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Mary loved it in the butt

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Mary loved it in the butt

I have to give you some background so that you understand my love for having a woman anally. My father passed away when i was a young boy. He was a gruff old school hard drinking man and i was maybe 7 or 8 the first time i ever saw anal sex being done. We lived in a rural area with one one house next door where this older Italian guy and Mary lived. They were married and she was maybe in her mid to late 30's at that time and her husband had an excavating business and had passed away i think from a heart attack the year before. They had no kids for me to play with and they didn't socialize much but my father would talk with them. My mom drank alot too and she didn't seem to like Mary much and never invited her over to swim or anything. Our above ground pool was a hot spot for my mom and her friends to gather. One day my mom was not home for some reason and my dad never did anything with me and i was bored. I had seen my dad walk across the backyard towards Mary's house but thought nothing of it at the time. A little bit later i wanted to ask my dad if i could have a friend over to swim and went to look for him going to the backside of Mary's house in the direction he had gone. When i reached their concrete back patio there was nobody outside but i heard this faint strange sound and i went to the backdoor and looked through the window of the door to see my dad with his pants down and Mary was bent over the kitchen table with her pants down to. At the time i kind of knew what they were doing but didn't really understand it.
In later years and now of course i can explain to you that he was fucking her in her ass. My dad had a big dick and big heavy balls..i had seen him peeing when i was younger and was amazed by it.
I had to look to the side where the kitchen table was but i could easily see that he was slamming into her butt and i could hear his grunts and her sounds as he pounded her ass. It was a weird feeling. I was scared and shocked and wondered why he was doing that and when he climaxed he pulled out and she stood up and turned and was kissing him which kind of made me mad but i didn't want them to see me so i left knowing if he caught me i would get the belt. I never said anything to anyone and when my father passed away and as i grew older Mary still lived there alone. I was entering my senior year in highschool and had been with several girls and loved sex and i would help out Mary sometimes when she needed a strong man to do something. She was a very nice woman. Very quiet usually led kind of an isolated like and didn't seem to mind. She was very average looking but thinking back on seeing my dad and her she had a nice bottom and knowing my dad had probably enjoyed it and her many times i figured maybe thats why my mom didn't care for her. Maybe she sensed it or knew about them.
I was feeling very full of myself at the time and for some reason was starting to think maybe i should try her out since my dad had liked her though she was by then in her mid to late 40's.
I was dominant sexually even then and her sweet passive almost submissive nature intrigued me and a few times i would lay in bed at night after seeing her and masturbate thinking about what it would be like to fuck her in the butt. One Saturday afternoon i was home alone doing something in the garage and saw Mary get in her car. She usually went to the grocery store on Saturday's and she had on a nice regular flowered dress well below her knees with tennis shoes on. I walked out and waved as she got in her car and i enjoyed seeing more of her legs as she got in and drove off. It was maybe an hour or so later and i was sitting in a lawn chair out back thinking about going for a swim when Mary came out her back door with a clothes basket an started to hang clothes on a line to air dry. She still had her dress on but was bare foot and i always liked that look and i watched her hang clothes and she would reach up on her tip toes and put one wooden pin and then another to hold them on the line. I must have been really horny and when she hung one of her bras..decent cup size by the and a pair of panties on the line i started to get a hard on. As she reached down into the basket for more clothes she saw me looking and smiled and i gave her a smile back and she looked a bit uncomfortable probably knowing i was watching her hang up her underwear. It was then i made up my mind i was going to see what it felt like to butt fuck her and maybe show her i was better than my dad. I saw her pick up her basket and look my way again before slowly walking to her concrete patio area which was kind of recessed in the far corner of there ranch home and i got up and went over. She had placed the basket on this picnic table they had there and was filling a watering can to give her flowers some needed water. When i reached the picnic table i said Hi Mary you look nice today and she said oh hello Derek..thank you. She had filled the can from a spicket on the patio wall and walked to me and said what are you doing. I said i am bored as hell, moms gone and i just can't decide what i want to do. Then i said that looks heavy let me and i took it and put it on the picnic table by her clothes basket and she said ..well i am sure you'll think of something. There was this uncomfortable pause as i looked her over and i knew she felt my look. Her dress was buttoned up most of the way but her tits still made nice impressions in her dress. I said to her..yeah i think i know what i want to do and i grabbed her hand and pulled her close and put my hand on one tit and massaged it. This look came over her face and though she started to say.oh..Derek..what..her voice trailed off and i pulled her into me and having short hair i leane down and started to kiss and lick her neck. I remember she tasted salty and i had my hands around her before she knew it and was squeezing her butt cheeks and she was starting to she started to moan and fairly loud as i squeezed and lifted her cheeks and played with them pulling her against my hardening cock. She didn't attempt to stop me at all and seemed like she was craving it and i thought maybe she has not been with a man in a longtime which in my mind justified it that i was helpiing her too. I have to admit it was a very powerful feeling to have this mature woman melting to my touch and allowing me to do this to her.
I took a step back and turned her to face the picnic table on the end of it and put my hand in the small of her back and pushed and she bent over and layed with her upper body on the table and then i pulled down my shorts and lifted her dress and stood sideways and started to finger her pussy. It was very hairy and she was getting real wet as i slipped one then two and then three fingers in her and fucked her with my hand.
When i pulled my fingers out they were sticky and gewy and i took my cock in hand and stood behind her with one hand holding my swollen cock and the other on her ass kind of holding her dress and rubbing it and i wiped my cock through her pussy up and down and put the head in and took it out a few times as she moaned and panted.
My cock was wet then and i was ready and i said I know what you like Mary and before she could speak i put it at her butthole and pushed in letting it go and with both hands on her butt i was sliding in and back going deeper and deeper with relative ease. I you like this and she was going OOOHH..EWWW..HAHAHA..and i said..OH i stroked her butt..mmm i have wanted this for SO LONG...she still wasn't talking back to me and i said..mmmm ya like this huh..and she finally said through her groans..yes...UH UH UH..her butthole was not as tight as i thought it would be but the feeling was a rush and i only lasted a couple minutes before i came in her ass with a thud and i could hear her ewwww..ewwww as she felt my cum spurting in her ass.
When i pulled out i said .oh Mary that was great and she stood up and her dress fell back down and she picked her panties up from her ankles and wiggled them up onto her and then gazed at me and i pulled her close and gave her a big french kiss.
I had forgotten in my excitement to pick up my shorts and stood there with a nice thick semi-hard cock hanging out as we pulled apart some and she looked down at it like it was a tool that had just been used on her. I picked up my shorts and mom probably won't be home until dinner time lets go to bed. She just looked at me and quietly walked into the house and i followed her to her bedroom. When we were in her room i was behind her and unzipped her dress and pulled it down and then unhooked her bra and took it off and then her panties as she just stood silently in front of me with her back to me then i pulled off my shorts and i put my hands on her upper arms and gently pushed her and she got on the bed and onto her back and i crawled up and got between her legs and licked and sucked her tits some before i penertrated her and i had my hands down holding me up above her as i watched her facial expressions and her tits swaying and her noises as i fucked her.
I must have fucked her a good half hour and she came a couple of times before i came in her pussy. We were both breathing hard and i knew i had fucked he silly as she layed there spread eagle exhausted under me.
We layed in bed together for awhile and she actually thanked tried to get her to suck my cock hard again but she didn't want to suck it. She sid she never liked to do that so after awhile of petting and little kisses i had her roll over onto her knees and i gave her butt one more reaming this time pulling out and cumming on her ass which also excited her. I finally put my shorts on and left her laying in bed well fucked and as kids are i had other fish to fry and even though she would let me fuck her ass a few more times over the next year when i was real horny we had no other relationship and it wasn't like an affair more like just like a good fuck when i was real horny. The funny thing is i never fucked her pussy after that first time. I would just come over and maybe some small talk and then i would butt fuck her silly usually cumming within a couple minutes and thenone or two more butt fucks that could last 10 or 15 minutes before she and i would orgasm. She was one of the few women i have ever known that could cum from being fucked in the ass and i developed a true craving for ass fucking a woman by having Mary.
After i went to college Mary moved to California. Too bad..i think to this day i would be going to see her when the urge for her butt was too
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Thumbs up Mary loved it in the butt

Thanks for sharing that story. I've never been ass-fucked, but it is definitely something I want to try some time...given the right situation with the right guy. Sounds like you were able to offer her just the right thing too!
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