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screwing bubble butt

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default screwing bubble butt

Years ago my wife at the time managed a small retail shop at the mall and her employees always girls or women would come and go. I had two of them. The first was Hannah whom i have told the story about here. The other was months later and her name was something with B like Bernie or Bernadette. She was a bubbly outgoing middle aged woman and she had an hour glass figure with big boobs and butt. I had met her husband once when he picked her up after work because they only had one car. He was a smaller meek sort of fellow with a comb over and very unimpressive but good natured. B had worked there for a few months and started when Hannah was fired for shop lifting and we had become friendly and once in awhile i would flirt with her to make her feel good and she would always blush when i said something sort of provocative in a kidding way. She wasn't ugly but she was a bigger woman but well kept and always smelled like soap. Nice and clean. One day after lunch before going back to work i decided to go to the store for a quickie with the wife in her office which we did sometimes for fun. When i arrived B was with a customer and as i stood there she took the time to come over and say hello and then told me my wife had been called to a meeting with the regional manager of the chain. I was horny and disappointed as B excuse herself to return and talk with the customer. I am telling this story because i was reminded of it when i read one told by a guy on this site that said he got a hand job from a stranger in the bathroom. That was similar to this story. I had to pee so i went into the storeroom where there is this little half bath with a toilet. I opened the door and walked in closing it behind me and unzipped and started to fill the had to pee alot and it felt good. Just as i had finished tapping as guys do before they put it away the door opended and i turned with my schlong hanging out like a summer my hand and it was B. Her head was down as she entered and turned to close the door and then turned around and she jumped as she was startled. She must have finished with her customer and thought i had left.
Immediately she turned bright red in the face and said..oohh..i'm so sorry..but as her voice trailed off and i saw her looking down at my cock she said..OOOHHHH...MMMMYYYYYY...without thinking. I got this big smile on my face and she put her hand over her eyes saying..i'm sorry and turned trying to find the doorknob to leave. I was turned on and took a step and put my hand on the door saying don't go so fast. B let go off the doorknob and dropped her hand from her eyes and i slid my hand down standing right behind her and took as much as i could of one of her big boobs in my hand and squeezed and she did this..ooohhh whatttt......i said don't be scared and pushed up against her and pressed my cock which was out against her big bubble butt and rubbed and pulled one of her hands which had dropped to my cock and put it on it and she i said..that feels good right...she was going hahaha and started to wrap her hand around my snake and hold it. I said lets not let this go to waste huh... and turned B top face me with her back against the door. Then i took her hands and put them on my cock and she held it as i let her hands go and reached down to open a few buttons on her navy blue dress. I reached in and fondled her big tits in her bra and slid my hand in one cup and pulled her tit up exposing it and squeezed her nipple between my fingers and she started to use both hands and slowly stoke my thick cock. We played with each other for maybe 30 seconds and she was just looking down at my engorged meat in her hands as i played with her tits and she said i've never done anything like this. Being a dominant and smart ass i said..first time for everything B and i dropepd my hands and pulled hers apart and off my cock. I put down the toilert seat and then made her bend over with her hands on it and i slid up her dress and pulled her panty hose down to almost her knees and she said again oooohhh Mr...........then i was erect and ready to go and gave her ass cheek a small slap and she said...ewwwww.. and when i pressed my hot cock against her ass and ran it through her ass cheeks she spoke louder saying...MR....OOOOOHHHHH..and i took my meat in hand and seperated her legs as much as i could with her bent over and panty hose stretched and i began to rub my dick under her through her pussy lips and probing her and she started to moan and wiggle and i said..bend over just a little more B and she did saying OH..OH MYYY... and i slipped it i her and moved back and forth a few times until i was sliding it all in and out fucking her nice and slow and she was moaning and panting and saying MR...ooohhhh..OOOOHHH MYYYYY... I said...feel good B and she jsut kept saying the same thing over and over.
I knew it had to be a quickie and we had been in the bathroom for maybe 5 minutes already and i started to pound it in her harder and faster and she started huffing and puffing going...EEEWWWWWW...OOOOHHHH.. I was having fun fucking bubble butt and after maybe 2 or 3 minutes i was feeling that urge and started to take long hard plunges in her and had to hold her by the hips so she wouldn't fall over and she was going UUHH..UUHH..UUHH.. I felt my cock throb and then this huge surge all at once and i thrust in B as deep as i could with a thud and popped my nuts and sot a big stream in her and she was going she felt my cock pulse several good streams of my CUM in her pussy and i stood behind her with my hands on her hips going UUUUUUHHHH BBBBB...OOOOOHHHHH.... and as my dick slowed the spurting i pulled back and forth a little and when i drove it back in hard i was going..UUHH..UHHHHH and she was just breathing fast and going hahahahaha..until i finished and slowly pulled my cock out looking at how wet it was and i gave her a light tap on the butt and said..thank you B ..i needed that. She was still bent over and reached for toilet paper to catch my cum flowing out of her and did it a couple of times wiping herself and holding the tissue there and then she lifted the seat and turned and sat down on the toilet to pee and let it come out. She was sitting there with her the top of her dress open and her tits exposed and heaving from her breathing and we heard a womans voicd saying HELLO..ANYBODY HERE...she turned red again and before we could talk much she got up and pulled up her panty hose and buttoned her dress and went out to wait on the customer. I felt great and used paper towels to clean my dick and balls and put my dick away and walked out seeing her with a woman on the opposite side of the store and i sneaked out but as i left the store i saw her look and give me a glance. I took her look to say...NO THANK YOU..LOL...
I never tried to fuck B again. I wasn't really attracted to her it was just a spontaneous thing and i was horny at the time. She worked there and never said a thing obviously until my wife decided to change jobs and take another position with the chain of stores.
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