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Cornholed the neighbors wife

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Default Cornholed the neighbors wife

After getting home and cleaning up and having dinner i was horny and looking for some action. I tried several numbers and couldn't reach anyone. It was still early 6:30 pm or so and i walked onto the back deck for some air and i saw my neighbor Julie whom i have had fun wth before but not for awhile standing on her patio and i heard her husband mowing out front. She came over all happy to see me saying it had been awhile and i told her i had been busy and she said she noticed i took my for sale sign down and was happy i wasn't moving. It didn't take her long to make some inuendos that she needed to fuck and i suggested she tell her husband she had to go to the grocery store and i would meet her at the park down the road. The temp was ok for this time of the year and we were both in shorts and i was looking forward to getting hers off and i drove to the park and she showed up about 15 minutes later.
I had my van and had already pulled the shades and put down the electric bed when she opened the door and climbed in. She was as hot as a pistol for it and took off her top and shorts and panties and i stripped down and we were sitting on the edge of the bed and and she slid down and began to handle and suck my cock telling me how much she missed me. She had me good and hard and i got up and moved around and bent her over the bed with her knees on the floor and rammed it home to her delight. I hadn't fucked her in awhile and had forgotten how much she liked it from behind and i drove it into her good and hard while she had her upper body and arms stretched out on the bed moaning and doing that UUUHHHH..UUUUHHH..UUUUHHHH...I had to say it and said...don't you wish you get this big dick every night Julie and she moaned ..yeahh..ooohhh yeahhhh as i fucked her.
Her pussy and my dick were good and sloppy wet and i pulled out and put it in her ass and slowly fucked her butt while she groaned and i cornholed her good and blew a HOT LOAD in her ass.
We were only there for 15 or 20 minutes and she had to get back but i am sure she will be over more
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