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Neighbor ... 100% true

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Neighbor ... 100% true

This story is 100% true.

About two years ago I had gone in for a consultation with a plastic surgeon to have some scars looked at for reconstruction. I was 20 at the time. When I walked in and approached the desk I recognized one of the three women to be one of my neighbors that lived about 8 townhouses down. She'd be friendly with my mom over the years; I actually used to hang out with one of her younger sons back in the day. It had been awhile since I had seen her because I attended school out of state, but she recognized me and said plainly "Oh hey how are you? How's your mom blah blah blah." Anyways, I took a seat that was facing the desk while I waited to be seen. I began eaves dropping the conversation between my neighbor and the younger girl working and all I could really make out was her talking shit about her husband. She is currently 50 but at the time she was 48 ... had lost about 20 pounds since I had last seen her. Still had pretty big boobs and a 7/10 face. I had been smoking (but not inhaling) some marijuana and got horny as a pitbull in heat thinking about fucking this woman for some reason. So being half baked, horny, and bored of Halo3 I walked outside to get her address thinking I could send her a letter of some sort. I got inside and typed up this anonymous letter saying "Hey, I just recently saw you and I think your very sexy. If your at all interested email me at _______"

I mailed it, and honest to god right after I put it in the box of no return I was like what in the shit dogs name did I just do ... there was no chance.

At work the following day, I decided to check out the new email address inbox to see if she emailed me, and what do you know ... she did.
The email was really brief and basically just asked who I was and where I saw her. I emailed her back saying I didn't want to say who I was or anything yet because I didn't know it was her for sure and blah blah.

I could sit here and tell you message after message what we wrote back in forth, but in a nutshell, after I figured out for sure that it was her I told her who I was. She kept asking if I was one of her sons friends playing a joke or something. When i told her my name, she asked me 10 15 questions that only I would know ... my dogs name, moms name shit like that. It was funny. After all that ... I started asking her if she was interested. She said yes. But she seemed very hesitant.

Long story short ... we met in a hotel about 10 minutes away. We partied all night. I banged her brains out.
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Dude, you put all the detail in the wrong part of the story
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Aye, tell us more about the meeting with her.
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milf, neighbor

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