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Maspolomas sand dunes, Gran Canaria

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Default Maspolomas sand dunes, Gran Canaria

The beach at Maspolomas, on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria, is no tjust a you move along from the true 'beach' with the bars and cafes, you come to a wilder area, where the beach rolls away into huge sand dunes, which extend for many hundreds of yards. This is also the designated 'nude bathing' area, and they do have signs posted advising this fact.

As it's an area where nudity is welcomed there is also a fair amount of outdoor sexual activity going on, too. The dunes have scrubby grass and small trees and by the nature of the dunes there are dips and hollows everywhere.

I took a walk along one afternoon while on holiday. It didn't take long to find something to watch! A plump-ish german woman was being fucked hard doggy-style by her equally plump husband, while three men stood, within 5 or 6 feet watching and wanking themselves.

I wandered on and found a small hollow where a windbreak type tent had been put up. Lying under the shade of the windbreak was a woman, about 40, totally naked. A man was standing betwen her parted feet, and wanking furiously. He soon came spattering her naked flesh with his cum. After he had cum, he just wandered off into the dunes, only to be replaced by another man who I han't spotted, but who had been watching and waiting. He too stood between her parted legs and wanked onto her, adding his spunk to the first guy's.

I meandered on, although being naked myself and with what I had already seen I was sporting an already quite healthy erection. I rounded one small hillock and coming towards me was a quite pretty woman, about 45-ish, lovely all-over tan totally nude, with a firm body, large tits with big dark nipples and a shaved pussy.

"Hello" she said in a friendly way, but her eyes went to my cock. "Hello" I replied, and for a second we just stood silently. Then I thought I'd try my luck - she was naked and admiring my hard-on, so I thought 'why not?'

I took it in my hand and squeezed it gently, and slowly rubbed my hand along it. "oh, let me do that" she said and stepped closer. Her hand closed around my hard shaft and, stood there in the sand, she gave me a great hj.

She would let me fondle her tits, but not touch her pussy, but she was superb at giving handjobs, and just as I was about to cum, she bent forwards so my spunk landed on her tits. She milked me dry, then looked down at the glistening cum on her tits and said "Oh, thank you" and walked off through the dunes.
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Sounds like a wild surreal place
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