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neighbors wife cums through again..thanks Julie

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default neighbors wife cums through again..thanks Julie

Last night i was back to my old self and was texting back and forth with a few women. Tory wants to play this weekend and Shelby the girl i met at our orgy is so sweet and keeps contacting me asking me to come see her dance. She bought a house recently and just got a promotion at the bank so this will be her last weekend dancing. Then i got a text about 6:30 from Barb from Michigan asking me if she could visit this weekend.
No doubt she is hot but i have too many irons in the fire right now and i was texting back that it wasn't a good time.
I had gone out onto the back deck and i saw my neighbor Julie coming around her house with gloves on and a bucket in hand and she knelt down and started weeding in the beds behind her house.
MMMMMM....she was wearing soft shorts and a t-shirt and when she would bend over i could see her ass cheeks and i was getting excited. She had not seen me and i was enjoying the view while texting her
Julie and i had been playing around for the past few months and she knew i had banged her sister a couple times and there was this jealous thing going on and she had one point had told me i had to choose between them but had backed off that.
I didn't like Barb's attitude as she texted back ticked off that i said no thanks and i thought you know what. I have Julie here anytime i want and now play some with Jill, Shelby, Tory and there is still Vickie if i feel like it so why do i need this aggravation and i told her that i have a serious girlfriend no and we couldn't meet. She never texted back so i don't know what that means but at least she is off my back for now.
So, i am sitting there on the back porch and watching Julie in my freedom and i decide to go over and say hello.
I walked over and up to her from behind as i watched her ass and she had her hair in a pony tail which make her look younger and said..hey beautiful how are you and she looked back and up and smiled and said good how are you ? Couldn't be better but you know she smiled again. I why are you out her doing this by yourself and she said her husband and son had just left to go to a movie. I walked closer and squatted by her and brushed her hair to the side and said..well we can find something better to do than this can't we..smiling at her and she said i'd like that but i need to take a shower i am dirty. I said come on over we can take one together and she got up and said let me put this stuff away and i will be right over and i told her just come up and i will have the shower ready.
I went home and upstairs and started to shower and undressed getting in and washing up a bit and i heard her say Derek..she was at the door to the bathroom which was open and i said in here. Then she walked over and opened the shower door and i was there cleaned up and my dick hanging already semi-hard and she said...mmmmmmm..i love to see you naked and then she took the rubber band holding her pony tail out of her hair and fluffed her hair and pulled off her t-shirt and bra and her mellons hung and i was getting harder watching her wriggle out of her shorts and panties and drop them on the bathroom floor and as she stepped into the shower she said...ohh i have missed being with you.
I backed up and let her stand in front of the water spraying down and she put her hands up together as the water sprayed over her and i pressed up against her with my cock pressing against her ass and when she felt it she sighed and went..haaaa..mmmmm...i reached around her and picked up the liquid soap bottle i had put up and squirted it on her chest and it ran down her tits and she took some and wiped and rinsed her face and then i stepped back and squirted it on her back and ass and put it back up and started to gently rub it all over her backside and then reached around and helped smear it over her tits and stomach and as my hands slid over her tits her nipples were very erect and hard and she leaned back against me enjoying the feel of my hands and then putting them down and between her legs i ran my hand through her pussy and she started to moan and say..Derek..ooohhhh..Derek...then i reached up and took the shower head which was on a flexible hose and sprayed her back and then as she turned to me and grabbed my thick cock in her hand i sprayed her tits and stomach and lowered the shower head with one hand and as i kissed her i put it between her legs and let it shoot against her pussy and she let out this...OOOOOHHH..OOOOHHHH..that feels good. I put it back in the holder and turned off the water and she slid down and croutched in front of me and started to suck my cock and it felt great.
That feeling of superiority came over me watching her sucking my dick in my shower knowing she was my buddy and neighbors wife and he was sitting in some lame movie theater as she was sucking my
After a couple mintues and her having me rock hard i pulled her up and back against the shower wall and got on my knees and licked her pussy and she moaned saying...hahahaa..oohhh..Derek...hahaha..
I gave her a nice gentle slow pussy licking for a couple minutes and then stood up and took her hand leading her out of the shower and we were dripping wet and standing there with her back to the mirror and we kissed passionately and i pulled back and held her to me as i looked over her shoulder and put both hands on her ass and played with her and she was rolling her butt upward expecting my penetration. I helped her sit on the counter between 2 sinks and she spread her legs and i pushed up into her and leaned back and slowly went up and down in her and her pussy was very warm and she lifted her legs and i held them as i fucked her and she put her hands bak on the counter and had her head back enjoying my full penetration and slow pumping. I asked you like that Jules and she said ooh she was starting to pant.
I was in a playfull mood and pulled out and pulled her up giving he a kiss and took her to the toilet and put down the solid top so i could sit on it and she knew what to do crawling up and taking my cock in hand and putting it where it needed to be and sank down all the way going..aaaaahhhhh...mmmmmmmm and she put her hands on my shoulders and started to raise and lower herself and fuck me as i sat there and fondled her tits and at times leaned in to kiss them and when i sucked on one of her nipples she would shiver and moan.
She was riding me a good 5 mintues and of course she didn't know i had a quickie at lunchtime with Tina from work and i was nowhere near cumming as she picked up the pace and was going up and down faster.
Then all of a sudden she put her arms around me and went tight against me with her upper body and i had put my hands around her lower back at her ass and she was grinding down and moaning loud and i said..get yours baby..haha..get it and she had her mouth near my ear and let out this OOOHHHHHHHH and thrust herself down hard and held it and orgasmed hard. She sat there on me for a few seconds breathing short and fast and kind of twitched a little and said..ohhhh you make me cum so good and then she put her tongue in my ear and wiggled it around and it tickled so much i had to pull my head away laughing and said anything for you She sat back still on my dick going eewwwww...and smiling and rolling her butt on me some playing.
Then she said looking at me did you cum yet baby..i said not yet honey..we have time and she started to get this dirty and intense look on her face as she started to go up and down again and said..hahaha..i want you to cum...i want to make you cum..hahaha...what she was doing felt great and i just sat back and did this...mmmmmm..and let her fuck me. I was just sitting there and running my hands over her tits and squeezing them and as she fucked me she like my breasts ? and i said LOVE THEM...and she said i love when your hands are on them too...hahaha...and then she leaned forward and i kissed and licked them and sucked them as her moans got deeper and she pulled back and went hahaha...oohhhh...and was going up and down again and said....hahaha..ready yet baby...haha..i said soon and she started to go up and down real hard putting her hands on the tops of my shoulders and i could feel the urge growing and i put my hands on her hips and was helping her go up and dwon hard and going....HAHAHA..DAMN...JULES..HAHAHA...and i started to thrust upward meeting her thrusts down and started to CUM. I felt every load shoot from my dick into her and put my arms under her legs and lifted her up and off my body and was fuckingn upward as i unloaded in her and she did this.....OOOOOHHHHHHH YESSSSSS...HAHAHA...FILL ME ...HHAHA..FILL feels soooooo..hahaha...
I had stopping shooting my sperm in her and let her down and she clung to me and we french kissed and held each other with me still inside her and i could the dripping from her pussy onto my legs.
I was surprised us both being out of breath but all of a sudden she rolled her hips some on my dick and was going ..hahahahaha and she tightened her grip on me and had another orgasm on my cock. When she did that her pussy was throbbing on me and she sat up and dry mouthed said...OMG...OMG...hahaha and laughed. Then she slowed stood up as my cock slid out and stood up and the cum was running down her legs.
I stood up and she said i have to jump in the shower but before she did she embraced me and kissed me then pulled back and leaned her head on me and said I LOVE YOU...hahaha..i said I LOVE YOU TOO JULES..and she gave me a little kiss and stepped into the shower and cleaned up as i watched for a minute and then i stepped in too and she took the liquid soap and washed my chest off and then washed my cock with her hands. Then before getting out of the shower she leaned over and gave the head of my semi-hard cock a kiss and smiled and got out to dress and i finished showering. Before she left we kissed and petted a bit. About an hour later after i had finished eating and it was getting dark i stepped out back for some fresh air and saw her again weeding with her husband standing next to her apparently having just arrived home from the movie. I waved and he waved back and then as he walked back toward the front of the house she had picked up her bucket full of weeds and looked over at me giving me this wink and big
She looked happy as hell...i know i
I think Julie and i have finally found a common understanding for the
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