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My Maid Story

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default My Maid Story

I had to go out of town a few weeks ago but just overnight. I stayed in a cheap motel. When I awoke in the morning I heard the maid next door. It sounded as though she were almost finished. I turned my shower on, hopped in just to get wet and hopped out listening for the maids knock. As soon as I heard the knock followed by the keycard in the door I shut the shower off. Then when she opened the door I pretended to be getting out of the shower. The bathroom is just to the right of the door so as soon as she walked in calling out "housekeeping" she saw me.

As she looked me over she explained she needed to clean the room because it was her last. I said I needed to dress and pack for I was leaving. She stood there with me nude just a few feet away. Now I wish she was young and hot but in reality she was probably in her early 40's, dirty blond and a little on the heavy side. Finally I told her if she wanted to start cleaning while I finished she could. She came in and went to the bed to start undoing it. I followed her in with some dirty clothes, put them down and got my razor before going back to the bathroom to shave.

After shaving I went back in and she was cleaning some but seemed to be taking her time. As I put a few things away she watched me as I was still nude. I started to get fully hard as she watched.
Finally she asked "you like being watched?"
I asked what she meant and she said "you look like you enjoy it" and pointed at my dick.
I said "guess I'll have to take care of that" and started stroking.
She walked over with a towel and told me to hold it. As I took it from her she took my dick in her hand and started stroking me. As she did this she mentioned that this was the only perk with this lousy job.
I asked "do you do this a lot?"
She smiled and said "whenever I get the chance."
Soon I blew my load in the towel, cleaned up, packed and checked out.
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