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Consoling the widow/ would ya ? I did

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Consoling the widow/ would ya ? I did

I had noticed an obit last week about a man i had down business with in the past when i had my own insurance office. It was not him i remembered as fondly as his wife Joy. I had a brief affair with her years ago and we still exchanged Christmas
I had not seen them for a longtime but Joyce had told me a couple years ago that her husband George was battling cancer and he succumbed to it last week. George wasn't the nicest guy and he had made and lost much of his money over the years and they never had kids. He wasn't all that well liked and i decided to attend the calling hours and brief funeral which were held on the same day this past Saturday. George was creamated and i was shocked that there were only a handful of poeple there. I knew George had no brothers or sisters like myself and he was 66 so both he and Joyces parents were deceased. Joyce is 60 now but still lovely. She had not changed all that much from how i remembered her and aged well. Never having children and always working out and keeping fit like myself was a common interest besides being hot for each
Joyce was classy and sexy always dressing well and showing just enough cleavage to let you see her great tits which were in my humble estimation from feel about 38
She had nice legs with strong thighs and her ass still looked pretty good in her black dress. It was lower cut than i would have expected with see through lace sleeves and she looked beautiful in it and didn't seem overly sad when she saw me and we said hello.
When i gave her a kiss on the cheek i could smell her light intoxicating type of perfume and it brought back old memories of her in bed and she held my hand and thanked me for coming and told me how much she had missed seeing me. I had arrived just before the funeral was to start and it was very short maybe 20 minutes and the few people there said there goodbyes and i walked to her and she said it had been so long ans maybe we could catch up. I told her i didn't want to burden her in her time of grief with small talk and Joyce told me she had come to grips with this many months ago and was glad it was over for him. She asked me over for coffee and i followed her home. When we arrived at her home it seemed big and cold and she kicked off her heels and went to get us some coffee she said she had brewing. We sat on the couch her with her legs folded underneath her and i said i felt bad woth he being here all alone at this time and she said not to worry. She was ready to start a new life and she confided in me that she was about to ask for a divorce when he was diagnosed with cancer and had stayed after that even though she was no longer in love with him. We shared alot of small talk with her asking about me and i told her i was divorced and said you know me..i am just not the monogamous type. She laughed lightly and said thats ok some people aren't right with a wink. We talked for quite a while and it was mid-evening and getting gloomy looking outside like rain. Joyce was sitting there and she ran her hand down her leg feeling or noticing a defect or small run in her panty hose and she slid her skirt up her thigh a bit to touch it and check it out and i felt like she was trying to seduce me. It brought back memories if being seduced by an older woman when i was much younger that now that i remember it i will post here later. Anyway, i asked Joyce if she was hungry and she said no thanks and then she started going down memory lane talking about the first time we made love and how i seduced her when George was at work.
She talked of how passionate it was and how torrid though brief the affair was and she was getting me excited talking about it. She told me how i was the best lover she ever had and how she should have left George for
Then she asked me if she was making me feel uncomfortable and i told her not at all. Then she asked if she could tell me something and i said of course, sure. She said she had only been with a man once since George got sick and it wasn't him. It was a spontaneous thing with a young man about 6 months ago but thats all she wanted to say about it. I wasn't sure what she was looking for in a response but all i could think of to say is Joyce your a vital beautiful woman and human like all of us.
She said i am glad you don't think badly off me. I knew she was working up to saying something and she the said..Derek..we have known each other a longtime and intimately..i said yes we have. She kind of fumbled around with her words saying please don't think badly of me and i said Joyce i never would. Then she came out with it and said would you like to make love to me again. I said still turn me on after all these years and your so beautiful but maybe your not ready..she said without hesitation ..Derek i know exactly how i feel yuor not taking advantage of me. I did like Joyce very much and was actually trying to be a gentleman though i did feel that urge for her and she asked me if i wanted her. I looked at her without saying anything for a second and she stood up and asked me to unhook the clasp on the top of the back of her dress and then she slowly pulled it down over her shoulders as i stood there looking over her at her beautiful full breasts in her lacy black bra. She turned her head and gave me a little wink and walked away slowly and i followed her to there bedroom. Once inside she dropped her dress and stepped out of it and unhooked and took off her bra and she sat down on the bed and slithered out out her panty hose. As she did she asked do i look fat..she was always self concious without reason of her body and as i undressed i said absolutely not.
As i finished undressing sown to only my briefs she looked so good sitting on the edge of the bed in her lacey black panties with her legs together and her kind of pointed staight out. Her toenails were painted perfectly and red and she looked sexy as hell for her age. She was waiting for me and i slowly slid my briefs down showing her my now hardening dick and she glowed and looked at me saying..oohh..i missed you so much...i never told you but you have a beautiful penis. I said i am glad you like it..felt kind of awkward saying that but thats what i said and she said you have such amazing girth..i laughed and said hmmm...never had a woman say it like
Then she said can i make you feel good..i just smiled and she got down on her knees and took my thick cock in her hand and licked my shaft underneath all the way to my balls and back a few times saying mmmmmmm....then she looked up at me for a second and went down on me half way and back and then up and down and i was doing that hahaha..ohhh..Joyce...she pleasured me very slowly for a few minutes and then looked up at me saying...oohhh derek..i need to feel you inside me again and she got up and got on the bed laying down on her pillow and i moved up and slid her panties off as she lifted her legs with feet pointed out and they came off. I slid up ontop of her and kissed and sucked her breasts hesitating for a couple minutes to enjoy them and her breathing was changing too and she said ooohhhh Derek...i need you so much..i worked my way up to her and as we kissed deeply she spread her legs and i penetrated her and we started to fuck. It was sensual and hot like when i would fuck Jackie and she was moaning and saying oohhh feel so goooddddd...hahaha..Joyce had raised he legs up like bent in half to take all of me as i went in and out of her and i was building up the pace and took my left hand and held her by the knee of her left leg pushing it as far back as i could and all of a sudden i was pumping into her fast and we both climaxed within seconds of each other and we could feel the hot juices from our bodies flowing as we panted. I let her leg down gently and i was kissing her neck and then she we kissed while i was still inside her and i heard her go...oooohhh...ohhhhh...and when our lips parted she said Derek your still the best and we both smiled. I spent the night and Sunday with Joyce and sh made me breakfast and we spent the day mostly naked making love off and on and laying around the house cuddling. I have a dinner date with her this
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