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Flea Market finds

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Default Flea Market finds

I have been setting up at local flea markets and very pleased with some very hot finds that set up close or near me.
I seem to attract younger guys that want to hang out and exchange some hot stories.
These hot exchanges have lead to a few hot encounters.
The most recent was with an 18 year old boy from Mexico. He was there with his parents and would use every free moment to come to my space and chit chat w me.
I was very pleased but surprised when he asked for my cell phone number and very very surprised when he called me.
He was bored at home and needed to get away from a house full of people. I knew from our previous conversations that we lived about 10 mins apart. I told him to pick a spot and I would come and pick him up.
He did and I did. I got him around 6:30 and we went by grabbed a couple of burgers and went back to my place.
He wanted to show me some stuff online and we went on and started looking around.
He asked if I had any "good pictures" up to this point our conversations had been rated PG or so with nothing more expected.
I asked if he was serious and with a nod and a smile I answered him yes.

We went into my pictures and he began to look through them and offered very few comments. He backed out and went into another folder and this was where I kept pictures of guys.
He was startled at first but I told him I was open to looking at anything hot in the nude. He looked at a few more and then I asked if he wanted to go upstairs and watch some porn movies. I have my dvd and vhs players upstairs in my bedroom.

We went up and he laid back on the bed and I popped in a movie and moved to a spot on the bed next to him and we began to watch.
I had selected a st8 movie and he seemed to approve.

After several mins watching he asked if I was getting horny and I said that I was. He pulled down his pants and asked if I wanted to beat off too with him and I said sure.

I took my pants all the way off and he just pulled his down around his knees. I got up to get us a couple of towels to put around for us to use for the cum and he stood up to drop his pants all the way off.
I noticed he had a bad tatoo on his upper leg and made a comment. He said he had tried to do it himself but decided that it hurt to much.
I told him I wanted a better look so I got onto my knees as he sat on the bed and really moved into his cock area and looked and touched his upper leg.
I am not sure why and what prompted me to but I started to look at his dick and he didn't say anything. I could see that he was uncut so I just put my hand on it and started to pump him. He pulled away at first and I told him I was sorry. He then told me he had never done anything ever with another guy. I could not believe my luck. First he is 18 and hot as hell. Then he is at my house, naked and in my bed watching porn. I decided I liked him a lot so I backed off. He said he was sorry but just freaked out a little bit.
I moved back into my position between his legs and told him that all he had to do was tell me to stop and I would.

I grabbed again and started to jack him. I told him to lay back and watch the movie and not think about it being me.

He went back to watching and as he did I went down on him with my mouth. He was loving it. I sucked his balls and jacked his cock as I did. He was really getting into it and told me how great my hot mouth felt.

I knew I may never get this opportunity again so I really gave him the full treatment complete with a hot rim job on his awesomely clean never before eaten hot ass.

I went back to work on his cock and it wasn't long before he grabbed the towel and I knew he was getting close.
He started to push on my shoulders to let me know he was close. I just pushed my mouth down harder.

" I am about to cum in your mouth" he said. I just moved my head to say yes and he let it go. His cum was thin and easy to swallow. He was totally speachless and just relaxed as I continued to milk him dry with my mouth and hand.

He dressed and I took him home unsure if I had gone to far and if I would ever hear from him again.

I can't tell you what an honor it has been to service this kid on a regular basis. He calls about twice a week and ask to come over. He now has his own car and it is so awesome to have this hot stud walk into my place expecting a full service job.
I am way to proud to oblige him.
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Default Good Time

Interesting story. Do you ever fuck men your own age, or do you just do young guys????
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