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The horny old lady..she was a dick licker

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default The horny old lady..she was a dick licker

Ok, i have held this back because it's kind of gross in a
I was selling insurance and had a client that at almost 40 was still living at home believe it or not. I had met him at his home and met his mom twice and she was a very sweet and kind of inquisitive sort and i wondered about her state of mind with a few things she said.
I had gone by his place for a meeting we had scheduled for 7 pm after work but he was not home yet and his mom invited me in and as i sat down she told me he had called saying he was working late and might not be home until 8. He asked her to tell me and then she said let me get you a cup of coffee. She was already in her robe she had over a long nightgown and she got me a cup and sat down next to me.
She was a typical looking old woman with grey hair and maybe near 70 but she had nice skin for her age and a zesty personality. She chatted with me and all of a sudden started asking me personal stuff like if i was married and when i said no she said you must have alot of girls after me being such a fine looking man. I thanked her for the compliment and said well i better get going but then she said oh please not yet..keep me company for a bit. Thank goodness i had finished my coffee or i would have spit it out when she said..Derek..can i ask you something and i said sure and she you have a big penis ? I said..whats that and she said oh come on i am an old lady but not dead yet and she started to rub my thigh with her hand and i said Gloria..what are you doing ?
I will never forget the twinkle in her eye and wry little smile when she know what i am doing..she said i have sex still you know but the older men have a tough time if you know what i mean. I said Gloria we can't have intercourse and she said just let me see it..please..then she started to unzip me and NO..I didn't stop her as she slowly pulled it out and caressed it in her hand with a look of astonishment. I was kind of in shock..the old lady was getting me hard and she said..OH are too big for me i am afraid...She was leaning over and stroking my dick and before i could decide what to do she put her head down and started to lick up and down my shaft and i sat back and moaned. Old lady or not she had a warm mouth and nice tongue and she tried to put it in her mouth but her dentures were too big and she couldn't get it in very far. This was the only time in my life i didn't know what to do and she sat up and said..just a minute sweety and she turned and took out her dentures and laid them on the couch to her side and went down on me. I can tell you i never had a woman take out her teeth and suck my dick but it felt great. I just rested my hand on her back as ahe went up and down saying..ooohhh..gloria...ooohhh that feels SO GOODDDD..
I know she loved having a big dick in her mouth and she was giving me a good slow sloppy BJ and it lasted for a longtime maybe 15 minutes before she started to hold my balls with her free hand as she sucked and it only took a minute or so after that to give her a treat and she took it all down her throat and came up smiling and said you do have a very nice penis Derek. Thank you. I said no..thank you and noticed it was past 7:30 and didn 't want to get caught by my client after having his elderly mom suck my dick to i excused myself and said goodbye.
I felt bad when i heard she had passed away a few months later.
True story
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Is that what they call a gumjob? lol Pretty funny stuff, how old were you btw?
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Default thank you

I was in my 40's and gummy is the way to
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