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Gretchen was a hot old lady.

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Gretchen was a hot old lady.

Last summer i had a short fling with this fine little old lady. I had gone to a funeral in this small town nearby the previous fall and this woman introduced herself asking if i was Derek. I said yes and she smiled and said i knew your father he was a good man. My father had dies when i was young and she said i was the spitiing image of him. Apparently she had met me when i was young but i didn't remember her. She was a talkative outgoing little woman and had a lot of perfume on that was very heavy and flowery. We talked for a few minutes and i couldn't help but admire her figure. She was only about 5'4" but very busty and her dress fit her like a glove. It was very tight and blue and i rememeber thinking she was pretty hot for a woman her age which i found out was 66 at the time. She must have died her hair because it was brown and short and she had nice brown eyes. She had a glow about her and she was a little flirty. Months went by and i saw her one day at lunchtime when i went to a local grocery store. I saw her turning and walking down an aisle and recognized her. She had on a white blouse and dark blue skirt just above her knees and nice but reasonable high heels. I kind of followed her trying to catch up to her and watching her shapely little white legs and surprisingly nice butt as i followed her. Her skirt was pleated and swayed with the movement of her hips and i wondered if my old man had hit it. I know i would have and in fact was thinking about it
I caught up to her when she reached the produce area ( no ) and she was feeling these tomatoes and i said hello and she jumped a litttle and got this big smile on her face saying..ohh Derek you scared are you ? I said i am fine considering..i just went through a divorce a few months ago. She said..oh..honey.i am so sorry..i know your probably lonely but it will get better. I said have you been divorced and she said no..sweetie but my husband has dementia and is bed ridden. I said..oohh i'm sorry and she said thats life honey. I hate to admit it but i was horny and started trying to seduce her. I's hard especially the loss of know. She said i know sweetie..i know. Anthony..thats my husband and i had a very healthy and fullfilling relationship and i miss that too. I said Gretchen your a good woman to take of your husband but you have to think of your own needs too and she said i know sweetie..but thank you. She moved her cart some and looked at some other veggies and i moved to stand beside her again and picked up this big thick cucumber and said...mmm.somebody is going to enjoy this and i showed it to her with this naughty look as i said it. She gave me this little grin and said..yes its a big one isn't it and i said yes it is. Then she waved her hand in front of her face and laughed lightly saying Derek your trying to seduce me..i laughed and said is it working ? She said..ohh sweetie i'm an old lady..i said your georgeous and she blushed and smiled and said i better go. I went to the front of the store and waited as he cashier checked her purchases and asked if she needed help out with her bags and i was nearby and said i will help you Gretchen and she smiled and i walked her out to her car. She opened the trunk and i put the 4 bags in and said you'll need help at home with these and she said i can't put you out like that and i said it's no trouble at all. She gave me this look and i knew she knew i wanted to come over and i followed her home. All the way there i was rubbing my cock and thinking about her and when we arrived she opened the trunk and i reached in and took the first two bags in for her as she opened the door and put them on the counter. The house was quiet and she went to a bedroom and peered in to see her husband sleeping in bed and came back and we walked back out to the car. I said is he ok and she said yes dear...he sleeps alot and doesn't know whats going on when he is awake. It's sad..when he is awake often he thinks i am his sister or mother.
I said thats awful and she said i am accustomed to it now.
I picked up the 2 other bags but a can had rolled out and she leaned in to reach for it near the back of the trunk and her dress hiked up and i saw well up her little legs to the bag of her thighs and was excited to see they were still fairly toned. When she came back out there was a tension in the air and i knew she knew i had been looking.
I put the bags on the counter with the others and she said would you like some coffee sweetie and i said that would be great and i sat at the small glass top kitchen table and watched her get 2 cups from a cupboard. Her little legs looked nice as she stood on her tip toes asnd she had nice little calf muscles and i was getting wood. She brought the coffee over and sat down and we made small talk but there was an air about an apprehension. I told her how lovely she looked and she smiled and at one point taking about being lonely i put my hand over hers which was on the table and she said..Derek..i am too old for you i said Gretchen i see a youthful sexy vibrant woman and she blushed and pulled her hand away running it through her hair briefly and nervously. Then she said Derek..what do you want from me ? I said..Gretchen..i want to not be lonely for a little while..i want to make love to you.
She said..oh my..and waved her hand fanning herself again saying wheww..its hot in
I coud tell she was so used to being alone even when he was there in their bedroom that she hadn't even thought about her husband and was getting aroused. She looked at me and then said..maybe you should go now before something happens and she started to get up. I turned in my chair and held her by the hand and pulled her close and put my head into her full bussom in her blouse and held my face there in her breasts and she sighed and said..ooohhhh Derek...I started to move my face around in her breasts and put my hands on her but and held her to me. Then i sat back a little and one by one unbuttoned her white blouse down to her skirt and she stood there breathing shallow and didn't stop me as i peeled it back and put my arms around her and pulled her close and kissed the top of her breasts in her bra. She was wearing alot of perfume and it was really getting me hot. I heard her say softly...Derek..its been so long since a man touched me..hahaha...
I sat back again and looking right at her tits in her lacy bra i reached around and unhooked her bra and took it off dropping it on the floor and pulling her to me to suckle at her tits and she sighed and moaned and said...ooohh..lord....hahahahaha....all of a sudden she seemed concerned about being there in the kitchen like that and said lets go to the spare bedroom and i walked with her down a few steps in her split level house and into a bedroom off a family room and closed the door behind me. Turning to her she said..are you sure...but i could see the desire in her face and i walked to her standing next to the bed and embraced her and bent over and kissed her deeply on the mouth as her large full breasts pressed against me and i heard a whimpering from her.
I wanted to fuck her badly but she REALLY NEEDED IT !
I pulled back and took off my shirt and kicked off my shoes and started to take my pants off as we looked at each other and she reached down and undid her skirt and slid it off and sat down and took off her shoes and then her panty hose and when i dropped my briefs she got big eyed and said i reminded her of Anthony. I could see in her eyes she felt bad about saying that but she was very aroused. As i approached her she scooted back on the bed and layed down on her back and her boobs looked so big coming off her chest and only sagged a bit and they were natural. She had a small brown hairy bush and looked so hot laying there with her chest heaving from her breathing as i crawled up over her and started to kiss her neck and then slid down to hold, kiss and suck her breasts and run my free hand between her legs getting her very wet as she moaned lightly. Then i layed to my side and gently pulled her up and then pushed her head down and she scooted down and licked my dick and started to go up and down slowly on it as i moaned for her which turned her on more and she was going up and down faster. She sucked me for a couple minutes and then pulled off holding it i her hand and stroking it gently as she looked up at me saying..maybe we should stop..hahaha...I was too far gone for that..her body though not tight was in good shape and she had beautiful large breasts on her little frame and a nice butt which i was then rubbing. I didn't say a thing..i just held her by the ass and rolled her up and she got ontop of me and i took my cock in hand and put it under her pussy and wiggled it and she moaned and sank down on me a few inches and then was going..ooohh...derek..hahaha.. lord have mercy..ooohhh and was going up and down slowly putting more and more in her until she had it all in her and was enjoying a nice slow ride and i held her big tits in my hands.
It only took her a minute or 2 and she was gliding up and down faster and then said OOOOOOOHHHH DEREKKKKKK and had an orgasm and shuddered on my cock. Her orgasm was so intense when she finished she got off my dick and sat there on my stomach like she couldn't take how it felt and she was twitching a little and saying..ooohh..lord's been so long since a man made me orgasm like that.
She bent over and layed down against me saying thank you..hahaha..thank you.
I must have sounded like a waiter when i said..would you like more..? lol
She sat up and looking into my eyes said..ooohhh Derek... and i was still rigid and rolled her onto her back gently and put my dick in her and slowly pumped away in her as she held her little legs back and moaned deeper. I must have fucked her a good 15 minutes and watched as i held myself up on my hands her big breasts sway back and forth. As i got close to cumming myself hearing her deep moans and sighs she twitched and shivered and i knew she had gotten hers again and i started to pump into her faster and she raised herself up at the waist and was going hahahaha when i exploaded in her and she lay back arching herself and rolling her butt back taking all my CUM and going...oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh........and as i finished i plunged in all the way hard a couple times and she grunted and said..UH..UH..we layed together awhile and then i asked her if she would see me again and she was happy about that. Gretchen was a classy lady and we had a short affair. Most of the time she had nobody to help watch her husband so we only went out a couple times at first and went to a decent motel. She was very sensual and i gave her a massage and we took a bubble bath together the next time we me after taking her to dinner. That night i found out how much she like anal sex and she let me have as much as i wanted and wanted me to cum in her butt. It was slow and sexy and felt incredible everytime i fucked her butt and she loved it.
But most of time when we did see each other which was maybe a few times a month we had to stay in so she could be there if he needed her.
I slept with a couple times in the spare bedroom and one Sunday morning when i was balls deep in her doggie style and slow having a pleasurable early morning fuck we heard the doorbell keep going off. It took us awhile to answer the door and it was her daughter an she was not happy to see me there at that hour and her mom in a robe. She knew we were fucking and was very upset that her mom would do that.
Gretchen felt ashamed and we stopped seeing each other. I wasn't in love by any meansd and still having sex with other women too but i missed her. I tell this story now because i saw her again for the first time since then this morning driving past her.
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Good stuff, I think she really needed a good orgasm!
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