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Crazy Christian

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Default Crazy Christian

I know it may sound strange that someone here attends or attending church regularly but i have at times in my life. I was in my late 20's and going to different churches trying to find a place i liked and for a short time attended this Baptist church. I didn't go for long because it wasn't for me but the first time there i met this young married couple about my age and we hit off and got friendly enough where a few weeks later i had learned alot about them and even been to their house for a bible study with them. The husband was well..more normal..and his name was Lawrence and his wife Lynn was different. Kind of radical in a way and the more she talked the more you thought she was one brick shy a load.
She would go on and on about God and signs and everything happening for a reason which can be true but she took it to an extreme and did things according to what she thought were signs from God to her. She wasn't bad looking either. Not a raving beauty but she had longer and curly brown hair and wore glasses and had a nice body. She wanted children desperately but it had not happened yet and it seemed to be causing friction in the marriage and i remember said aloud with him sitting at the table that she was beginning to think God's plan was not for them to be together or they would have had children by then. I felt bad for the guy and saw the angst in his face. She and i talked alot more than he and i did even when he was there and she did not work but did alot for the church and he worked sometimes two jobs to pay the bills he said.
I was starting to develop some interest in her crazy as she was and the more he told me about how they met and her and that she was born again i came to realize she was pretty slutty at one time and that actually made me hot when she would read from the bible and i would fantasize about ripping open her top and fucking her right there on their kitchen
After a few weeks i stopped going to that Baptist church but continued to go their house for discussion and bible study but i knew it was because i was beginning to have that urge to do her.
To make you understand how nutty this girl was the first time i had her was in her thinking Biblical and by design. I knew she thought and lived her life that way and one evening when i went over for bible study with them she was alone and said he had pulled a double at work but we could still study together. Lynn was wearing a long blue denim dress with big buttons all the way down and she was in bare feet when we sat down. She made coffee and we sat at the kitchen table a good hour and a half talking about the bible and it's meanings and it was a warm evening and they didn't have air conditioning just screens in the windows and a fan here and there. As the time passed she had opened a couple buttons of her dress and as she filled my coffee cup a few times i would sneak a peak at her tits resting in a plain white bra and i was getting a little turned on. I steered the conversation to subjects like destiny and fate and God's will with a purpose in mind of course and she was deep into it and putting her hand on mine a few times and agreeing with me with conviction. She began to talk of how much we thought alike and when the conversation slowed i said well maybe i should get going but she said no stay awhile i don't like being alone and asked me if i wanted to watch some tv with her and i said sure. So, we sat down and were watching the show and she was sitting real close to me with me on the end of the couch and when something would come up on tv that had some meaning spiritually to her she would say
She had a couple buttons undone on the top of her denim dress and she felt cramped in it she said as she sat with her legs crossed and she opened a couple at the bottom so her legs were more exposed and talked of how she felt cooler then. I wasn't cooler..i was GETTING HOT..seeing her legs crossed and her bare feet pointed out and her tits throught open part of her dress from the side as i would turn to her making up some BS to say just to get a view of them. They were real nice..maybe 36 D and she had nice legs. Not slender and defined but nice.
It was getting cooler out and a good breeze was coming through the screened windows fairly often and she got a chill and shivered and i said here and put an arm around her saying stay don't mind do you..and she said no ..not at all it feels good and warm. We sat there for a few more minutes and i knew this was as good a chance as i was going to get so as we watched this religious station and they were saying something about God's plan being mysterious i thought here we go and i turned to her and said Lynn..she said .yeah...i told her..i have been having these thoughts coming to God is speaking to me and he says Lynn is the chosen one for you....and i can't stop thinking about you lately..she said really..i have been thinking about you two and i didn't know why. I said it's because he has put us together for a purpose..i don't know what but it is real. She said ..oh...Derek he does have a plan for us i can feel it too. Then i lowered my head and kissed her softly on the lips and she began to kiss me back and quickly we were making out and i was opening more buttons of her dress and feeling her up slipping my hand into her bra to play with her tit and nipple and she was into me. I pulled back and took off her glasses and set them down on the floor to the side and we melted into each other sitting next to each other making out on the couch and i was running my hands over her dress exploring her and then up her dress to rub her pussy and she was starting to moan and (TRUTH ) i said this is his will as i opend my fly and pulled out my hard dick and then sat back and pushed her head down and she gave me a great long blow job to completion and when she pulled off she cuddled up to me saying this is his will i can feel it. We were put together for a reason. Then i said..i can't explain it but this voice in my head keeps saying plant thy seed in Lynn..plant thy seed. That seemed to turn her on and she looked at me like a bride on her honeymoon night and said..his will be done...(NO LIE )
I was sitting there with her and we started to kiss and make out again and i was opening more of her buttons and until they were all open and i asked her to stand and i stood and pulled her dress offher shoulders and unhooked her bra and began to fondle her tits and kiss and suck them and she was undoing my belt and pulling down my pants and i helped and got them off along with my briefs and she was stroking my cock and said he has chosen an ample man so that i might take his seed and bare fruit or something like while she said it she was full mouth kissing me and very excited. I knew exactly what she wanted to here to let her do what she wanted and feel it was by design and i said take off your panties Lynn and she put a hand on my shoulder and pulled them off and i took her hand and she layed down on the couch and i got between her legs and layed down and sucked her tits and nipples and then licked and kissed her neck as i positioned my dick at her pussy and she moved to give me an easy entry and i had my hands above her over the edge of the couch and was kissing her and rubbing my hard thick cock agains her pussy and we were both breathing faster and she said..i'm your vessel ..fill me with your seed..whatever the hell that was and looking into her eyes i slowly penetrated her and saw a brief wince and then she was doing what most women do and as i started to fuck her she was starting to moan and she would wince as i went deep and go..hahahah..uuhhhaa..uuhhaaa...she was moving back and forth faster as i pumped into her faster and harder. Her pussy was not as tight as i had hoped and i knew she had her share of dick in the past as i fucked her and she raised one leg up and over the top of the couch and bent back some and she was smiling and moaning nicely.. i had already blown a big load in her mouth so it was easy for me to keep my composure as i must have balled her for a good 15 minutes and the longer it went on the louder she got and then i felt the leg she had up curl around me and the other one curl around the bottom of one of my legs and she arched her back and yelled out...UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH...LET HIS WILL BE DONE...HAHAHAHAHAHA....and i knew she had an explosive orgasm and i felt all the wetness from her and as she finished i reached down and pulled her legs up and bent them back and sat on my kees and pumped into her rapidly over and over hard and was grunting as i thrust in and out and when i blew my second load this time in her pussy and held her legs back with it deep in her she could feel the pulsing and my cock shooting streams of my CUM in her...and al i heard from her was a long OOOHHHHH...YESSSS......Being a young man then i had great stamina but i had drianed my balls twice and pulled out and she let her legs down and just held her stomach with one hand and said Derek..i may carry your seed now...i was out of breath and said if it's his will. We sat there for maybe 15 minutes with me sitting up and my schlong laying over and she was still on her back and saying softly...mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm.
I was starting to get honry again looking at her and i said...Lynn..i need more and it's his will that you submit to my needs as a woman should and she sat up and took my dick in her hand and stroked it genty as it rose and i said we need lay together in bed as he instructs a man and woman and she agreed and we went to her bed. I didn't cum anymore that evening but she did several times and i had her for maybe two hours off and on missionary, with her on top and doggie style and when she was exhausted we lay there and i said i hope we can be together again soon and she said we will we will and i showered and left. I never went over for bible study with them again but i di go to have her sometimes during the day or whenever he was working and though i alwaysmade sure to talk about the religious aspect of our destiny together she was sucking and fucking me just like any affair and she loved to fuck and feel me CUM inside her. Our affair lasted maybe 3 months and i was with her sometimes 3 times a week and one day she called me very excited and said i am with child. I knew she was still doing her wifely duty and fucking her husband sometimes and i told her how wonderful that was and asked her when she thought it happened and it was about the same time as she had sex with her husband too so i said Lynn..a voice in my head is telling me Lawrence is the father. She said do yuo think so ..REALLY...i said yes...i think his plan was for you and i to be togehter for a short time and you two were not getting pregnant beacuse you were trying to hard but with us providing the satisfaction each of us needed you were able to relax with him and nature took it's course. ( Nice save We discussed it for maybe 10 minutes and i had her believing it. I have no idea if it was his or mine but she was thrilled and it worked out for I even told her it would be best if i backed out of the picture so there were no problems in the future and she cried but agreed and we told each other how much we would miss each other. ( I know i am a shit but hey it's free will and she she was a crazy chick looking for an excuse to get layed good i think).
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