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My friends mother seduced me.

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default My friends mother seduced me.

When i was in college i had lots of friends both male and female and had my share of fun. This guy Curtis was dating a girl named Karin and we along with others hung out alot and in fact later on i broke up with my girlfriend and Curtis and Karin broke up and we dated. All kind of a cluster..i know but in those
Anyway, sometimes we would hang out at Curtis's mom place. She had a big house about 30 mintues from campus and had divorced some rich guy out east and moved there to be near Curtis. Curtis was a real good looking guy like me and the first time i saw his mom Angela i knew why. She was smokin hot and had this golddigger look about her. Always dressing much younger than her age which i guessed was maybe late 40's and they had a pool which gave me ample opportunity to see his mom in a bikini. She would walk around the pool with high heels and a tiny bikini and filled it out well and she always seemed to strut her stuff when Curtis's friends were there. She was overly attentive at times offering you a drink and bending over in front of you to give it to you and she had rock hard fake tits maybe 34 DD and a sexy little body with a great ass. She had blond hair that looked natural and from the look of her tiny bikini and nice shaved snatch. She kind exuded class and slut at the same time and us guys would talk about her when Curtis couldn't hear us saying how hot she was and she was begging for some young cock.
Angela wasn't real tall maybe 5'4'' but had shapely little legs with nice tight calves and always would give me wood when i saw her. You could tell she loved the attention her showing off was getting her. My buddies were a little intimated by her but not me and the second time i was there a bunch of us were around the pool and talk came up about jobs I had said i was going to put out flyers about mowing and handyman stuff and Angela overheard us and said how badly she needed some help and we set a time for a day for me to come back and do some odd jobs but i was pretty sure Angela wanted done and was excited to get to work for
I was supposed to come over that next Saturday morning but i got a call from her on a Thursday morning saying she needed me to fix a few things for her and i agreed to be there at 5:00 pm. She said she was having her nails done at 4 and if she was late to just wait a few minutes.
I was got there and she was not home yet so i sat in my car in the driveway and waited. Then about 10 minutes after 5 she pulled in in her Mercedes convertible. She had the top down and sunglasses on and when she stepped out of the car i nearly got erect seeing her legs and her skirt shoved up as she exited the car and pulled it down. I had banged a few older women before but nobody this hot and rich. I had come prepared with a muscle shirt on and shorts showing off my build and when i approached her she apologized for being late and gave me a look over and said come on in. I love watching women from behind as they walk and strut there stuff and Angela had as sexy a walk as i had seen with her ass swaying in a tight almost knee length black and white dress and black and white high heels. VERY SEXY. She was nice and tanned and had no panty hose on. But i could see the signs of a thong under her dress because it was so tight. Once i the house she said you can get yourself a beer if you want but i had a hard time taking my eyes off her and it took me a second to reply. She had on these gold earrings and some gold light necklace chains. The dress had a nice low cut and her tits looked great in it. Although i have always preferred natural tits to fake ones it is exciting to see hard nipples in a dress and it confirmed easily she was not wearing a bra. As i stood there with a beer she took off her sunglasses and put them with her little purse on the table and sat down and crossed her legs. She fiddled with her ear and earring as she said so Derek..what do charge for your services. I said well like the flyer says 6.00/hr. in those days that was good money. She was eyeing me up and down and said well thats alot but i am sure your worth it with a smile. Then she said but then again there things in life worth more than money wouldn't you say ? I said something like sure but it helps. She stood up and said how are you with plumbing and i said well i am good with my hands, worked on cars and carpentry and some plumbing and Angela said i bet you are and said i have a leaky faucet and walked toward and down this hall and i just followed her. She led me into this huge master bedroom with ornate furniture. It was impressive with huge bed with these large carved wood bedposts and into the master bathroom pointing at this sink and there was a very tiny trickle coming from the faucet and she said see what you can do with this. I said ok and walked in and looked at it and simply turned the handle tight and it stopped dripping and i walked back to the doorway and looked into the bedroom and as i said it was..i stopped...and just starred...Angela had the top of her dress down to her waist and her tits were sticking out and amazing. I had my mouth open i guess and was starring at her and she said..that was quick...I hope your not that quick with everything you i said it just needed to be tightenedddd as my voice trailed off and she said whats the matter Derek...i have seen the way you look at me. Why do you think i picked you out. That great body and i have seen that big dick get hard looking at me. Now i want to see that dick for myself and see if you know how to use it as she slipped the dress off and stood there in only a thong and her high heels. She was very aggressive and said lets go Derek..what are you waiting have got the hottest piece of ass you have probably ever seen standing right here in front of you asking you for it. With that i kind of returned to myself and pulled off my tank top as i approached her and grabbed her and held her up and smothered her lips with mine kissing her and running my hands on her ass cheeks as our tonuges probed around in each others mouths. Her nipples were real hard and i could feel them against my skin and i was totally rigid already and ready to burst from my shorts. I pulled back and dropped my shorts and stood there with my thick cock pointing straight up at her and she saw it and said and grabbed my shaft with one hand gripping it tight and saying ..oh..yes..fuck me with that big dick of yours Derek !! and i grabbed a handful of her hair from the back of her head and leaned down as her hand came off my dick and i sucked her nipples hard one at a time and then licked and sucked on her neck and she was going..oooohhhh..oooohhhhh....FUCK ME GOOD DEREK...ooohhhh...ooohhhh...i was in the heat of the moment and threw her back on the bed and she crawled up it some while looking up at me.. I grabbed her by the his and pulled he closer as i pulled off he thong and her high heels and grabbed her hips again and she let out this OOOOHHHH..of anticipation but instead of fucking her right away i buried my face in her cleanly shaved pussy and ate her like it was my last meal and held her by the hips as she squirmed and wriggled and moaned saying..oohhh..uuhhh...ooohhhh....and her voice got high pitched as she said..eeeeeeWWWWWWEEEEEE....HAHAHAHA....and licked her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in her and then sucked her clit..she was writhing around with her hands trying to grab my head and she orgrasmed in my mouth as still ate her and slowed the movement of my tongue. She was panting and i moved her around and up on all fours on the bed and holding her by the hair with one hand i fucked her hard doggie stlye and was slamming into her and with every thud she was exhaling and going..I LOVE IT..HAHAHA..HARDER ..HARDER..HAHAHA..(BACK THEN THERE WAS NO WORD SUCH AS COUGAR) but i loved the power and control i had over this hot divorcee twice my age and i was giving her twat a good filling and she loved it. Her egging me on saying HARDER..HAHAHA..HARDER..OH YESSSS..HAHAHA.. HAD ME SO HOT and after just a few minutes i was ready and with her hair in my hand and balling her from behind..i slowed and leaned down and said near her ear...want my CUM Angela..huh..want me to blow my hot load in your little pussy.. and she said..Ohh..CUM in ME....OOOHHHHH..I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM IN ME and i let go of her hair and pounded her pussy fast and shot a big hot load in her and heard her say...OOOOHHHHHH....HUH..HUH...and she kind of laughed lightly.
She put her head down between her hands on the bed arching some bent over and i moved some to stay in her and as i was drained i was still hard and slid it back almost out and then slowly balls deep in her and she moaned and giggled and said like EWWWW...GOD YOUR SO BIG...hahaha....Angela had the body of a 20 year old was smokin hot..classy and a real aggressive sextoy and i made good use of her that summer. That evening she sucked and fucked me until we were both spent and fell asleep naked in the bed and i awoke and gave her a kiss and said i would call her and half asleep she said you better. We were very careful and usually did not go anywhere but her house and she loved to fuck me especially outside which really turned her on. I would fuck her standing up in the shallow end of the pool and she would ride me as i layed out on a reclining lounge chair by the pool and she loved to CUM and enjoyed me cumming in her.
We only went out twice and it was to a town maybe 20 minutes away. One time it was for drinks and she was really horny because she had not seen me for about 10 days and we didn't even make it back to her place and i the car she blew me and then climbed on me in her Mercedes convertible she let me drive and fucked me right there in the parking lot and she came real fast..saying it turned her on like nothing ever did before and she always got horny sucking dick anyway. The other time was really fun as i tested her boldness by taking her to an afternoon matinee movie and in the middle of the movie whipped out my dick and she gave me a hand job for a couple minutes and then i pulled her head down and she sucked my dick. I wanted to blow my load in her mouth in the theater but was more excite about fucking her so i made her remove her shorts while we watched the movie from the back row and there was only one other couple up near the front so i pulled her on top of me as she faced forward just as there was alot of action and sound and drove into her with me hand loosely over her mouth to cover her noise as she went...OOOOHHHHHHH.....I sat there and let her enjoy herself with my hands on her waist as she had her hands on the sidearms of my chair going up and down and rocking around on my dick and moaning lightly. When i heard and sensed her about to climax i pulled her back against me and put my hand over her mouth and jack hammered up into her real fast and as she said through my hand OOOOHHHHH......FUF FUF..FUF...I saw one of the two people up front look back for a second and say some thing to the other person and i blew my load in her. When i was finished she sat up on me out of breath and looked over her shoulder at me and leaned back and i kissed her deeply and then she faced forward and rolled around on my dick for a few seconds and got off and picked her shorts up and put them on and cuddled with me until the movie was over.
In the coming weeks she spoke several times of wishing we were closer in age and having strong feelings for me but i knew and i think she did too that it was lust not love and i eventually started to date Karin and that was it. Here's to Angela wherever she is probably making some guy happy to be alive even though she is probablyn in her 60's Bet she still has a rockin body !
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Very hot milf story man!! You can't get much more lucky than that! You think Curtis ever knew? lol
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Default Curtis ?

No way...she was far too shrewd and discreet to ever let on to him but he had to wonder if somebody was banging her the way she flaunted her stuff around his
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