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Mother/daughter..two mind

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Mother/daughter..two mind

I had been having a very erotic housewife named Raven for months and had also fucked her friend Mary as a favor which worked fine fo
Raven's daughter Taylor was now back at home living with her mom after taking the fall for a boyfriend and spending a year in a West Virginia womans prison. It was obvious to me about the old apple from the tree saying that Taylor was probably as slutty as her mom because she had no issue with me coming over to get blow jobs or fucking her mom during the day when her dad was at work. It did seem surreal though that i could just come in like it was my home and Taylor would be in her room or sitting around the house and if i saw her we would just say hi and i would see her mom or ask where she was and then fuck her in her bedroom for other area of the house but never right in front of her daughter Taylor. Yes, they were slutty and trashy but it was hot as hell and over weeks and months Taylor would exchange looks with me and i knew when she heard her mom moaning and groaning it was making her horny too. It was summer by then and it was actually getting a bit old but i was having thoughts about trying to fuck Taylor and that kept me interested. One morning i went to their condo and walked in. I called out not seeing anybody and went to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms hearing music and yelled for Raven. Taylor opened her door and peered out and said mom's not feeling good and is in her room. I went upstairs and as i passed Taylor closed her door but gave me a look as she did and i was
I walked to Raven's door and opened it and she was half asleep buried under the covers. She looked pale but i needed relief so i stripped down and walked to the bed asking her how she felt and she said like death warmed over and i said well i need it and she said i am so sick..i said well at least get me off and she reluctantly sat up on her side and started to jack me off and i said come on..suck it for me..she tried but she kept coughing and said i can't i'm too sick and then she layed back down and turned away. I was standing there with a hard wet dick and horny as hell but what could i do. So, i walked out and into the bathroom which was in the hall to wash up and then go back and dress. I turned on the water and used a washcloth and as i dried off with a towel i heard the msic from Taylor's room get louder and i knew her door was open.
I took a couple steps and peered around the corner and there she was standing at her doorway looking down the short hall at where i was. Taylor had her arms up and hands on the door jam with half her body out and she was just looking. She looked horny and i smiled at her and gave her a wink. She had on shorts and her longer thin legs looked nice with bare feet standing there and she had a white t-shirt with some band logo on it but you could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. After maybe a few seconds of me peering around the corner and her looking but not moving or saying anything i stepped out into the hall naked and gave her a good look. There were a few seconds of awkward silence as she viewed my meat and you could almost see the wheels spinning in her head. She had this hungry look and kind of gently rubbed one leg against the other and then walked back into her room but she left the door open.
I knew she wanted fucked and it had been building over time with us exchanging glances so i slowly walked to her doorway and looked in. She was laying on herr back on her bed and just looked at me as i stood there in the doorway naked. I was in full dominant mode and said your moms not up to it maybe you are and walked in closing the door behind me. She had been laying back on her elbows and when i walked in she couldn't take her eyes off me and just layed her head back on the pillow.
As i walked to the bed i must have missed this being away for so long and she didn't say anything. I was rock hard and rigid and as soon as i climbed up on her bed and got down on top of her to kiss her she went wild and we were rolling around on the bed groping and fondling and i was pulling off her shorts and t-shirt and sucking her tits and she was grabbing at me and scratching my back as i slid down spreading her legs and she raised them and i just punched into her. She was kind of tight and it took a couple thrusts to start fucking her good and she was thrashing around and scrathing me and i had to hold her down by the wrists as we fucked and she was loud..real loud as i balled her hard for a couple minutes and then pulled out wrestling her onto her stomach and pulling her hips up to drive into her from behind. I could hear the wood bedframe banging the wall and her loud sounds and was giving it to her good when i exploaded in her tight little twat. and came to rest on top of her as she layed face down panting like a dog.
She had me so horny i went right back at it turning her around and folding her up into like a ball and was fucking her pussy with my fingers and listening to her moan loud and then i released he and postioned myself and her so i could stick my cock in her mouth and talked dirty to her telling her to suck my cock like momma ....and she was all over it.
I wanted to bang her again so i got on my back and pulled her skinny leg over me making her get on top and took my cock in hand and put it in her and she started sliding up and won all the way and yelling out obscenities and fucking me hard. It was wild and frantic and i had my hands on her skinny hips helping her drive down hard and then releasing her to do it again and she had an explosive orgasm almost screaming and fell down on me out of breath. I gave her ass a pat and said thats a good girl and rolled out from under her and she layed face down on the bed as i stood. My dick and balls were covered in her thick gewy CUM and i said..well have to go..see you next time and i went back to the bathroom and washed up again. When i opened Raven's door and walked in to get my clothes i heard her crying and i sat down on the bed and asked what was wrong. She blubbered a bit and said i heard you won't want me anymore..i'm too old...i brushed her cheek and said of course i still want you. She said through her you won't want Taylor...i said ..shhhhh..Taylor has needs too right..and she shook her head. I said we will still have our fun. She said really...i said absolutely..then i dressed and left slut didn't really care i had balled her daughter..she's just afraid she will not get it
I let things cool down for about a week and then went back one morning and hammered Raven good on her couch and when i was done i went upstairs and fucked Taylor and left. This went on for weeks mostly just one or the other and a couple times doing both but never together and they never witnessed each other taking my cock they just shared. But as nature would have it i ended up spending alot more time banging Taylor. She was young and tighter and wilder and i loved how loud she was when i was balling her. I even took her out a couple times where she would meet me somewhere and go but that started to agitate Raven.
One afternoon i had come by and Raven was not home having gone to the grocery store and i had Tayor sitting on my cock bouncing up and down on me on the living room couch and i blew my load in her she just had her arms around my head and took it all looking me in the face and when i finished i saw tears in her eyes and i asked what was wrong and she said she was pregnant. I flipped and said..HELL NO.....HOW DO YO KNOW IT'S MINE..she was real upset and said your the only guy i have been fucking. To make a long story short..she had not told anyone else and i paid and had it taken care of and stopped coming around. What would you do ? No way was i going there !
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You have a real talent for naming these stories! I am still laughing at "Mother/daughter..two mind." This one is one of your best titles.
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Default Thank you

I love the praise and hope you enjoy my stories.
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