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The hand job QUEEN

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default The hand job QUEEN

Years ago between marriages i was experimenting with adult alternative sites and was intrigued by this profile. She was a woman with a fetish of giving hand jobs. The woman was married and in her early 50's and lived within a half hour of me. During the process of e-mailing back and forth i learned she loved to give hand jobs and anyone was welcome as long as they adhered to her guidelines. First, she wanted to correspond for awhile to get comfortable and there would be no other sex of any kind. No intercourse, no oral and not even any kissing and it always hadto be at her house and set up in advance. Her thing was to answer the door naked and you would come in and she would jerk you off and you would leave. I thought it sounded kinky and fun but she wouldn't send a pic of her and i was leary. She described herself in writing and later i found her to be truthfull in her description of herself.
Anyway we would e-mail back and forth and after maybe 5 or 6 weeks she felt comfortable enough with me and we set a time and day ans she gave me the address but she wouldn't give me her phone number for some reason.
I went there and it was a small well kept home on a tree lined street in an average part of town. I knocked on the door and after a short wait she opened the door kind of standing behind it until i walked in and she closed it. The drapes were closed and the lamps on the end tables were on and there were a few vanilla scented candles burning.
She was very polite in saying hello and it was odd to talk to this naked older lady i had never met before. She was kind of cute for her age and she had nice full breasts maybe 38 C and i round butt and she was maybe 5'4" 150. She had pale skin and dark hair that was short.
She had a nice mouth but wore no lipstick. She asked me to sit in this big flowery patterned reclining chair and when i sat down i noticed this box of kleenex and a bottle of baby oil on a small stand next to the recliner. She came over and got on her knees and put her hand on my leg and asked me to take my penis out of my pants and as i did she reminded me no intercourse or oral and no kissing. I asked her if i could play with her tits and she said yes. So, i take both hands and cup her tits one in each hand and fondle them. They were soft and her nipples were responsive. Then i took my hands off and undid my pants and unzipped and pulled them down to my ankles and she put out a hand and gently rubbed the bulge in my briefs bigger and said your a well built young man. She wasn't grabbing or squeezing my dick more like gently running her fingers and the palm of her hand over the bulge and then she asked me if would like to take them off after a couple minutes of doing that. I raised my butt and slid them down letting my cock spring out and as she put her hand down again to gently run her fingers on my cock her hand felt so smooth and it was small and my cock felt so hot to her cool soft hand. She said just relax sweetie..and i layed back and as she put her hand around it best she could and went up and down on it very slowly i was looking around and seeing all the famil photos on the walls and mantle of the fireplace. She could barely get her hand around my dick and put out the other and was rubbing my cock with them on each side flat open up and down and looking at it and then she wrapped both hands around it and was stroking it and she had great soft hands. After maybe a minute or so she stopped and got some kleenex out and put it on my lap and opened the bottlen of baby oil and squirted some in her hands and warmed it up and put them out and started to stroke my cock with both hands at first looking at it and then at times she would look up and stroke and smile at me asking me if it felt good. It felt GREAT..LOL.
That little housewife had me laying back with a big smile and moaning like a she worked it and worked it and said are you ready sweetie..i was close but trying to hold back and savor it. Then she said..let me know..sweetie...i had thoughts of holding back and then blowing it all over her but i wanted to come bak for more so when i was there i said...HAHAHAHA..I'M GONNA CUMMMM and she let one hand go from my cock and picked up the wad of tissue and put it at the head of my dick and my cock started to throb and i shot a big load into the kleenex and i saturated it and she tried to grip my cock hard and dropped it and pulled out more from the bow and put it over my dick again and let me finish cumming. When i was done the relief was amazing and she picked up the kleenex saying really do CUM alot. She walked toward the kitchen and i watched her bubble butt sway as she walked and put in a kitchen garbage can and then she must have walked to a sink because i heard her wash her hands and then she came back and i was standing and had pulled up my clothing and zipped up. I was smiling and she asked if i enjoyed it and i said she had the softest hands and it was incredible. She said i'm glad i made you happy. I asked do you get excited by doing that and she said sweetie you know..i do...i love to get a man off with my hands. Then she started leading me to the door and opened it for me standing behind it again and i said see you again ok ? and she said anytime sweetie just e-mail me first.
That was the start of a beautiful would e-mail her and go over at least once a week for a hand job and i always made her work for she was impressed and once told me i had a beautiful penis. I was going over for months and as time went along she let me do a little more..she never let me fuck her or gave me oral or even kiss her but she let me cum on her tits a few times and was very excited by that.
Once it was funny because she was jerking me off and the kleenex slipped off the head of my dick as she held it just as i shot my load because i was moving some in my seat and it shot up like a fountain and onto her shoulder and the back of her hair and the floor and she was a little miffed saying be careful sweetie.
It felt great and all but after maybe 20 hand jobs it was getting old and i wanted more so one day when she had the baby oil on me and was sliding her hands up and down my cock just starting she made the mistake of having her head down low near my cock and i kind of started to stand up and as her hands came off my cock i put my hands on her head and shoved my cock in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth. I had gotten to my feet and was holding her by the head and her hands were flailing around and i was moving my hips back and forth plunging into her mouth and she was choking a little and i would pull out for a second to give her air and then put it back in and fuck her mouth and she was pressing her hands against my thighs at first trying to push me out but she couldn't and i was really turned on. The baby oil had made my cock so slippery it was gliding with ease into her mouth as i looked down seeing her bubble butt and her little legs and feet and i was going to town in her mouth and she stopped pushing with her hands against me after a couple minutes and just had them on me as i fucked her face.
I don't know if she was tired or enjoying my cock but she was resisting anymore and that turned me on even more.
So i leaned in and she fell backwards and i got ontop of her as she layed back on the floor and her legs came out from under her and i was between her legs and just sunk my cock in her balls deep and she let out this grunt and and as i started to fuck her she was throwing her head from side to side slowly and saying almost breathless..your not supposed to do my slippery cock was going balls deep and back over and over. I was fuking her for several minutes and she had ut her hands up on my waist and was going HUH..HUH..HUH...OOOOOHHH...OOOHHHHH...she was trying to calm herself down and saying...hahaha...don't ejaculate in me...ooohhhh...ohhhhh..i wanted to CUM in her badly and she was getting to the point of exhaustion after maybe 10 minutes of hammering her pussy but i knew she would never let me come back so i had to have that bubble butt..and hey she didn;'t want me to cum in her pulled out and rolled her over as she panted hard and before she knew what hit her as she laid bent over on her knees i reached up and squirted a bunch of the baby oil on my cock and grabbed her hip with one hand and put my cock at her butthole with the other and then as i pushed in i pulled my hand off my dick and held her in place and bured it in her. You would have thought i had shoved a 2x4 up her butt the way she groaned and i fucked her ass with nice steady deep strokes for maybe a minute or so as her groans became mixed with deep moans and then i busted my nuts in her and came so much it was ooozing out as soon as i finished and pulled it out of her butt. She layed there bent over and whimpering and breathing hard and i watched my cum flow out her butt hole and down her ass and drip onto the floor. I was being a smart ass and said i'm sorry sweetie i think i got some CUM on the carpet and laughed. I stood up admiring my slimey brown dick and used some kleenex to wipe my dick off and pulled on my pants and she laye on her side on the floor catching her breath and said your not a nice she whimpered and i said ooohh don't say that know you needed it and come on you loved it !
She just looked up at me and said i thinkl you should leave now and i did.
But she gave the best hand jobs ever and i returned the favor by fucking her mouth, pussy and ass to remember me by. I sent her a couple more e-mails but she would niot respond until i asked ok..i will stop writing if you admit you loved sucking and fucking my cock and she sent back an e-mail in caps YES. That was the last contact with her.
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