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Hunting season FUCK IN THE WOODS

General Sex Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Hunting season FUCK IN THE WOODS

It has been a number of years back now but i recently remembered an encounter i thought i would share. My kid has this friend when they were younger and i met my kids friends parents one day when i dropped my kid off to play at their house. They were very friendly especially the mom and her name was Dana. They were an odd couple because she was very personable and outgoing and i found out she was in sales which explained it and he was a wishy washy little guy worked in a grocery store. They looked funny together..him small maybe 5'8" at best and she was maybe 6 ft and what i would call big boned. Not fat at all just a bigger framed girl with a nice big mouth that when she laughed made me think of doing you know what with She was average weight for her height and i couldn't tell about her boobs with her wearing a sweat shirt but she looked like she probably had a decent pair. I talked mostly to her about being in sales and learned somehow that she hunted on land her family owned and shot at a gun range. I did that stuff too and she asked me if i wanted to shoot at the range she went to and we did about 2 weeks later. I made the mistake of telling my wife where i was going and that she had invited me and she was not happy but i did it anyway. We had fun and she was good with a hand gun so i figured she could shoot a shotgun easily. After that she called one day as hunting season was only a few weeks off for gun season and invited me to her place to hunt. She was real friendly and said she always hunted alone because her husband didn't like to hunt. I was looking forward to it and this time made sure i didn't tell my wife where i was hunting that year or who it was with and she never asked. I was bummed when the day before gun season was to start it was warming up and it looked like another one of those years. When it's too warm the deer are not out moving as much and your best chance is driving them but that takes a number of guys and it was just going to be Dana and me. That morning we met and i followed her to her place in the sticks about an hour away and it looked good for hunting. No house on it though. I had my muzzle loader and she had a shot gun and she told me where she always had a ground stand. She was afraid of heights. We both had our cammo on and she led me up a long hillside and back into the woods as quietly as swe could maybe an hour from dawn. It was colder maybe 30's but the forecast said it could reach the 60 range. We took a good 20 minutes or more to get to a spot on the edge of a small valley with what looked like good bedding areas at the bottom and she said you can sit here and i will go on the other side. About 15 mintues later i saw her across and about 50 yards down from me placing herself on this big flat rock area.
As dawn came and then mid morning we heard some things but didn't see even a doe. It was just after noon and we were both probably getting stiff from sitting as i was fidgeting some and she was too and then i saw her very slowly put down her shot gun and unzip her cammo top and take it off. She looked to have a cream colored flannel long under wear top on and that was the first time i saw her tits. I couldn't get a great look but they were big enough to notice at that distance and i was getting wood and getting bored.
It was near 1 pm when i was sick of sitting there and motioned to her that i was going to come over and she slowly waved me on.
I made my way real slow and thought i heard a deer thrashing and running in heavy thicket behind me but i wasn't in the wood to go see and eventually got to her and sat down next to her. I told her and she was like well at least you heard It was a sunny cloudless day and had warmed up and i unzipped my cammo jacket and took it off because i was too warm and had a cammo t- shirt underneath knowing what the weather would probably be like. We sat and very quietly talked and looked hot there in her flannel top and i could see her nipples in it which were big and round and as i sat there with my knees up i tried to conceal the hard on she was giving me but feeling uncomfortable as it grew in my cammo pants. As we chatted she told me how glad she was to have a hunting buddy and i bravely asked her how it was that she and her husband got together because they seemed so different and she told me to be honest he had gotten her pregnant so they got married but asked me to keep it to myself because her kid didn't know.
We sat there for maybe another half hour and were resigned to the fact that we were not going to get a deer that day and she put her gun off to the side and sat back with her arms on the rock holding herself up just off the rock and relaxed. That made her flannel top tighter against her chest and i could see more vividly her nice sized large mellons as she basked in the sun. I was horny and thinking of a move on her and as i moved some my hand ran over hers and she looked at me but didn't move it. That was the sign i needed and i leaned over and half on top of her and gave her a big open mouthed kiss as my chest was on hers and she laid her head softly down the few inches to rest on the rock as we kissed and i moved my hand up and pulled her flannel top out of her cammo pants and ran it under to gently run it over her breast and made circles on her nipple as she started to moan lightly. She kissed me with a hunger and put her hand on my bicep squeezing it and then reached down and tried to pull off my shirt and i pulled my hand away from her breast and pulled it off and layed back down kissing her. I rolled on top of her and was pressing my whole body down on hers as she put her hands on my ass over my cammo pants and rubbed my ass. I was rock hard and i knew she could feel it and we were both breathing harder as we kissed and i sat up some and helped her take off her top to see her full breasts flop out and i began to suck on them as she layed back down and put her hands out to the sides and kind of raised her upper body pushing her tits against my mouth and her nipples were getting erect and firm. I saw the look of lust in her hazel eyes as i went back to kissing her soft lips and she had a very large mouth and we were frenching by then with the heat building. As i sat up on my knees she had spread her legs and i was sitting between them watching her face as i unsnapped my cammo pants and pulled them down to mid thigh and then my underwear and when she saw my cock her eyes lit up. I wanted her mouth so bad i moved up and over her and put myself down at her face and she opened her mouth and put it on my dick and i pushed up and down sliding it in and out while i struggled to pull my pants down farther with one hand. She was as horny as me as she grabbed my ass cheeks and held them as i fucked her mouth and moaned myself.
We didn't have to talk at all we both wanted to fuck and i was SO READY to feel her from the inside so i slid off to the side and hurried to take off my boots and slip off my pants and while i did she had sat up and was undoing her cammo pants and pulling them down and she had no panties on. I was so excited seeing her sitting there from the side with her nice knockers hanging below her arms as she pulled down her pants and i couldn't wait. She had her pants down to just below her knees but her boots were still on and i leaned over and kissed her back to a laying flat position and got between her legs. Her thighs felt so warm and i was ontop of her rubbing my cock up and down through her pussy as i slid up and down on her and i felt her kind of kicking her lower legs trying to get her pants down more as she tried to raise them. I am sure if there were any deer nearby they were gone by then because we were both doing that HAHAHA....her pussy was warm and wet and i couldn't wait any longer and as she rolled her hips and legs up i lowered and felt it in the spot and drove all the way in and let out she groaned out and i had my hands on the sides of her face looking at her inches from her as i moved my hips back and forth fast and humped her and she had her arms around me and her hands on my ass cheeks and was squeezing them as i fucked her and i was so turned on hearing her go..OOOOHH...OHHHH...HAHAHAHA...and her eyes were rolling back in her head and i knew she had not been filled like that or felt that animal passion for a longtime if ever. We had only been fucking maybe a few minutes and i felt the surge and my ass clench tight and i popped in her with a big load and as i felt my cock throb and shoot in her i put my hesd down and we kissed deeply as i came. When i finished and my ass stopping moving in and out i pulled away from our kiss and just looked at her and as our eyes met she leaned up couple times and gave me these light soft kisses on my lips. I rolled off her and layed next to her saying that was amazing and i couldn't believe how much i wanted her. She sat on her elbow with her head in her hand and made ran her fingers on my chest and said was incredible. Then Dana know i think i knew i wanted you the first time we met and i told her i felt the same way. Then she said so where do we go with this now and i said well we rest for a minute and then have some more fun. She smiled and said i was hoping you would say that. Then as i layed there she took her pants off over her boots and i said yuor going to leave those on and she said feet get cold real easy. I was layingn there on my back next to her with my eyes closed soaking up the warm sun and enjoying the most free and alive moment of my life while i hear crows in the distance and a woodpecker. It was like we were the only people on earth and i felt her hand run over my chest and then her lips making small kisses on my chest as she worked lower and lower and then ran her tongue down my lower abdomen and i felt her kiss the head of my cock and slid her big wet mouth over it as she sucked me harder and harder easily. After a minute or so she stopped only to look up at me and ask if i liked that and i said it felt so good as she held my dick in her hand and then she gave me a compliment saying i suppose you have heard this before but you are really HUNG..LOL...i laughed and said a time or two. Never one to miss an opportunity to stroke my own ego i asked ever had one like this before and she said you like it huh ? and she said...ooooohhhh yesssss....i never have had a man that could fill me like you can while she storked it a little faster and gripped it harder. I was fully rigid again and she just said...eeeemmmmmmm and got ontop of me and sank down on my cock and made this EWWWWWWWW...sound as she went down until i was balls deep in her. I was surprised how easily she sank down on it and as soon as she hit bottom she started to raise and lower herself with her hands on my stomach doing this ooohhh...uuuhhh...yeahhh...uhhuh..uhuhh and she was going up and down faster and faster and her tits were bouncing. She loved the ride and smiled as she fucked me and she lasted awhile going up and down and was asking me you like like that and i was into it and saying ohhhh yeah... fuck me ...ride that big really turned her on and she was shifting the pace and tried to roll around on my cock like she wanted to fuck MY brains out but then she was close and closed her eyes and started to pump up and down on me real fast for a few seconds and she climaxed and stopped for a second and i could feel her pussy throbbing and squeezing my dick and with he eyes still closed she let out this UUUUUUUUHHHHHHH..HAHAHAHA...and slid up slowly until i was almost out of her and drove down hard all the way going UUUHHH..UUHHHH.. as she did it several times.
Then she started to laugh lightly and while she sat on me she threw her head around a couple times tossing her hair and smiled and said WWWWEEEHHHHH...OOOHHHHHUUHHHH...and she squeezed her thighs tight around me and said OOOOOHHHHH...I HAVE NEVER CUM LIKE and she slowly got off my dick and as it came out of her she sighed and layed down on top of me and was out of breath. I was running my hands on her ass cheeks and she did this eeeemmmmm..ohhh....and she turned her head quickly and laying on me she looked into my eyes and God..we barely know each other. We kissed lightly a few times and i said well i think we know each other pretty well now and we both laughed and she said ..ohh myyy and put her head back down on me. We layed there for awhile that way and i was thrilled at how much she liked to fuck me and that she could ride me for that long. We talked about we better get going and as we got up standing naked on the rock and i struggled a bit and put my boots on she said if i give you my cell number will you call me and i said absolutely and she recited it several times for me to make sure i would remember it. She said don't you think you should put your pants on I was still excited seeing her standing there naked in the mid afternoon sun in only her brown boots and socks coming out of them and as she was about to bend over and pick up her clothes i said lets not go just yet and i took her by the hand and led her of the rock and to a nearby stump and moved her around and bent her over and she spread her legs as i rubbed my cock against her butt and smacked her butt a few times and you could hear the thud of my heavy thick cock against her butt and she did this ...eewwoooohhhh....i took my cock still in my hand at put it at her pussy and pushed all the way in and she let out this....ooohhhhh...yeesssss...and putting both of my hands on her waist i balled her standing up nice and slow for a few minutes and she said...ohhh...oohhhh..myyyy...hahahaha and she orgasmed again and as soon as i knew she had it flipped a switch in me and i balled her hard and fast and all you could hear was twiggs breaking under our boots and her yelling ...OOOOOOOHHHHH....OOHHHHHHHHH...and i was grunting and fucking her so hard she was goign forward with every thrust into her and the sound of my balls hitting her from behind was so loud i was about to CUM again and yelled out .....FFFFUUUCCKKKKK YEAH... as i exploaded in her and gave her a few hard single stroked as i drined it all in her. We were both panting and when i pulled my sloppy wet dick out of her she slowly stood up and turned to me and rested herself against me and said ...I LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCK make me cum..hahaha....we kissed and embraced back and forth like two young lovers and then went back to the rock and dressed and walked back to our vehicles and she gave me this long deep french kiss right before we left and said don't take too long to call ok and gave me a hug and said EEEEEEEMMMMMMM..she hugged me so hard it almost took my breath away. After that i met her again a few days later at a motel and we would meet 2 or 3 times a week at various times of the day in that motel and fuck our brains out. She loved it all and even sucked me off many times and swallowing which always turns me on and she said she loved the taste of my CUM. I even fucked her ass a couple times but that was too painful for her and we only did it twice. One day we were both at a soccer game form our kids that played on the same team and in the second half we only had to look at each other and i walked back to the parking lot getting in my car and she came to it and sucked my cock in the front seat. I had just cum down her throat and she was sitting up wiping her mouth when one of the other parents on the team walked right by the front of our car and was looking. He saw her sit up wiping her mouth and of course he knew she had just given me a blow job and it scared the crap out of her. She was almost frantic and when she left the car i called her several times over the next couple of days and she finally answered and said she couldn't meet me anymore. She was just praying the guy would not talk to anybody about what he saw. I tried to reassure her and talk her into meeting me again but she said she couldn't take the chance.
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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Great story dude! But you know you gotta be careful fuckin' in the woods, cause you might get some chiggers on them balls and that is some itchy scratchy!
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I tried reading but kept getting distracted by the BLOCK of letters.
Breaking it in to paragraphs would make it a good read.
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