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Upskirt with janice

Appearance: Hairy, Big Boobs, Cameltoe, Tall, Geek, Big Cock, BBW Stories

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Default Upskirt with janice

I was on the lookout for this girl named Janice this morning on my way to work. I had stopped by last week when i saw her sitting on the front porch swing and a 4 wheeler in the front yard for sale. When i had walked into the yard her boyfriend came off the porch and showed it to me as she and i exchanged glances and smiles and before she had gone into the house she made sure to bend over wearing these blue soft shorts and give me a nice view. I had told the guy i would think about it and he told me when he got off work and that if he wasn't there his girlfriend Janice could help me. I thought she surely
I was feeling a bit tired from yesterday and decided to take along one of my little blue magic pills just in case and it was a good
I saw a car in the driveway and so i continued on to work and took an early lunch saying i had some business to take care of and would be out for a couple hours and i headed back to their house.
I had taken the pill about an hour before i left the office and hoped i wasn't wasting it. I was thinking about her the whole way there and by the time i got to the house the pill had kicked
There she was on the porch in a short pull over light blue dress and she looked damn good. Janice is tanned maybe early 30's and a solid body with what look to be 38 D tits..mmmmm. She has short brown hair and she was in bare feet using a small broom to sweep off the porch.
I saw her and the 4 wheeler still in the front yard and pulled in and as i got out and approached the porch she had turned and was smiling saying came back huh ? I was in full horny mode and didn't even waste time saying of look sensational !
She got this big smile on her face and said thank you as she put the broom against the door jam. I was standing at the foot of the three stairs leading up to the porch and looking up at her as she turned to walk to the front of the porch. Man..her legs and thighs are so toned and tight. I said so i heard you are ready after nursing school to look for a job and she said..oh..yes i am so excited.
I was excited too Janice is naturally beautiful from what i can see and was not wearing much makeup. She had this playfull naughty way about her as she stood there and i was getting turned on seeing her dress to mid thigh and her bare feet with blue painted toe nails..this girl loves blue came across my mind and i wondered if she noticed the bulge in my pants as we made small talk. I asked if her boyfriend was home and she said no..he gets home about 4:30 and i said oh yeah thats right with a grin and i thought she got the hint that i was there to see her not that damn 4 wheeler. The broom had slid off the wall and fallen onto the wood deck of the porch and she said oh..and turned and went to pick it up but when she did..mmmmmshe bent over from the waist and took her time picking it up as i saw these tight light blue panties on her and i could see the shape of her pussy lips in them. After she picked it up she was turning to me but the phone rang and she excused herself to answer it. A few minutes later i was standing near the 4 wheeler about 20 feet from the porch when she came out. I was supposed to be there to talk about the 4 wheeler after all. She walked to the front of the porch and sat down as i looked up and WOW. She had her legs spread just enough and she didn't have panties on beautiful shaved pussy was right there for me to see and she was smiling.
My cock was all bunched up in my pants and she had to notice and she you like it ? lol...
I had my hand on the seat of the 4 wheeler and was rubbing it nervously and said I LOVE IT...and i would love to try it out. Janice smiled and said well..i have to try and find the key and she got up and walked back in the house and within a minute she yelled out..theres alot of keys you know what they look like..maybe you could help me ?
I knew it was on and i hurried up the steps and into the house and she was standing by the couch near a coffee table and had a bunch of keys layed out in a pile. I don't know what kind of perfume she was wearing but there was a distinct odor of mellon and it was kind of erotic smelling in the air as i came to her. She was standing sideways to me and being that close for the first time her big firm tanned tits looking even better as she bent over spreading them out and i could see HER mellons hang in the v cut top of her pullover dress.
She was not coy at all and throwing out innuendos saying do you know what might fit as she sat down in a big lazy boy chair to the side. I looked down and moved around trying to decide my next move when i turned my head to lok over at her and she had her legs straight down in front of her but as i looked she spread them a little and crossed her legs slowly..she gave me an incredible beaver shot and another naughty little smile and my eyes traced her thighs up to her dress that after crossing her legs had risen to almost her ass. Janice was as they say built like a brick shithouse and all i could think of in comparison was the soild build of wonder
She had teased me enough so i simply undid my belt and unzipped my pants and pulled them and my briefs down and asked..think this will fit ?
I think i caught her off guard. Maybe she didn't expect me to be so bold. Maybe she teased alot and just got as thrill from it but she sat there with her eyes fixed on my big hard sausage cock for several seconds and i brought her out of her stare by saying..whats the matter Janice never seen a big dick before ? Don't you want to see if it fits honey ?
She finally looked up at me and then got up slowly and walked to me and got down on her knees in front of me all the while looking up at me and took my cock in her hand and stroked it..still looking up at me..she seemded very submissive then and i said come on know what to do and she put her head down and started to go up and down on my cock. I was incredible excited looking down at her big mellons everytime her head came up and she took her mouth off me to stroke it and admire my girth. Then i said where's the bedroom an she got up on her feet and i stepped out of my pants and then kicked off my shoes as she started to walk to the hallway and back to the bedroom. I followed her and when we were in the room i came to her from behind and pulled her dress over her head and she was totally naked. WHAT AN AMAZING BODY SHE HAS !!!
I was feeling in total control of her and i put my hands around her and cupped her big tits and massaged them as she layed back against me moaning slightly and asking what i was going to do to her.
I slid one hand to her pussy and rubbed it as she pushed her ass back against me and i said i am going to fuck your sweet pussy and then i am going to fuck your sweet ass and i pressed my cock harder against her butt and she sighed and moaned. Then after massaging her tit and pussy i said bent over and she bent and put her hands on the bed and i took my cock and teased her pussy with it and then rubbed her pussy harder with it and said..mmmmmm...what a nice pussy and she moaned deeper saying....omg..I love it when a girl does i pushed it in just a little and she moaned out louder and i pulled it out. I did that several times as her pussy got wetter and she was going...hahahaha...ooohhh...please....pleaseeeee.. ..and then i pushed it all the way in balls deep in her and held it there as she let out this moan/groan..and ooohhhyeahhhhhh....
When i am on that little blue pill i my cock feels as hard as a solid pipe and many women say including Janice now...ooohhhhh your so
I always say..because it makes them hotter...YOU MAKE ME THIS HARD BABY...OOOHHH YOU HAVE A GREAT
All women want to think they have the tightest pussy in the hers was pretty tight at least with my big cock stretching it
I started to thrust in all the way and almost out slowly and over and over as she made all sorts of nice sounds.
I loved it best when she would say..omg...hahaha..OMG...HAHAHA....MMMMMMMM..your SO BIG...HAHAHA..I slowed to stop buried in her and we were both breathing faster..her pussy felt so nice and soft but tight wrapped around my dick and i said...think it fits Janice ?lol..mmmmm and she said in a low voice...oohhh i went back to balling her slowly and withing about 2 more minutes as i picked up the pace she stood up as best she could with me in hr from behind and was starting to orgasm and i put one finger on her clit and rubbed it gently and she put her hand on mine and moaned real loud as she came and then leaned forward again putting her hands on the bed and going omg...omg...She was starting to push back against my cock and i asked her if she wanted to go for a ride and she said..emmmmmm..yes.. and i pulled out and layed on my back on the bed and she got up over me and worked herself onto my dick and was going up and down on me going..oohhh..ewwww...your dick's so big...hahahaha....and i was saying fuck me Janice fuck me good and she was going uop and down faster as i started to reach up for and play with her tits. I was amazed by how firm they were being natural and her nipples were erect. I took them between my fingers and pinched them and she was going up and down harder and then i pullled her down and burried my face in them and was thrusting upward as she moaned out and i fucked her pussy rapidly and unloaded in her with a long drawn out grunt. We were both panting and as i finished cumming i was rolling her ass sheeks down on my dick with my hands and when done she rolled off to my side saying...oooohh god that was ...ewwwww...
I turned to her and said yeah me too baby and then she looked down and saw my cock was still hard and said..OMG...WHAT THE
I just laughed and took a hand and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to me and we kissed for the first time and out tongues were was so turned on and was grabbing my dick in her hand and moaning through out kissing. I pulld my mouth off hers and said..i want that sweet ass and kissed her passionately again and then rolled her over and put a pillow under her and before i could touch her she was grabbing the sheets preparing to be ass fucked and she asked me to get some petroleum jelly out from under the bathroom sink. Always the went and got it though i would have preferred ky or baby she must have been ass fucked by her boyfriend before and used it so..i applied it liberally to her butt hole as she moaned and rubbed it all over my cock and wiped my hand off on the bed and put my dick in her ass. Janice took it much easier thn i thought and even though i started slow with a cock like a cucumber like mine an ass fucking is going to take a little time to get used
I was sliding it in deeper and deeper and she was moaning and groaning in a deep voice. She has a great ass and i was loving it and fucked her butt for a good 10 minutes and she orgasmed again one more time with my dick in her ass before i blew my second load this time into her sweet butt. I pulled out and we both layed there foe a few minutes. She looked so beautiful laying there. I had been there almost an hour and told her i had to get back to work and i asked if i could take a quick shower. I dried off and went around picking up my clothing and dressing ansd she had put her little blue dress on again and was touching me as i dressed.
I said..Janice i want to see you again and she said i want to see you too and she gave me her cell phone number and we shared a passionate kiss before i left. I THINK I'M IN i'm back here at work remembering every second of it and still getting
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