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Big titties and red snapper

Appearance: Hairy, Big Boobs, Cameltoe, Tall, Geek, Big Cock, BBW Stories

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Default Big titties and red snapper

This memory is funny as hell. I have had many women and a pretty face or nice legs is great but i had always been a tit and ass man. I generally have developed the preference for attached or inexperienced women and submissive women but there have been times when the woman made the move and fucked my brains out and this was one of them. I was in my early 20's and out of college. I worked a variety of jobs and a the time would wear a suit or nice clothes to work and one day stopped at this dry cleaners to drop off a few things. I had never been there before and it was acutally a woman place from what i saw as i pulled up to the drive thru window. The woman that took my clothes was very average looking and looked a bit worn and in maybe her 40's and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when i saw her massive tits covered in only a white t-shirt. They must have been 40 DD and when she went to the get a check claim i saw she had on these cut off shorts with her ass hanging out the back. She had a tatoo on her arms and one on her lower leg and as she bent at the counter just a bit i saw a big one on her lower back above her ass. She was rough looking and i noticed a 6 pack of beer on the floor behind the counter with only 2 cans left in it.
For some reason even though she looked like a used up biker chick she was giving me a hard on as i sat in my van.
When she came back and gave me a claim check for my clothes she said take a picture next time doll it will last longer. She had this way about her that i just started talking trash with her even though i didn't know her.
So, i got the biggest tits i've ever seen..mmmm and laughed.
She said you like em huh...then she lifted her t-shirt and flashed me saying bet you'd love to stick your dick between these and then she laughed hysterically. She asked how old are ya doll and i told her and she said...hmmm ..your just a boy...and i said boy this and unzipped and pulled out my dick which was already getting hard and kind of moved up at the waist and she leaned forward as much as she could and saw my cock and said...geez got a big prick for a boy. I heard a beep from behind me and it was another car that had just pulled in and i said..wanna fuck old lady ? She said have no idea....then she said close up in 10 minutes pull around back and i did and waited.
She came out the back door with the two beers and i opened the side door of my old Ford van and she got in. She looked around and said got this all decked out for fucking don't ya doll. I was feeling cocky and said ..are we here to talk or fuck ? She looked at me and said take off those shorts doll and i'll show you how to fuck.
I was only wearing gym shoes and shorts and a t-shirt and stripped down fast as she threw me a beer and popped the can on one and took a guzzle of it then she set it on the floor and pulled off her t-shirt and held her hands on her tits and said these look like fun to you ? lol
I swear my cock twitched and was rigid looking at her big tits. Then she picked up the beer and poured it over her tits going emmmmmm....she had a heart tattoo on her left tit as well and then she want to lick this off for me doll. I was so turned on i moved in and she leaned her head back as i started to lick and suck the beer off her tits and she laughed as her nipples grew and i sucked them and rub my face around between them and she started to moan saying ..mmmmm..nice mouth..ohhhhh suck em..mmmmm suck em hard.
I was so intense i pushed forward and she kind of layed back and onto the carpeting of the van and i was above her and pressing down with my mouth and sucking her tits. Then i slid up and straddled her and she held her big tits as i ran my cock through them and i was she squeezed her tits with her hands around my dick and my cock felt so hot against her skin.
I was sliding back and forth as hard as i could be and she leaned her head up and as my cock came through her tits she took as much as she could in her mouth which was only a few inches in that position and was moving her head back and forth catching my cock. She was kind of sucking hard when it went in her mouth and when it came out it made a popping sound coming through her tightened lips around my shaft. Then she let go of her tits and kind of forced her body up and i rolled off onto my back and she got over me and grabbed hold of her tits again and was fucking my dick with them and squeezing and going mmmmmm..mmmmmm...until she dropped them and took hold of my cock and started to go down on me and she was deepthroating me and sucking me fast and hard and i was doing that uuhhh..uhhhh and she knew she had me near cumming and pulled her mouth off and it dropped to my stomach and then hung there erect a few inches off my belly. She said don't you gotta fuck me...and she got on her back and i got ontop as she spread and bent her legs back and i put my cock in her and started to fuck her and she was going...eewwwwwww...mmmmm...nice dick...hahaha..fuck me boy...come on..harder...all of a sudden i felt this squeeze on my cock over and over as i pumped her and she had this big grin on her face and said like that snapper...hahaha...come on..fuck me..i swear her pussy felt like a hand gripping and holding my cock as i thrust in and out and it was fantastic. It felt so good it was no time before i was lunging into her grunting and going balls deep in her and blew a huge load of CUM with a long drawn out groan. When i finished cumming i pulled out and sat next to her still on her back with my cock still fairly hard and she got a nice cock....She was one horny old lady and she starteed to rub my wet cock and make it fully erect again and then she got on all fours and i got behind her and banged her doggie style working up a sweat banging her pussy which wrapped around my cock like a soft vice and after maybe 10 minutes of balling she came with a loud moan and layed down on her stomach laughing and saying do now how to fuck...MMMMMMMMM.
After a few minutes she slowly started to put on her clothes saying she had to get home to the old man but she told me to come by at closing time on the date i pick up my clothes. I did and this time i fucked her doggie stlye on the floor behind the counter and after she came i stood up and she sat on her knees and titty fucked me a bit and then sucked me off. It was fun and my first and only snapping but she was a worn out looking older chick and the thrill was gone and so was
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