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First adventures.

Nudist Stories

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Keen Couple
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Wink First adventures.

What a breath of fresh air to find an adult site with a thread for naturists stories and we are happy to join in. Now I am probably preaching to the converted but probably, just probably a few non converted folks might read our posts so here goes the slightly boring bit.

It was the first summer of our new marriage, my wife turned nineteen and I twenty one both of us enjoying our new life together very much. I was reading a newspaper one day and there was a piece about naturist clubs, it took my fancy and I bought a magazine and one fairly new club in the next county to us was offering an open day for visitors to see what it was all about. A lot of blushing refusals later from my bride did not stop my perseverance and she eventually agreed to give it a try. We were not asked to take our clothes off but after half an hour of introductions we felt out of place so joined in much to the joy of the others. We were given the tour and they already had a club house with dinning room and a nice shower room, a min-ten court was under construction and a large meadow with half cut grass was all it boasted at that time, so nothing posh eh! The owner and the club and the warden had a caravan each and it was the latter that took us under their wing and we spent the rest of the day with them. At the end of our visit we were given all the forms for joining and told to consider joining and post them off, which after a short deliberation we did, much to my surprise as my spouse was as keen as I.

It was a great first day and the warden and his wife invited us to tea in their van, pumping us a little to find out our reaction to being members. I jumped straight in by remarking that there was not many youngsters there and they laughingly informed me that adolescent girls and boys went very shy and most stopped coming for a few years. As usual the early English summer was a mixture of rain and sun but we went most weekends and out of the two of us it was only I who got irked on occasions at the attention my wife got from most of the men. The warden and his wife, we had become great friends, noticed it and made light of it while we were having our now usual hour or so in their van for eats, laughing when they said she was one of the youngest women and her figure was such that it did attract notice. She was beetroot red but jovial about it and I suspected she secretly enjoyed it so to appear grown up I joined in the mirth and reflecting realised that I had a lady to be proud of. Another thing that had perturbed me at the beginning was that the only two single men that were allowed to be members were with us whenever possible but I did quickly get used to that as they were shall we say mature in age and manners.

The late summer was gorgeous but strikingly not so well attended and more fun came our way when we were asked by the warden to have some photos taken with his wife. Well even though I knew that cameras were taboo I had no objections and after being assured that he knew a man that would discreetly process them we had fun posing while he took them, we still have them today and enjoy showing close friends the fun we had at the club, although they are very dog eared now. It was only a couple of weeks later that a red faced wife admitted that the more senior of the single men had patted her bare bottom (obviously) as he enthused over the pictures she willingly showed him but before I could comment she burst out laughing and just said that old men would always be old men, I laughing in unison asked if she meant dirty. Do not know if that was an omen but as we had a couple of days off together we went to the club on a weekday, and as we expected it was all but deserted. The only two people there were the two single men and as usual they had a lot of time for my wife and I had no illusions that it was, as was usual, because of her exciting and desirable body! They were surprised to see us on a weekday and made a fuss of her until we left them and made our way down to the meadow, telling them we were going to sunbathe for a while. It was a lovely warm day and we were soon having a bit of fun and as Ann got more aroused she decided it was time to suck me and I was soon rampant and ready for some outdoor sex. I thought I had caught movement out of the corner of my eye a couple of times but each time I had a good look could see nothing so put it out if my mind and just enjoyed what my wife was doing to me. We had fun by starting in the doggy-style position and she had her first orgasm, then she wanted to straddle me and was bouncing up and down on me at a nice pace as her second and more noisy one made her shudder with its intensity and her writhing on my cock brought me to ejaculation and I gave her all my man’s milk.

Ann dismounted and lay on her back still in the throes of her orgasm as the two men stood up from the longer grass and approached us, both their cocks fully erect, aroused from watching us performing and as they knelt either side of her she was going crimson, stunned by their presence and at seeing another man’s erect penis for her first time, the fact that she was getting a double helping as an introduction probably having an even bigger effect on her. She was still rooted to the spot, beetroot red now but mesmerised by the sight of them both masturbating only inches from her. It seemed like an eternity until they ejaculated and she squealed loudly as semen splashed over her face, breasts and belly, the men groaning with the pleasure of release as they emptied themselves. They calmly walked off and left us to it and as she was still in a daze I wiped her as best I could with a towel before she exploded and told me to take her home, not even stopping to shower, just dressing and sitting silent, but seething, in the car until we arrived. Her tirade lasted a long while and she was slow to calm down and eventually did laugh over the whole thing, saying that they were just dirty old men and the excitement of catching us having sex was probably too much for them and they just had to join in.

For all her protestations she was soon sound asleep and it was I who lay with the picture of what had happened in my mind feeling guilty at being excited by what had happened. I was erect and masturbating as I remembered the startled look on her face as her eyes were transfixed on two rampant cocks and the startled look on her face as she gasped and squealed as semen shot over her and wondered if her anger at it all was perhaps a little for my benefit but by then I was emptying myself into one of our sex towels that we always has under the pillows and then I drifted off into sleep. There was a bit of an awkward silence when she came down for breakfast, lying in as we still had a day off and I put my foot in it straight away by asking if she had got over yesterday. She did not explode but gave me a withering look before asking me if I had realised that it had been the first time she had seen other men with an erection. Digging the hole deeper I nonchalantly said they all looked much the same and did the same thing to a woman, regretting it immediately but was surprised when she laughed. Well I thought I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb and asked if we were to spend the day at the club as we had originally intended. No tirade but she did redden as she said she had a good mind to go just to give the men a good piece of her mind, so I jumped at the idea and agreed, surprised when she busied herself getting ready.

I had purposely kept the conversation light and general as we motored the half hour or so to the club but inside I was disturbingly disappointed when only the warden greeted us. We sunbathed on the veranda of the club house and he eventually came and bid us goodbye as he left and we were on our own relaxing until it was time for lunch. We went down to the meadow so that we could liberally coat ourselves with tanning lotion without messing up the loungers, the only sexual contact being that of having fun applying it to each other and I did notice that she was regularly having a look round as we relaxed. The afternoon definitely got better as when I applied more lotion to her she did not object to my spending a long time on her breasts and vulva eventually hanging on to my soon erect cock to make sure it was rampant. The fun was cut short by clouds and a cool breeze and we decided to call it a day, she laughingly admitting that she was well aroused now and would have risked having sex if we had stayed so I cupped a breast and tweaked a nipple, as we walked, to keep her interested. We went into the shower room and the fun continued as she soaped and washed me down, bringing my hard-on back with a wicked giggle and then it was my turn so I soon had her lathered and rinsed off, then giving her nipples a lot of attention with my mouth as well as her clitoris with a probing finger.

As if it was preordained the two old men came in and just stood and stared, grinning at the tableau before them, my spouse too aroused to move or stop me. She let out a long sigh of both satisfaction as well as resignation, accepting that we had been caught out once again, this time though she just let me carry on without a protest. By the time she was moaning and gasping as she neared her peak the two men, fully erect, were at our side and as she climaxed both dared to caress her breasts and belly. She was well into her orgasm and I do not think she could have protested or stopped them, secretly not wanting to I hoped, she shuddered and writhed with pleasure. Things happened very quickly then and towels were spread on the floor of the drying area, the men leading her to them and as they gently lay her down, parting her legs, they bid me to give her more pleasure. I was on my knees in an instant, making sure the men had a full view of my cock entering her and as she felt me bury it she gasped and just said softly “yes please” and I obliged by slowly fucking her. Her orgasm was noisy and she was thrashing about and I was so excited that I could not control myself and ejaculated while she was still shuddering with pleasure.

It was not over though, for as I shrivelled and slipped out of her fully spent one of the men went to her clitoris and his working finger soon had her gasping again. The surprise was mine this time as she reached out and grabbed the other mans pleasure pole and masturbated it as he gasped and groaned, lasting only a minute or so before as she squealed and shuddered with orgasm her last few strokes brought his ejaculation and his mans milk bathed her tits. She was not finished and gave the man who had just pleasured her the same treatment so that she was treated to her third offering of thick sticky semen. She spent most of the journey home apologising for loosing control, saying again and again that she did not know what had come over her to let all that happen and even join in willingly. We were well settled at home before she accepted that I was not angry and had been a willing participant, glad that she had done it and would not hesitate to let her have more of that kind of experiences if she liked. She was adamant that it was a one off as she could not visualise being able to deliberately let something like that be actually arranged, but I did notice a wistful look in her eyes as she blushed at the thought of it. Make no mistake about it, this was a turning point in our newly married life as I was itching to watch her being pleasured by other men for a second time and resolved to do all I could to get a repeat performance. It took a while but all will be revealed later in part two…
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El Suave
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Excellent story man! Very hot! She wasn't as innocent as you thought
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I bet that's not the only time you had fun at naturist clubs
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Keen Couple
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Wink Too true.

Originally Posted by Racer View Post
I bet that's not the only time you had fun at naturist clubs
Very quick off the mark Racer, second post on the way. hope you enjoy it and still approve.
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Default nudist

Wow keen you folks sure have fun
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Very interesting & hot!
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Smile Why is it??

Why is it that a lot of men get off by watching other men fuck their wives?? I know my husband loves to see me take in a cock other than his. This story gets to the reality of it. I find myself greatly turned on by this story. I ,and my cunt, look forward to reading more.
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