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One horny white chick

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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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Cool One horny white chick

This is the follow-up to Two Crazy-Assed White College Chicks (in the group sex/orgy section):
Heather, Paula and the other 2 chicks mentioned, Brittini and Roxie all were regulars coming over to Devon’s trailer to get high and have sex for at least a year. Brittini and Roxie would sometimes do a lesbian show for the guys and they’d really get down on each other.
About 4 years ago Heather came into the office supply store that I manage. I easily recognized her. Her hair was shorter and she was wearing a real short skirt business suit, stockings and heels like she work in bank or some other executive job. I went over and talked to her and said, “Hey Heather.” She recognized me right away, I didn't know if she was too glad to see me though. She was wearing a wedding ring and huge diamond engagement ring so I believed she married some rich white dude.
A few days later Heather is back in the store. She sees me and makes her way over and starts up a conversation. She is working at a large corporation down the road and just got married a few months before and went to the caribbean for her honeymoon. It was easy to see though that she was up for some action. Heather asked me about my situation. No problem since I was single and not seeing my boy’s mama anymore. She gave me her company cell number and asked for my number.
Heather called me the next day wanting to know if I could meet her for a drink. So I met her at this bar not too far from work. She comes in wearing a super short mini skirt and tight blouse. I can see that she has gotten a boob job. She says that she knows she was crazy and wild in college and sometimes misses all that stuff. She ends up following me back to my apartment.
As soon as we walk in the door she start unbuttoning her blouse and drops it to the floor. She is wearing a lacy black bra and unkooks it and it falls to the floor. That is when I give her a kiss. Heather starts french kissing me bigtime. She dropped her skirt and started pulling my clothes off. then pushed onto my couch. She dropped to her knees and went down on my dick. This girl had really gotten good at sucking dick I can tell you.
I took her panties off when she got up on top of me and she’s laying on me naked kissing me. Then Heather sat up enough to slide down on my dick. She started slowly up and down then going at it. Then I got on top and she spreads her legs out wide, her pussy was clean shaved and I could see it was dripping wet. I pushed my dick into her. She’s moaning and talking now! She tells me to call her names. When I asked what names she likes she says to all her, “slut and whore!” So I do. I was saying, “C’mon you nasty white girl take this black dick!” She really liked it. And I did as she asked and would say, “take this you nasty slut!” That girl really liked to be called names when she fucked. She also really liked to have me slap her ass when we did it dogstyle. She also loved me to pull her hair and she liked it to be pulled hard. I fucked her for quite a long time. We did it in several positions. As Heather got her clothes on she said, “Thanks! I really needed that!” She kiss me and left.
I never did call her but she would call me or come by my store looking for me. I liked having a chick just for sex, no strings attached. We’d hook up about twice a month. Once when her husband was out of town on a business trip she came over 4 nights in a row. Heather always dress sexy and she always wore a super short skirt. Her clothes were expensive and she also drove a very expensive convertible sports car. She messed around with me for almost a year. She met one of my friends one time when we were having drinks at my usual bar. I found out she hooked up with him a few times. He told me that he and another black dude both fucked her crazy one time. She quit coming around when she and her husband decided to try and get pregnant. I never saw her again.
Before that though I asked about her college friends that always came over to Devon’s to get black dick when they were in college. She said that Paula became a school teacher and married some white guy that also is a school teacher. Britinni the chick that originally sent them over she said finally turned lesbian and is a lawyer. She did not know for sure what finally happened to the other chick Roxi after college but thought she moved to New York to work in advertising.
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Haha... a white chick having a half-black baby when you are married to a white guy is a tough sell indeed lol But that rich guy seems pretty clueless lol And suprisingly, those girls have all great jobs now..
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