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Trailer park BOINK

Incredible Luck Stories

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Default Trailer park BOINK

When i left my office yesterday i was feeling kind of horny and stopped at a local dive on my way home. I go there sometimes to see old buddies that stop in to have some beers and shoot some pool. When i used to go there more often it was good for a pull once inawhile. Some horny small town girl or wife usually. I saw a few cars and trucks on the dirt and gravel parking area in front and saw my buddies truck. I hadn't seen him in weeks. When i went in the juke box was playing with maybe a half dozen people sitting at the bar. Two couples one younger the other middle aged and an older farmer and a chick and i saw my buddy playing pool with a guy and he i walked in...look who's slummin. I laughed and got a beer and noticed the chick checking me out as i walked past her to the pool table. My buddy and i were clowning asround and when he beat the guy he was playingi had next and we had a few beers and talked as i stomped his ass and took a few bucks from him.
As we played whenever i was lining up a shot and facing the bar i was checking out the girl at the end. I was sure she was a local and nothing that special but she had an ok ass and when she would lean forward and kind of rise out of her seat to talk to the girl behind the bar her jeans would slide down and show some butt crack and the top of her red panties. She turned me on in a slutty bar fly
I had been there maybe 45 minutes and as we played i asked my buddy about her and he said he really didn't know her except that she had been coming in for a month or so and always alone and he always left by 6 to get home so he didn't know what her story was.
We had played a few games and he said well gotta hit it and get home to the little woman and i said i think i'll stay and check her out and he said have at it and left. I walked to the bar and the seat next to her was open so i sat down and as i did she had taken out another Salem from a pack and before she could light it i said let me and took it from her and lit it for her. She took a long drag on it and blew it out and said..well..a I said the names Derek and she put out her hand and said Gerri...nice to meet ya. Likewise i said. She wasn't a beauty but i was horny. She had brown hair down to her shoulders and wore glasses and had a pointed longer nose. Not a snappy dresser either with her bluejeans and plaid button down blouse but she did have it open a few buttons and i could see from the side she probably had what i call hangers. Decent tits maybe 36 C but they like rested in her white bra cups that looked like a pushup bra. She was trying to make them look firmer and younger but they were softies i was sure. I think i saw brown nipple for just a second as we talked and i would glance down. She told me she lived in the trailer park just up the street and she lived with a guy that worked at the big factory in town and was on 2 nd. shift now.
She was kind of a rough talkin girl and flirtacious with her eyes and when i asked her how long she had been coming here she said she had moved in with this guy about 4 months ago and he got booted to 2 nd. at the factory so she had been comin over for a few weeks to hang out.
I knew the set up could not have been more perfect. Bored woman in her 40's, been around the block and probably living off some guys paycheck and now bored as hell.
She asked me if i was married and i said no..would it matter ? and she said not to me
She smelled smokey and was chain smoking and as fast a she drank a beer she was handed another. It was obvious the bartender knew to keep them coming. I had drank my 4 th. beer and had enough and experience told me its time to get laid or go home so i leaned over and said in her gotta a bangin body..want to show it to me ?
She laughed and said lets go sugar and asked for her tab which i offered to pay and did and she was grateful and impressed. I escorted her to my van and as i opened the door she said...oooohhhh..this is sweeeetttt.
I drove up the street less than a mile and she directed me to her trailer a little 12x60 red and white run down looking piece of
As she opened the door and i followed her in i saw an old neighbor lady give me this nasty i just smiled thinking..yep thats right i am going to fuck her !
As soon as we walked in and closed the door she turned and reached up putting her hands around my neck and laid a kiss on me..her smokey mouth tasted awful and when she let go i smoke alot..she said..yeah..i know..i tried to quit a few times and then said there is beer in the fridge hun..let me get a quick shower. I wasn't thirsty and just watched her walk down the little hall pulling her blouse out of her jeans as she walked and starting to unbutton her blouse and at the doorway she looked back and stood sideways with her blouse open saying i will be just a minute and i started to get wood. I heard the shower run for a few minutes heating up and walked back and looked through the open door as she had everything off but her red panties which she was taking off and i smiled watching her and she smiled back and pulled the shower curtain back and got in. I watched her with the shower curtain half drawn soap herself down and rinse and i started to undress standing in the doorway..she kind of lingered with the water running as she looked over at me and when i was naked i walked in as she was admiring my tool and said..lord have mercy..damn...
I stepped in with her and was feeling her up and we were touching and wrapping our arms around each other and she started to play this game..saying things know if my boyfriend come home and finds you here..he'll kick your gonna fuck my little pussy with that big dick..? and she was breathing harder and i was just feeling her tits and ass and sucking her tits some. As i thought they were soft and manhandled plenty. When i put my hand under her and rubbed her pussy she had her hand on my cock and was saying gonna fuck me gonna slam that big dick in me..hahahaha...i talk to much Gerri and i grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down and she gave out this ouch but then went right after my dick sucking me while i stood there. The shower was small and cramped and hard to move around in. But she was going up and dwon and deep throating me so i ignored it. I love it when a woman puts her hands around me and holds my ass sheeks as she sucks my dick and Gerri was doing that. Her body was far from great with a kind of flat ass and soft body and tits but she was at least on the thin side and all i wanted was a good fuck anyway and didn't really care even about her bush. She had a light hairy pussy and i like my pussy shaved smooth normally. She had been moving around some squatting and sucking my cock for several mintues and i wanted to fuck her so i pulled her up and we got out of the shower wet and i gave her a slap on the ass and pushed her forward to walk and she yelped and said..ewwww..mmmm...i like that..she walked the few feet into her bedroom at the end of the trailer and turned once in kind of walking backwards and gonna fuck the shit outta me..sugar...shove that big dick in me BIG BOY and kind of waved me on with her finger as she crawled up onto the unmade bed. I basically jumped ontop of her and she was spreading her legs as i did and started to giggle but she got real serious when i held her arms down and drove myself into her pussy hard. She yelped i pounded her hairy twat and we went at it. It was at a fever pitch with the soft bed going up and down as well as her body as i slammed her pussy good and hard and i could hear her going..OOOOHHHH..SHITTT..OOOHHHH...OOOHHHHH...she seemed out of breath as she was saying..fuck me..fuck me harder..HARDER...YEAHH..YEAHHH...That dirty little trailer tramp was getting what she asked for and i needed a good mindless hard screw so i just kept pumping into her and she was doing the ..FFF...FFF..OOOHHH..SHIT...HAHAHAHA...EEEEWWWWWW. ..FFFFF...I was ready and put my hands up and under her shoulders and banged her really fast and popped my nuts in her and came alot and when i finished cumming i still held her tight so she couldn't pull away and started to pump her again and she was like...noo..noo..ooohhh..uuhhhh..SHIITTTTTTT..MY PUSSYYYYYYY...i felt myself getting harder and harder as i fucked her the second time without pulling out and her pussy was loose and very wet and she was talkin some jibberish like she couldn't speak right and after a few more minutes i was ready again and this time pulled out and as my dick left her pussy she exhaled like thank i moved up and put my dick in her mouth and over her i fuicked her face driving down and fucking it like i did her pussy and came again with an i finished i raised up and down just a little playing with her mouth with my dick and laughed and pulled out and stood up and she was spent and layed there with her legs apart and her pussy opened wide and my cum flowing out of it and all over her hairy pie. We both caught our breath and i walked back as she layed there and brought i my clothes and dressed and she just layed there exhausted and said...ewwww...what did you do to me....hahaha..i said i fucked the shit out of you just like you asked for laughed a little and i said maybe i will see you around sometime and smiled at her and left. Well i know where to find her if i just need to unload
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sounds like you had fun, thats why hookups are so hot, just fuck and leave. No drama.
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Default thats right

Hit it and go..LOL...
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