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Swimwear show

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Default Swimwear show

I was driving interstate from capital to capital and I decided to break up the drive by staying somewhere overnight. So I booked a room in a motel. the next morning I woke up and decided to have a swim in the motel pool before I went. When I travel I pack a few sets of swimming gear so I'm ready for all occassions. Some are revealing but one is an outfit I bought specifically when I want to swim laps. It's not revealing at all.

I went out in my dressing gown and took it off near some seats and said hello to an older couple who were the only other people at the pool. I put got into the pool and did some laps. When I got out they were still there and I talked to them while I was drying off. They were really nice and we talked about swimming for a while. They were just sunbathing and I said I wouldn't mind joining them to catch some rays but I'd have to change into a better cossie. They woman said I shouldn't make it too revealing because her husband was a huge perv who loved big boobs. They both thought this was hilarious and so did I. I said I'd be back and walked to my room. I got changed into a bikini which is a lot more revealing but still G-rated. I put my robe back on and went out again.

I walked up and opened my robe and said "do you like this outfit better?" They agreed they did and the woman talked about my big boobs and how jealous she was and how I had to be careful because her husband was "a horny old bugger" and outfits like that only gave him ideas. I said I better get changed then into my other outfit and I walked off. I came back in something that I bought exclusively to be naughty in. It's barely more than a slingshot bikini. It hardly covers anything and what it does cover keeps popping out. I put my gown on over the top and walked out to them again. I said "if I think someone nearby is a horny old perv who likes big tits then this is the outfit I wear". I opened my top and the woman laughed. Her husband said it was fantastic and I could see she wasn't joking. He was staring at my tits and his shorts did nothing to conceal movement downstairs. I told them that it was my favourite outfit but the problem was I kept falling out of it. I shook my tits to demonstrate and both boobs fell out. "I'm forever putting them back in but they only fall out again" I shimied and bounced and flounced a bit. I told them that sometimes I got tired of putting them in again and always appreciated help. I asked the guy if he could put my boob back in my top and he jumped right in. The woman laughed as he felt me up by the side of the pool. Nobody was around to see but the people in the front office could have seen if they looked as could anyone in the rooms (but I was pretty sure they were empty). I told them I had one more outfit to show them and went back to my room.

When I came back I told them that I was wearing my favourite outfit to sunbathe in. I opened the robe and of course I was naked underneath. The woman thought it was really funny but the guy was clearly horny as hell. I sat down next to them with my legs open. They talked about my body for a while and the woman said she often gave her husband handjobs while he watched porn but tonight she'd be giving him a handjob while he thought of me. I said I'd e honoured if she wanked him off right there. She wasn't sure but the guy was really excited. I moved around so I was blocking the view from the office. The woman hung a towel over a chair so provide some cover from anyone watching from the rooms. I asked if they minded if I masturbated while she attended to him and of course they didn't. So I fingered myself while the guy felt me up and she wanked him off. he came quickly but I came soon aferwards. In order to break the awkard silence that I thought would follow two orgasms I threw off my robe and swam a couple of laps naked. Then I got out and said thanks and goodbye.
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El Suave
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Nice, that slingshot bikini really intrigues me, must have been quite a show! And that woman is a good sport!
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Default Swimsuit Issue

Great Story... definitely got the imagination "growing"
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You are too much fun!!!!
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mmmmmh very nice
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I must say - you'd be fun to hang out with!!!!
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fred tease
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i gotta say that i very much would like to see that bakini. also the birthdaysuit as well. nice writting baby. keep em cumming and ill keep....well you
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