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Exhibitionism 101

Flashing / Public Nudity / Exhibitionism Stories

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Default Exhibitionism 101

I decided to share these sexy incidents with you guys in roughly the sequence that they occurred. It dates back 15 years now, from the time I met my husband. So here we go. I hope you enjoy at least one of these stories (all true), as they cover topics including exhibitionism/voyeurism, public sex, 3 somes and more, and some erotic episodes that my husband never did get to find out about !!!

Exhibitionism 101

From our first date it became obvious very quickly that my (now) husband and I shared a fun view on sex. He confided that he had sat in a business meeting which I was chairing looking up my skirt and pondering whether or not I had been wearing panties (not), under my sheer pantyhose. In those days I had pubic hair, but being a natural blonde it hardly showed thru my hose! That this had caused him a serious erection, and subsequently to masturbate that night, gave me a real buzz.

Given that I love to wear as little as possible, and since my teens had been a bit of an exhibitionist, we seemed to have a lot of fun ahead.

The morning after I spent my first night at his house I had to leave early on a business trip. When he dropped me at the airport in he handed me a small pack with a book inside, and teased “it’s to keep you company in bed”. It turned out to be an erotic novel called The Butcher, and it certainly kept me warm on the first night.

When I woke the next morning and opened the drapes I looked out to see a construction site right across the street that was a couple of floors higher than my room. Standing on the scaffolding was a group of African labourers about to start their working day. Before I could react one of them pointed at me and waived, and his 3 colleagues all turned to see me butt naked in my window. All 4 had such lovely smiles that I could only laugh and return their greeting.

My involvement in this conference was the opening address, and then to glad-hand the delegates later over cheap wine, and tasteless snacks. As lunchtime approached I decided to catch up on e-mail, but in those days of course that meant going back to my room and plugging into the phone system.

It was as hot as hell in my room so I decided to open the windows rather than use the clanking A/C. I had actually forgotten about my friends on the site opposite, until I opened the drapes to find them all sitting in row having their lunch break.

As my PC took forever to connect, I went to freshen up in the bathroom, slipped off my skirt for ease of access. When I came back to the room I threw my skirt on the bed, and went to check if I had a connection yet. The desk was right by the window, so I was very aware that the guys across the street would get another show if they looked in my direction. I was left wearing a suit jacket to my hips, and tan holdup stockings with my business pumps. In this heat I couldn’t stand tight underwear so no bra, and no panties. Standing there waiting for any connection to the office, I began to feel a little horny. I thought of the book I had read last night, and the accidental show I had given the guys this morning.

The result was of course, that I felt the real need to have a little erotic fun, so I walked to the window and stood looking at my construction crew. There were now 8 or 9 guys sitting in the shade, and I guess it was one of the morning crew who looked over and promptly waved. He stood up and stepped to the edge of the platform, loudly telling his friends to look.

I decided to give them a lunchtime show, so I slowly unbuttoned my jacket and opened it to expose my breasts. The window ledge was only about 18” high, and wide enough to sit on, so I pulled all the drapes wide open and sat down on the ledge. I was now sideways on to them but they had a lovely view of my legs, and when I pulled open my jacket, my left breast.

At this point I decided to take a few keepsake photographs to share with my husband. When I went to retrieve my camera there were cries of NO! from my new fan club, and when I returned a few seconds later they were delighted that I had now removed my jacket and was clad in only stockings and pumps.

One of the windows was full length solid glass, so feeling totally horny, I stood on the ledge and pressed my body flat against the glass. The sensation was delicious. My breasts flattened and my pussy pushed hard against the glass gave me a dire need to orgasm, and I was running out of time.

I stepped back and showed the guys my camera, and they all cheered and waved as I took a few pix of them, and then tried to get a few with me in the foreground using the self-portrait function. Of course I was just a silhouette but I was obviously a naked silhouette, and my husband loved the whole story.

Going back to the conference was a real anti-climax after such a fun lunchtime.

Alex xx
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nice, you gave them quite a show, especially when you pressed against the window
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Default I wish

I wish I had the oportunity turn women the way turned on thoses lucky guys I am sure they will never forget it Congadulations Well Done Bravo
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Love your stories Alex!!!!!
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exhibitionism, public, teasing

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