she lay there panting and moaning. I finished and went and wiped off pretending i had to get back and dressed and left her laying on the bed covered an filled with my cum and exhausted. Luckily he didn't know where i lived and my number was unlisted but i wonder to this day what he thought when he got They deserved each
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