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Two hot redneck chicks....

Incredible Luck Stories

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Default Two hot redneck chicks....

This was just a few years back in the early-mid 2000s (in my mid 40s), I was at a good place in my life. I had been divorced not too long before, recently sold my business for a lot of money and also just made a huge profit on some real estate investments/developments. I had bought a fairly large ranch style brick house northeast of Atlanta just where the suburbs and rural areas intertwine. It had 8 acres of land, a swimming pool, a full basement and an extra garage where I could house my antique cars and my motorcycles. I was making good money part-time as a consultant, I was single and things just could not be better. My kids would enjoy the pool when they came to visit every summer. The only negative was that the lady I had been seeing broke up with me because I was unwilling to commit to getting married. I liked her a lot but there was no way I was going to get married again, at least not soon, if ever.

I enjoyed my new found free time by taking long rides on my Harley Davidson motorcycle, working out at the gym and restoring old cars. One sunny warm early summer day I was on my Harley and had stopped to get gas at a large convenience store at an interstate exit some what close my home. There was an old wore out looking Oldsmobile from the 1980s parked at the gas tanks next to mine. A very good looking but trashy redneck type bleached blonde chick was pumping gas into the Olds. She was in a halter top, high heeled clog sandal type shoes and a pair of ultra short skin tight cut off jeans that were unbuttoned and unzipped in the front with her red lace thong which pulled higher on her waist advertising her hot sexy body. She was very suntanned, tattooed and looked to be about 21 to 23 years old. She must have liked my black leather Harley attire because I kept catching her looking at me. I felt good having a young chick checking me out even if it was a trashy trailer park redneck type chick. She did have a great body and a very pretty face.

About that time I noticed another bleach blonde (showing a lot of dark roots) chick coming out of the store smoking a cigarette, carrying two 40oz. bottles of beer and a carton of cigarettes. She had a smoking hot body also and was clad in a tiny ultra tight terry cloth pair of red shorts, the words PINK across the butt, her black lace thong easily exposed over the top of the low slung shorts and wearing a cut off Hooters t-shirt (no bra) and her dark silver dollar nipples easily showing through the shirt. Of course she walks up to the junky old Oldsmobile lays the beer and cigarettes in the window onto the passenger seat and leans up against the car next to the chick pumping the gas. The cut-off jeans chick whispered something to her and then I noticed they both looked at me. I had to think of something to say to them so I blurted out, “Are you ladies planning a day of partying?” They both laughed and I thought that must’ve come out stupid. One of them said, “We’ve got the day off and we’re just hangin’ today. How ‘bout you Mr. Harley man?” I answered, “I’m about to head home and kick back by my pool and have a few beers.” “You got a swimming pool?” the other girl replied and I said, “Yes.” Then she asked in her flat southern country style drawl, “You havin’ a party?” So (with my heart racing and dick rising) I said, “No just me, unless I had some blonde hotties come and hang out with me.” They both giggled. The other chick queried, “you live close by?” After I said yes, she asked, “nobody stay there with you?” I told them I was divorced and lived alone. The cut-off jeans girl said, “We ain’t doin nothin’ can we come over and swim in your pool?” The other interjected, “Yea. It’s just us and we won’t hurt nothing — you got beer?” I told them that I have a refrigerator full of beer. “Follow me if you want to come over.” I said to them and they both exclaimed excitedly, “Okay!”

They cranked the old Oldsmobile which needed a new muffler and smoked out a lot of exhaust and pulled out behind me. I couldn’t help thinking maybe I would be lucky enough to have sex with both of them. I made sure they were able to keep up and follow me as I drove my Harley home. They pulled in the driveway behind me and we went in the house. I told them the pool was in the back and they could go downstairs and out the back basement door to the pool and I’d bring some beer down. I loaded a large ice chest with beer and ice and followed behind them. They were sitting in lounge chairs by the pool when I hauled the ice chest out there and sat it down. “You live here alone?” one of the girls asked. I told them that I did (I had already told her that back at the store.) “This is nice place” She said. “I really like your basement” the other girl told me. (I had just finished it. It is mostly a large open game room with a pool table, ping pong table, large screen TV and new leather furniture.) “You could have some cool parties here,” she said. “Like what do you do that you can have all this?” she asked. I told them that I had sold my business, etc, and worked part-time as a consultant. The girl in the cut-off jeans said, “Sounds damn good to me! I’m a exotic dancer at the Oasis.” (I thought “oh hell yes!” — The Oasis is a nude strip joint along Atlanta’s interstate perimeter, the closest one to the northern suburbs.) “What about you, “I asked the other girl?” She said, “I’m a waitress at Hooter’s over at Gwinnett Place but Tiffy’s trying to get me to come to work at Oasis — I’m thinkin’ about it, she makes a lot more money than me.” I told them they looked a lot alike and asked if they are sisters. They both said, “we’re first cousins, lots of people think we’re sisters though!” The cut-off jeans girl that worked at Oasis was named Tiffy, age 23 and her cousin was Brooke, age 21. They told me that they rented a trailer together just about 3 miles from my house and grew up around here. I made them prove to me that they were both 21 years old (they showed me their drivers licenses) and then I tossed them each a cold beer.

My backyard and pool area is completely hidden from view by many large trees and a tall wooden fence making it very private and secluded. I told them to feel free to get in the water. As soon as I said that Tiffy took all of her clothes off and dove in the pool naked. My mouth watered as I watched her naked body slide into the water. She had a very sexy body, several tattoos, a large flowery lower back tattoo, a heart on her butt cheek, both ankles tattooed, a arm band tattoo on her left arm and Rolling Stones logo mouth/tongue tattoo just under her belly button. The real killer was her shiny clit ring at the top of her inviting fat pussy lips just underneath a neat trimmed landing strip pube job! Just after Tiffy dove in, Brooke took off her Hooters shirt and dropped her shorts and thong and dove in naked too. Brooke’s body was also smoking hot, she only had one tattoo, a medium sized tribal tattoo on her lower back, she had a pubic trim job just like Tiffy’s but her breasts were much bigger than Tiffy’s which were small. After swimming for a few minutes they both got out to sun in the lounge chairs. Brooke asked, “aren’t you gonna take your clothes off?” “I think I will” I replied so I stripped down laying my clothes over on the umbrella table. I hadn’t done anything this crazy in quite a while and I was really enjoying it.

Just out of the blue Tiffy said, “Brooke’s got bigger titties than me. I guess you noticed? I’m saving my money so I can get me some bigger ones, there’s this place - a doctor clinic over in Alabama that lots of dancers I know go get new titties done. I’m gonna get some bigger titties soon.” I told her that she looked just as sexy with small ones. (I really enjoyed the funny conversation with these two good looking redneck girls.) She said, “Well thanks for sayin’ you like ‘em anyway, I told Brooke hers are great the size they are, I think she’d mess ‘em up if she got bigger titties.” I told her I agreed. Brooke then squeezed both her titties and said, “Everybody seem to like ‘em.” Then she asked, “Do you have anything to eat?” I told them I could grill some burgers real quick. “You’d do that?” they both eagerly asked. “Sure” I said. I went in the house and got some pre-made hamburger patties out of the freezer, grabbed a pack of buns, ketchup, mustard a large bag of potato chips and went back downstairs and rolled my gas grill out by the pool. I told them I didn’t have anything to put on the burgers except ketchup and mustard and they said that was fine with them. It felt quite strange standing there naked grilling those burgers with these two girls sunning themselves naked next to me but it was definitely fun.

We ate the burgers and sunned by the pool for a little while longer drinking another beer or two. Then Tiffy asked, “Can we play pool on your pool table?” “Sure” I said and we walked into the basement still totally naked and started playing pool. Both girls said that they were not to good at pool and asked me to show them how to shoot pool. I think it was a ploy just to get me up against them. I was leaned over Brooke helping her line up a shot and my dick just shot to an erection. She felt it against her ass and Tiffy saw it. Brooke said, “That feels good” and she started moving her ass up and down against my cock. Tiffy walked over to me from behind and pressed herself up against my back and butt and started sliding up and down against me too. Tiffy just came out and said, “Do you want to fuck us?” I said, “As a matter of fact I do!” Brooke laughed and said, “I like you, you’re funny.”

We walked over to the sofa in front of the big screen TV and all sat on it with the girls on each side of me. Tiffy kissed me first giving me a very sloppy wet kiss and then Brooke did the same to me. At the same time Brooke gave me a kiss I could feel Tiffy’s mouth go down on my cock. Brooke kept kissing me as Tiffy then spat on my dick to get it really wet before she deep throated it and then licked my dick and my testicles all over. Tiffy said to Brooke, “Give his face a pussy ride.” Brooke then said for me to lie face up on the sofa. She then got up on my face and lowered her pussy down on my mouth. I could feel Tiffy at the same time start to straddle my torso and could feel my dick sliding into her warm juicy pussy. Simultaneously Brooke was riding my face while Tiffy rode my dick. It felt quite incredible and I was enjoying this immensely. I could hear Tiffy ask, “How long does it take you to cum?” I pulled my mouth away from Brooke’s pussy just long enough to say that I could last a long while, which is true. The older I’ve gotten I have developed the ability to last a really long time without cumming, though my libido is slower than in my youth. The girls both turned out to be loud heavy moaners and quite talkative throughout the entire sexual encounter.

Tiffy changed position with Brooke except that Tiffy faced Brooke and slid onto my face with her butt in my eyes! I felt Brooke’s wet pussy sliding down onto my dick and she started slowly sliding back and forth on me. I used two fingers on my right hand to caress Tiffy’s clit area as I sucked on it too and then started fingering her asshole with my left hand fingers. She said, “Oh yes! I really like that?” “What?” asked Brooke and Tiffy said “He’s fingering my asshole while he eats me.” About that time Brooke maneuvered her hand behind her as she was fucking me and started caressing my testicles. In a few minutes I asked, “Let’s change it up?” “Okay” they both said. As I sat up Tiffy lay back on the sofa, spread her legs out wide and said, “get on top of me.“ So I got on top and pulled her up underneath me tight and slid my dick into her pussy and started fucking her. When I did Brooke got behind me and suddenly I felt her tongue start sliding up and down inside my butt cheeks and she was licking my asshole. (My second wife did that when we were first married but quit after a couple of years of marriage.) Then I could feel Brooke’s finger enter my asshole and she slid it around and it felt very good. After several minutes Brooke asked, “let me on the bottom, I wanna get fucked now.” We switched around and now I was on top of Brooke with her legs spread out under neath me fucking her. Just as Brooke had done now Tiffy was licking and fingering my asshole.

Tiffy asked Brooke, “Has he cum yet?” “No” she replied. Tiffy whispered in my ear, “We need to make you cum, sweetie.” They both pushed me back into a seated position on the sofa and got on their knees in front of me and both started licking my cock in such a organized manner that In knew they had done this before. One was licking and sucking the head of my dick while the other would lick and rub my balls. And their tongues would slide up and down interchanging positions on my dick. Sure enough it brought me to a whopping orgasm. When they realized I was going to cum they both smiled and giggled letting my cum shoot all over both of their faces. After I had cum all over their faces Brooke asked where the bathroom was so she could go clean up. Tiffy still sat their on the floor in front of me using her fingers to play with the cum on her face. She giggled like a little girl and said, “You’re fun.” Then she got up and went to the bathroom also.

After they had cleaned up their faces we all walked out to the pool and started putting our clothes back on. Brooke checked her cell phone which was lying on her clothes and saw she had a message and listened to it. She said her boss at Hooter’s had called and left her a message asking if she could come in to work because another girl didn’t make it in. She called him back and told him she’d come in to work and asked Tiffy to take her home. Tiffy said, “Damn, I wanted to party longer.” The girls both got me to give them my cell phone number and gave me theirs. Then they got in the exhaust smoking old worn out Oldsmobile and left.

It wasn’t 30 minutes before my cell phone rang and it was Tiffy. She wanted to know if I’d come over to get her and ride her around on my Harley. I thought “why not?” I got directions and rode over to their trailer which was only about 3 miles from me and located down a dirt & gravel road in a very out of the way spot surrounded by woods. The trailer didn’t look too great on the outside. There was a Dodge Neon parked there and nearby an old rusty beat up Ford Escort was up on blocks. Tiffy opened the front door when she heard my Harley pull up. The inside of their trailer was actually clean and neat, decorated very girlie with cheap but decent furniture. However, seeing a bong (first one I had seen in 25 years) on their coffee table made me a little uncomfortable.

I took Tiffy on about a 45 minute ride on my Harley and then we returned to her trailer. She took me by the hand and led me back to her bedroom and said, “I want to see you nekkid again!” and she giggled while taking off her shorts and top. She then gave me a really long wet blow job stopping a few times to ask, “is that good?” or “do you like that?” She had developed quite a bit of skill at giving head. Then she got on top of me and slid my dick into her pussy. She demonstrated a lot of sexual skill and knowledge at this position as well. She stayed on top of me until I had cum.

We lay on her bed naked while she gave me her life story and how she’d been a stripper for 3 years since she was 20 and how her last boyfriend had cleaned out her bank account before he got busted for selling drugs and went to prison. Soon I got dressed to leave and she made me promise to come see her dance at the club she worked at.

I did have just a few more sexual rendezvous with these two girls over the next few months but when they started asking to borrow money from me (that I knew they’d never pay back) I decided it was best to move on. Eventually Brooke started working as a stripper with Tiffy and acquired a few more tattoos. I have run into them in a few of Atlanta’s strip joints over the past few years (even though I don’t go that often). They’ve always acted excited to see me and of course I’ve obliged them by getting a table dance or two.
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Hot story!!! It is amazing all these good looking redneck chicks with great bodies I see around. They dress slutty as hell, almost like street hookers or something and though they seem dumb as dirt you just know they could fuck you every which way but loose. Great story man, I know you had some fun with them. Two at once!!!!!
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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Luv those down south redneck chicks! They wild, dumb as dirt and horny as hell! Good story dude!
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This is one of the best stories in this forum. I read this story before I became a member and have read it two more times thereafter. This story and other stories by other members have inspired me to join and share some of my adventures.

You are one lucky man!
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Thumbs up Wow!

Damn, That story was good. It's HARD when you find girls like those.
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Default Amazing story

How is this not in your top 5?
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