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Default Strip Club Fun

Last year, I visited a Deja Vu strip club near the city in which I live. This is sort of a ghetto club, with mostly black girls. The girls dance all nude and everyone's pretty friendly and laid back.

The party really doesn't get started till later at night. if I stop in, it's in the afternoon.

It was a Friday, I went in at its scheduled opening time -- about 1 pm. There are two girls at the counter -- one who takes the money for the cover charge. The other was a dancer, but was still dressed, wearing a tight shirt and tight jeans.

The "cashier" asked if I could come back in a half hour because none of the girls were ready yet, and the DJ had not arrived.

I'm ready to leave, but the dancer (who was dressed) gave me one of those looks -- as in, don't leave. She then proceeded to tell me to come in and that she'll dance for me. I walked with her over to the DJ booth where she put on some music. And then she strips down to her underwear, gives me another sexy look, asking if I like.

Now it gets really crazy. She leans into me, and tells me she will be right back -- she needs to pee, but tells me not to follow her. It's a two story building and there is only a guy's bathroom downstairs. The girls will use it occasionally.

She walks to the door, turns and looks at me, and then goes in. Of course, I had to follow her. She is sitting in the stall getting ready to pee. When I walked in, she half stands up and says, "I knew you would want to watch," as she starts to pee.

After she finishes, she walks to me, and says, "Now it's your turn." She unzips my pants and takes out my cock, points it at the urinal and tells me to pee. Who was I to argue?

We almost fucked in the bathroom, but decided to take it to one of the VIP rooms. For the next hour, we fucked in practically every position. Three other girls guessed what was happening and came over, pulled back the curtain and watched. All the while, they were masturbating....

After we finished, one of the other girls gave me her number, saying she wanted some of that.

All I can say, in this town, the strip clubs are pretty much anything goes, and the girls aren't worried about money that much.
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El Suave
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hehe nice... "I want some of that" lol You made a good impression
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Default awsome story!

This by chance took place in Colorado Springs, Co did it?
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Ohh wow

lucky you.

"I knew you would follow me" LOL!
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This is in Detroit -- best strip clubs in the country
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