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My First Hot MILF

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Thumbs up My First Hot MILF

When I was 18 my neighbors sometimes asked me to "babysit" thier kids when they went out for the evening. One Friday afternoon Connie, a recently divorced mother of two, called to say she was going to go out soon, could I come over to wait for the kids to get home. I told her I would be there in a short while, after I changed clothes. I put on a pair of shorts and a clean tee shirt, it was a warm day and it would be cooler for me. I walked down to Connies house, the front door was open and I announced myself through the screen door. She said to come in, she would be out in a few minutes. I walked in and sat down,waiting for her. I heard the sound of water in the bathroom down the hall and got curious. I quietly went to the bathroom door, bent down to peek through the keyhole, the house was an older one with skeleton key locks on the inside doors. When I looked in the keyhole I could see her in the tub, just rinsing off from a bath. She was gorgeous, slim and curvy with perfect 34C tits, firm and round her nipples hard pointing straight out. As she turned to rinse I was thrilled when I saw her neatly trimmed bush and the pink lips of her pussy.

I hadn't realized that my cock was at full attention and my shorts were straining at the bugle. When I saw her step out of the tub I took one more good peek then went back to the chair and sat down, adjusting my pants trying to hide my erection. Connie walked out in a bathrobe to the kitchen offering me a cold drink, I said anything would be fine as I struggled to hide my still hard cock. She brought me a glass of lemonaide, I sipped it and said thank you. She hesitated for a moment then asked me if everything was OK. I looked up at her and realized her eyes were focused on my crotch, I was caught now, unable to conceal how horny I was.

She asked if there was anything she could do for me before she got dressed. As much as I wanted say otherwise I told her I was fine for now. She said I looked uncomfortable for some reason, I should try to relax, the kids would not be home for another hour. As she turned to go to her bedroom the belt on her robe came undone and allowing the robe to fall open giving me a close look at her beautiful pussy. She fumbled trying to hold the robe closed with a drink in her hand. I stood up to help her offering to take her drink for her and not be too obvious as I pushed my hard cock down with my hand. She let go of her glass then reached down rubbing my throbbing cock with one hand and played with her hard nipples with the other telling me she knew what was bothering me. She slid her robe off her shoulders, it dropped to the floor behind her then she knelt in front of me as she unfastened my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. My cock sprung out as she slid my underware off. With both hands she rubbed my balls and tenderly stroked my rigid cock, I felt like I would explode any moment. She looked up at me and asked if she could suck it. I immediately said she could do anything she wanted if she let me suck on her hard nipples. She laughed and asked me if I like them as she squeezed them around my cock then stood up and guided my mouth to each one in turn. I grabbed her tight little ass with both hands pulling her against me, making my cock slid between her thighs.

In a moment she pushed my back into the chair and quickly swallowed my cock. She bobbed up and down on my shaft and fondled my balls for about 30 seconds bringing my to a fantastic orgasm filling her mouth with hot cum which she eagerly swallowed. She quickly got up and stradled my stiff cock with her tits in my face. She pumped her pussy on my cock as I sucked he tits, I could feel her squeeze her pussy tight on my dick as she rode it. When she arched back she said she was cumming, I drove my cock in as deep as I could as I shot a second load of cum inside her. She fell limp on top of me, my cock still pulsing in her tight wet pussy as I worked her hips back and forth a few more times before stopping. I had never cum so much in my life, what a fantastic woman she was to be 41 yrs old. I never accepted money from her after that to sit with hers kids and always tried to get there early for a little fun.
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El Suave
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Very hot story man, nice neighbor you had there
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Hi, I'm new here
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Hot story man!
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lucky guy. amazing story
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Hi, I'm new here
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nice story

you must have been in heaven.
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Wink mad

Where were women like her , when I was 18? Great story. I envy your young and tender teen age years.
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boner, horny, mature, milf

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