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My Hot Forceful Lesbian Experience

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Hi, I'm new here
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Wink My Hot Forceful Lesbian Experience

I have always been curious about having a sexual experience with girls, and this one girl at uni knew this. We were out together one night with some other friends, and she was wearing a tight black dress with a see-through mesh over the cleavage, and I couldn't stop staring at her all night. I could tell she was watching me too, as our eyes kept locking across the dance floor. Every time we passed each other we were brushing closer and closer, and when we dance we got so close grinding it was making me wet, I wanted her so much but felt guilty and naughty all at the same time.

I didn't really expect anything to happen, but whilst I was at the bar she came over and stood behind me, and her hand made its way slowly up my leg, and moved my underwear to one side as she slowly brushed her finger passed my clit, only for a second before walking away towards the toilets.

I knew I had to follow her. Forgetting my drink I walked away from the bar and curiously opened the toilet door, looking cautiously around as not to be caught. The next thing I knew I was being dragged forcefully into the disabled toilet and pushed against the door as she forcefully kissed me and held my hands back. The next thing I knew she was playing teasingly with my pussy, rubbing it gently. As I let out a moan she covered my mouth with her hand and told me to be quiet or she would stop. My whole body was shaking with pleasure, the new experience driving my wild with every movement.

She knew I hadn't done anything like this before, but was still forceful, and ordered me to get down onto my knees and lick her pussy. I didnt really know what to do, but started to slowly use my tongue, flicking her clit as she was getting more and more wet. She was grabbing my hair and forcing my tongue further into her pussy, I could feel her body shaking as she told me quietly she was close to coming. She had her hand over her own mouth as I carried on. I was loving it so much i now had 2 of my fingers deep inside her as i licked her faster and faster. The next thing i knew she was orgasmed so intensly, and was pulling on my hair as i drank her juices as she came.

She look so hot and flustered as she calmed down. She told me that i had done very well and now i had to sit down on the toilet so she could return the favour. She ordered me to get naked, and I was scared in case we got caught but knew i had to do what she said. So there I was sat in the cubicle completely naked. She laughed at me for a second, i wondered why and then she said i looked so innocent and she wanted to fuck me so badly. She bit my neck and scratched my back and asked me if i wanted to come. I nodded becuase i was still trying to be quiet. She knelt down and licked my nipples while she was staring up intently at me for my reaction. I felt so hot and turned on, and as she bit my nipples hard and told me i had to stay quiet i had to try my hardest not to let out a moan of pleasure.

She slowly licked her way down my body and then her tongue landed on my hot clit. I was so wet by this point i knew i couldnt contol my self for very long. She slowly inserted one finger deep inside my pussy, and i let out a moan i couldnt control. She giggled at me quietly, slapped me and told me to be quiet or she would stop. I bit my bottom lip to stay quiet and she carried on, faster now, licking up and down my clit as her fingers went in and out of me. She spat on my clit and then rubbed it in with her fingers as she bit my clit quite hard, making me throb with pain and pleasure at the same time. I knew i was about to come, and couldnt believe that a girl had made this happen. The next thing i new i was writhing in pleasure as i bit my lip. It was uncontrollable, and felt like an explosion as she continued to lick me, i was trying to stop her because the pleasure was too much but she wouldnt let me. Finally she pulled away and kissed me as i shook.

Then she walked away and left me naked in the cubicle, not knowing how to act or what to do. I eventually got dressed and returned to my friends, where she already was, looking at me with passion and naughtiness in her eyes.
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Truly fantastic! Hot! Hot! Hot! Thanks for posting that experience! WOW!
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Old 06-29-2010, 10:39 AM   #3
Hi, I'm new here
Join Date: Jun 2010
Age: 23
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You're welcome And trust me it was hot! Think about it all the time. Stuff like this should happen more often!
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Mischievous Blonde Godess
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Hi girl,
While I consider myself totally straight! LOL
Actually upon rare occasion, usually involving lots of alcohol I have enjoyed a few very naughty interludes with a couple of girlfriends.
That was a really hot story!!!!
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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Very hot story! Very very HOTTT!!
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Hi, I'm new here
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that was so horny, i am soakin wet hun x
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OMG girl!
taken against your will to heaven!

I have never done that it a bathroom.
But your description sounded so very erotic, nasty & affectionate all rolled into one big "O" !!!!!!!

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Default oh MAMMA!!!

my clit is throbbing right now.
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That must have been a super hot experience.
It's safe to say we're all looking forward to reading more.
Thank you
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