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Widow maker Part 2

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Widow maker Part 2

I had a dinner date with Joyce this past Saturday night and she certainly does satisfy my desires at times to be with refinded woman with class. Making love with her reminds me of the times i spent with Jackie.
Joyce seems to be carefree now that she is a widow and surprisingly fun and sexy so soon after her husband passed away. When i picked her up she looked amazing in a royal blue kind of wrap around dress and high heels. She had on a nice necklace and smelled wonderful and when she crossed her legs in my car they looked so shapely and toned you could not believe she is 60.
We spent a nice evening of fine dining and went to a jazz bar after.
After several Maritini's she was hot and ready to explore. In the elevator on the way down to the parking lot we were all over each other and i had her pinned against the back wall with my hands under her dress feeling her ass and she had a thong on which gave my hand access to run under and tease her pussy for a few seconds.
On the way back to her place she was playing with my hair and telling me how much she had missed us being together and we were barley in her door when we were embraceing and felling each other up and kissing and then as we kissed she was saying in a low hungry voice...take me to bed..hahaha..take me to bed Derek. I said lets go sweetheart and she gave me a final little kiss and i followed her up the stairs to her room.
Once in the room we embraced again and i was so HOT for her i pulled on her wrapped dress and opened it up and slid it off her arms to drop on the floor and put my arms around her waist and she leaned in to press against me as we kissed and i unhooked her bra. I was still dressed but so horny for her and as i pulled her bra off i pulled her tight to me again and pressed my face to her tis and kissed and sucked them as she moaned. Then i layed her down and pulled off her thiong and went down on her enjoying the taste of her to climax. Joyce is a very sexual woman and cums easily and it was a pleasure to take care of her and after she came with all her vocal sounds of appreciation i stood and started to undress. Joyce started to slide up the bed to lay her head on th pillows and her high heels came off and fell at my feet and she said...emmmmm..hurry up...hahaha...the sight of her laying there waiting to be taken had me so aroused i was rigid hard already and needed know oral help as i slid up the bed she moved some and took my cock in her hand and sucked it nicely as i turned and laid on my back and she rolled over me sucking downward. Then with no prompting she got over me and sank slowly down on my cock moaning as she went and started to ride me slowly. She wanted my cock so bad she had me really turned on and i would grab and fondle her breasts and she fucked me and she rode faster. She had only been on me a couple minutes and she was grinding down on me and going ..yes.hahaha..yes..yes...eeeewwwww...hahaha...she had me so worked up i just had to fuck her hard so i rolled her off onto her back as she laughed and got between her legs and drove into her with a thud and she let out this UUUUUHHHHH...UUUHHHHH as i fucked her so hard and she had her legs bent up in half and they were going back and forth with every thrust into her and i exploaded in her pussy as we both moaned loud...UUUUUHHHHHH....I had cum in her and was still so excited i started to kiss her mouth hard and we rolled out tongues in each others mouth and i was reaching down with one hand feeling one of her breasts and pinching her nipple and she was excited as hell..going OOOHHHHH..YEAHHH..OOOHHHH...when our mouths were seperated.
I got up quickly and pulled her to her feet and spread her legs as she bent over and i fucked her standing up from behind for a good 10 minutes slow and fast as she moaned loudly and went UUHH..UHH..UHHH..OMG..and everytime i went balls deep in her i was saying OOOHHH..YEAHH..YEAHHH..THATS IT..UUUHHHUHHH..I was worked up and getting close but i wanted her nice 60 year old ass in the worst way so i kind of pushed her forward onto the bed and mounted her from behind and put my dick in her ass and as i fucked it slowly she was really loud going OOOHHH..GOODDD..OOHHHH..HHHUUUU...HHHUUUUU. and it only took me a minute or so to unload in her butt and she moaned when i came in her ass. We were both so happy and laid together cuddling for awhile before i showered and she joined me stroking my cock in the shower and after we got out and went to bed we fell asleep for a couple hours and i awakened to her hand on my dick and i fucked her real slow sideways for a good 20 mintues and we ended the night when she climaxed again. I am so looking forward to another date with Joyce.
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