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A camping trip

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Default A camping trip

(episode 11)

After the weekend on the lake we organized a camping & fishing trip in the mountains. On this occasion our group included Chip & Brittany, Vic & Kelli, Katie & her so called “serious” boyfriend from back home, Nick & Tiffany, Sid surprisingly showed up with Arlene, and Bob with a red-haired girl none of us had met before and of course Jennifer & myself. (Bob & Kelli had previously been fuck buddies for a few weeks back during fall semester.) We didn’t bring much beer with us because it would’ve been too heavy to carry a lot of it while hiking but we did bring bourbon, vodka and some weed. We hiked deep into the north Georgia U.S. national forest and set up camp next to a big creek that looked like it would be good for trout fishing and we hung all of our food items high from some tree limbs away from the main camp so black bears wouldn’t bother us.
We spent most of the afternoon trout fishing and might have caught more if it weren’t for all the splashing around and squealing the girls did. But we did catch enough to fry for dinner that evening. We drank what little beer we had while we ate the trout which was delicious. Then a joint and a bottle of bourbon got passed around. We spent a long time just hanging out, talking and laughing around the camp fire. Each couple had their own tent so when we finally got tired that night everyone went to their own tent.
By chance everyone must have had the same thought or urges. Jennifer and I made out a little while and had started fucking. Then we noticed the sounds of fucking coming from the other tents. Soon we could hear what had to have been every couple fucking wildly at the same time. Well, Jennifer and I started to get tickled over it and couldn’t stop from laughing a little. Then Vic, always being the comedian, yelled out from his tent, “don’t everyone orgasm at the same time!” I just lost it laughing while Jennifer was trying to hush me up but she was laughing herself at the same time. My dick went limp from laughing and Jennifer had to go down on me to get me erect again and soon we were fucking like crazy ourselves and afterward quickly fell asleep.
Later in the night some noises awakened me and I peeked out the tent to see two black bears standing up under the food bags hanging from the limbs. It evidently woke everyone up and we all were peeking out the tents at the bears but no one got out of the tents until the bears finally left once they realized they were unable to reach the food.
The next day after cooking breakfast over the fire we all went for a long hike up the side of a mountain and took several great pictures of us with panoramic mountain views in the background. At one point Jennifer and Brittany had gotten Chip and I to lag behind the rest of the group long enough to take a picture of the two girls topless with a mountain scene behind them. We soon caught up and no one seemed too curious as to what we had done.
We ended up eating Beanie Weenies and loaf bread that evening, hung out around the fire again getting drunk on vodka and bourbon and stoned before everyone retired to their tent for another round of sex. This time I didn't get tickled and Jennifer and I fucked in a few positions. I did bump my head on the top tent pole while fucking her dogstyle, at least the tent didn't collapse!
Other than the fun of fishing, camping and hiking the highlights of the trip was the funny loud simultaneous fuck noises followed by Vic’s comment and the visit from the bears.
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Your camping trip reminds me of my own college days. I've spent a few cold nights cuddled up with a cute coed in a sleeping bag in the Blue Ridge Mountains. College days were really great! Cold beers, cold nights, HOT coeds...followed by cold beers, HOT nights, HOT coeds!!!
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Nice, great trip, sounds like a ton of fun! Except when the bears were near your tent
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Must be a huge turn on to hear other couples make sounds while fucking
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