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Massage & Table Shower

CFNM Stories (Clothed Female Naked Male)

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Default Massage & Table Shower

Went to a legit massage place the other day. Been here a few times. When you enter they take you to the massage room where you undress and put on a pair of the house swimtrunks. They are shorter than normal swimtrunks. Then a girl comes to get you and takes you to the table shower. This spa has many female and male customers. I've seen women in bikinis coming from showerrooms before.

So this time I get a little asian girl come and get me for the table shower. She starts the shower like any other but as she's washing my backside her hands slip into the swimtrunks and she washes my ass. This had never happened before. Now when she is rinsing the soap off she slips the swimtrunks down past my ass to wash the soap off.

After she pulls the trunks back up she has me flip over. Same washing of the front with her hands going down the trunks and soaping my dick up. This got me really hard. Noticing this she smiles at me and pulls the trunks down. She then starts giving me a soapy handjob until I explode. She then rinses me off, pulls up the trunks, towels me off and takes me back to the massage room. No conversation as she doesnt seem to speak much english.

After she leaves I undress and get under the sheet. Another girl comes in and gives a perfectly good and legit massage. This asian girl is new and I wonder if she doesn't realize this is a legit place? Usually they have girls that don't have a therapist licsence doing the table shower and any body wraps/scrubs. Don't know and don't care right now. Just want to go back before someone tells her it's a legit place .
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Very satisfied customer!
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Went back to this place last month and got the same little asian for the table shower. Don't know if she recognized me or not. Again the same shower technique. But this time when I flipped over I was already pretty hard so I slipped my trunks off. She smiled and I pointed at my dick and then her mouth. She smiled some more and bent over to give me a blowjob. She was really good at deepthroating and even let me finish in her mouth. She then washed me, dried me, dressed me and took me back to a massage room for a legit massage with a therapist. Don't think this is a new thing at this spa just this girl who either doesn't understand or really likes her job .
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Hope you tip heavy...
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