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Amish cookie

Appearance: Hairy, Big Boobs, Cameltoe, Tall, Geek, Big Cock, BBW Stories

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Default Amish cookie

I have only had the pleasure of two cherries my whole life and the second one was very interesting. I was in my early 20's and had met this girl that worked at a pharmacy. When she checked me out one day i was checking her out and who wouldn't. She was a petite little thing maybe under 5' and had long black curly hair and the biggest tits i had ever seen on a girl that small. She had very pale white skin and her tits bulged out the top of her sweater like huge snow they were so big they looked soft and hung some off her little chest.
I flirted with her and asked her out and we went on a first date.
I learned she was Amish and i couldn't believe it. She didn't look Amish to me as all the Amish girls i had seen before were kind of thick in the legs but she wasn't. She had nice little legs and she didn't act Amish either. Not to say she was slutty or anything like that. She was a very nice girl and i barley got a kiss after our first date.
I took her out a couple more times and had fun with her but she was somewhat reserved though nice and friendly and she liked me.
I treated her like a lady..probably because i wanted to get into her pants so She actually owned her own little house. it was small and not much but clean and nice. She asked me over for dinner on our 4 th. date and made pot roast and i was impressed she could cook well but more impressed by seeing her little legs and butt in shorts and her huge tits begging to be set free from her I swear they must have been like 34 DDD or whatever. She didn't wear a lot of make up mostly just eye liner and shadow and seemed wholesome and looking for a relationship. Later that evening as we sat on the floor watching tv she was finally messing around some with me and i copped a feel of her ass and her tits as we kissed and made out but she stopped short of letting me get any of her clothes off and told me she was a virgin and wanted to save it for her special man.
We were going out regularly for maybe 6-8 weeks to movies, taking walks, simple things like that and i was gradually getting more from her but very frustrated. We had come to the point when one night she had me over for dinner again and later we were there on the floor as we did often listening to music and kissing and petting and over maybe an hour or so i had gotten her top and bra off and was fondlin and sucking on her huge soft knockers and she was moaning but stopping me from pulling off her shorts even when i ran my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy trying to make her too hot to resist. We would get to a point and i would be all worked up and she would stop me and i was showing my frustration i guess and she would say i want too i do but i am afraid.
Then about 3 hours into this i had her laying down next to me sideways and was running my hands all over her and she still had her tits out maybe thinking they would satisfy my desire to play and i pulled her hand to my dick which was swollen and huge in my shorts and held it there making her touch it and she would lightly moan and keep it there for a few seconds and then pull it back. I knew she was losing control and very horny and i moved over her and ontop i was dry fucking her slowly moving my hips and rubbing my cock on her pussy and pushing in like penetration and she was breathing fast and shallow as i then moved and bent and licked and sucked her tits and nipples and she was squirming underneath me and i said lets make love April..(sorry her name was April )
She held he hands around my face looking deep into my eyes and said alright but not here like this..take me to bed. I got up and tried to be romantic and carried her to her bed room and layed her down and as i looked down at her i slid her shorts and panties off and she had this little black bush. I don't really care for a hairy pussy but as i stood there and undressed i was looking down at her and she looked striking with her long curly black hair and darker nipples and black bush offset against her very white skin. She had this loving and longing look in her eyes but also looked scared and as i got down on the bed with her she softly asked me to be gentle. I layed over her and kissed her lips and neck and tits and then worked my way down her stomach and she moved saying it tickled and giggled a little until my lips reached her pussy and i gently sucked it and she arched her hips and moaned out. I kept moving my body lower and raising her legs more until my face was even with her pussy and i could gently lick and suck i and put my tongue in some and she was lightly thrashing around and moaning. I had to keep stopping at clear hair from my mouth and then go back to easting her. Her pussy didn't smell real bad but you could tell she was inexperienced and didn't prepare herself. Everytime i put the tip of my tongue in her she would jump a little and then i said...very nicely...can i shave you ? She said..she never did that before and i said i will do it for won't hurt so she told me where the ladies razor was and the shaving cream and i spent several minutes as she worried aloud shaving her pussy nice and smooth other thn a small red rash she was getting from the shaving and when i was down she relaxed and said how different it felt.
Then i started to eat her more aggressively and she was really moving alot and i had to hold her from pulling away and made her orgasm hard. She was panting after finishing and said how amazing that felt. Then i think she felt an appreciation for me taking care of her so patiently and gently and said if you want to try it we can. I ran my hands over her some and kissed her lips and spread her legs and put them back some and took my thick cock in hand as i knelt between her legs and had to put a pillow under her to lift her some before taking my dick in hand again and just making circles at her pussy and running it up and down through her pussy lips gently getting her more and more aroused. She looked down at my swollen cock and said..oohhh be easy...your so big..please don't hurt me. I put one hand on a tit and massaged it gently and with my big mushroom head at her pussy i gently pushed the hesd in and and pulled it out as she leaned back on her shoulders and gripped the sheets and was panting and i did that maybe 6 or 8 times slowly getting her used to it and then the next time i put it in i slid it in a few inches and she made this loud moan and when i pulled back i saw some blood on my wet dick. I put it back in and did the same and pulled back but not out and then was sliding maybe 3 or 4 inches in and back slow and steady and her pussy felt so tight and warm and she was moaning and going...ahhhhh..AHHHHHH when i would ease back and go in again. It didn' hit me before but i pulled out and asked her if she was on birth control and she said yes..she had started it a few weeks before. I said so you did want me and she smiled and said yes but wanted it to be right the first time. I pushed my dick back in her slowly and built up to fucking her a little more steady with maybe half my dick in her until i came. When i pulled out we cuddled and she thanked me for being gentle and i asked her if she liked it and she said it was wonderful and wondered what it would be like if it was all in her. She was sore though and i waited for another time to do more.
Our next few dates always ended up in bed and i had her over the next month to the point where i was going balls deep in her but always easy and we would both cum and have fun playing with each other. By then i was going to her house almost every night with her making dinner for me and having sex later and she asked me to move in with her and i did.
It was fun and i taught her everything i could at how to please me and she wanted to so much she did all i asked and i taught her how to suck my cock and lick my balls just the way i liked it and i was teaching her new positions and loved fucking her doggie style the best. She was getting more willing to be adventurous with me too and the best doggie style for us was when we would be on the floor with me behind her and her on all fours and she was so small i would envelop her and hold myself up with one hand with the other on one of her big tits and was rolling my ass fuckingn her from behind the way dogs do. She loved that and told me it made her feel protected and she liked me being kind of dominant. Its one of the greatest feeling in the world to develop a sex life with someone with no experience and see them blossom into a sex
She professed her love for me all the time and talked of us getting married and having kids someday but i wasn't into that and just tried to calm her down without hurting her feelings. I don't know why i couldn't want the same thing she did. She was pretty and fun with a nice little body and the big tits i love and she treated me like a king making me dinner and waiting on me hand and foot. One day she was even trying to turn me ion by sucking my cock while i was trying to eat and i taught her to take most of it in her mouth and swallow as much as she could when i came and she let me cum on tits and stomach and ass sometimes for fun. We were together for a longtime but she was getting more and more ticked off when she talked about marriage and i put her off and once she was late on her period and we argued before she had it and i think that scared her and she gave me the choice..get engaged or break up.
I felt bad when i saw the look on her face as i made my choice and she cried and ran off to the bedroom. The next day while she was at work i packed up my stuff and left. I have never heard from her since.
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