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Cheating girlfriend, Ashley

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Default Cheating girlfriend, Ashley

I was at a graffiti artshow downtown. I love graffiti art, I'm always going to art shows for two reasons. Besides the fact that I'm very much into the scene, it's a great way to meet girls of all ages. It's amazing to see the different kinds of people that are into graffiti art. There are many stories I have to tell you guys from going to art shows, but anyway this one time I went there was this girl that really caught my eye. I was mesmerized. I wanted her, and I wanted her bad, something no female has done to me in a long time, and I haven't even met her yet. She was young and slender bodied, about 5'5, nice white cream skinned beauty with long lucious hair, damn did she rock it. But before I could ever move in, my hopes were quickly dashed as another man came from behind hugged and kissed her. I thought, well, there goes that.

Then I bumped her again about 20 minutes later, alone. Now let me tell you, I have no problems going after married women or women with boyfriends. So standing next to her while she was alone I felt like maybe I still have a chance yet. She was there looking at the same piece that I was. I commented on the piece we were looking at saying, "Wow, Revok's handstyles are amazingly versatile" to which she looked at me and said, "So Revok is the one that did this piece, he really is good."
From there we just began talking about the art until finally she says, "Wow you really know your stuff. I don't really know much, my boyfriend is the one that's really into all of this." and as if on cue her boyfriend walks in on us. He said something like "hey honey" and I immediately went after him. I said "ahh so you're the all-knowing graffiti boyfriend" and began striking up conversation with him about the graffiti scene getting myself into his good graces, not solely for sly purposes, as I've said I really love the graff' scene so any conversation about it I'm good with. After a good conversation he invited me to join he and his gf to pick up some food after the show. I gladly accepted the invite. We went to this classic restaurant downtown called the Pantry. After a good dinner, some drinks, good laughs talking about art, and the usual small conversation topics, we were about to leave as we picked up the check. Her boyfriend said "man, you're awesome we should definitely hang sometime." I said yea for sure, I took out my phone and asked for his number, then his girlfriend took my phone saying "here I'll put it in for you." as she gave me back my phone, not only did she put in her boyfriend's number, but she put hers in as well. I was honestly kind of shocked, that was my mission the entire time, but honestly I wasn't even trying to get her during the dinner, I was just having fun. Anyway we split ways shortly afterward.

That night I began texting and flirting with her. I managed to convince her to hang out with me after she got out of work the next day. I assured her it was just to hang out until her boyfriend got out of work so that we could hang out again that night. So the next day I went to pick her up from the mall where she worked at around 3 o'clock. As I picked her up she asked if I could take her home first so that she could change out of her work clothes. Once we got to her house she invited me inside so that I didn't have to wait outside. As we walked up into her apartment she asked what we should do while we waited unti her boyfriend got out of work. I asked what time he got out and she said 4:30, which was only about an hour away. She asked again what we should do until he got out, and I decided to just go for it. I mean, she wouldn't be allowing me to get this far without wanting it too, right? So I told her how about I help her change out of her work clothes. Luckily, I was right. She blushed and tried to play it off saying "I knew this was a bad idea." My response was to just approach and kiss her, something she didn't object to. She then pulled off saying no that it was a bad idea and that she's never cheated on her boyfriend before. I began to caress her saying it's okay, that this is just between us. We then began to take our clothes off to where she eventually went down on me. She knew what she was doing, she went nice and slow practically teasing me. I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to ravage her body. I stopped her, pulled down her pants, and her panties to a beautiful sight. She had a small bush with a nice little clit that I just couldn't wait to get my mouth on. As I began eating her out she grabbed my head and was moaning telling me to not stop. She was hot, she was wet, and damnit I was ready. I grabbed her and put her on all fours caressing her beautiful body and small budding breasts, I told her how I've been wanting her ever since I first saw her. Told her how much I wanted her body right then and there to which she told me that she wanted me too and practically commanded me to stick it in her. I entered her and I immediately fell into ecstasy. I rubbed her clit as I went in and out of her making her bury her moaning face into the sheets. As I pounded her doggy style, I said to her "just tell me how you want it baby" and she just said, "my god just fuck me hard." After hearing that I went all out going as hard and fast as I could causing her to let out the most beautiful shrieks and screams I've ever heard in bed. After a couple of minutes doing it doggy style, I laid down on her bed and told her to get on top and ride me. I grabbed her ass helping her slide up and down my cock as I kissed her neck and sucked on her nipples. Finally I was about to cum, I told her to get off and suck me to finish me off. After about a minute I pulled out of her mouth and nutted right on her face, something she didn't really like :P

After wiping her face clean we just laid there in her bed as her sweaty body laid on mine. Suddenly her phone rang and it was her boyfriend asking her what she was doing and telling her that he was about to get off work. It's always amusing to hear the excuses. She told him that she was just at home getting ready to meet him so that they could come meet me and hang out. I loved the "I love you baby" at the end of the conversation. After the phone call I got dressed, gave her a quick kiss before leaving, and quickly made my way home.

We did hang out soon afterward just grabbing a bite to eat and walking around the city. To this day her boyfriend still doesn't know, and to this day she and I meet at least once a week to have a good fuck session.
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That was a really good story!
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