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Fun day at Haulover Beach

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Default Fun day at Haulover Beach

This is delicious incident from a winter break in Florida just last Nov., before the wind blew everybody off the beach.

Our second day at Haulover beach was as fine as day 1. Soft ocean, no wind and temps in the 80’s. We had walked far enough from the entrance to the beach that space was not an issue, and dropped our bags and towels ready to enjoy a long day in the sun. We had brought a windbreak with, just in case, and it also allowed for some privacy if any jerks tried to camp on our towels! For those who don’t know, this is a nudist beach, and attracts the usual number of schmucks.

Not a great deal happened this day, except we encountered the young stud who would be the fun part of day 3, and the erotic encounter of the holiday. It was mid-afternoon when I first was aware of the young (early 20’s) black guy who had dropped his towel about 15 feet from us and in perfect line to study my pussy. That’s fine with me, and I enjoyed a little tease by opening and closing my legs, whilst watching his reaction. As he realised I enjoyed him looking at me, so he responded by touching the base of his shaft and making his cock semi-erect. I enjoyed the fun for a while and then turned onto my belly to get the last rays on my back.

It was only 15 minutes later when my husband told me that my new young friend had left. I should have known better than believe that I could get one by him. What he doesn’t know is that 30 minutes after that, when my husband was taking a dip, my friend came strolling back with a huge smile on his face, as he stared at my spread legs and engorged labia.

I enjoyed sex that night with my horny husband, that was enhanced by my fun encounter on the beach. My husband is a great voyeur, and me describing how I had teased my young friend made for great foreplay. Little did we know that the next day would be so much better.

Weather wise the next day was just the same, but since the forecast was ominous for the rest of the week we packed for a long day at the beach, and were set up by 10.00 AM at the same spot.

Over the first 2 days I had picked up a nice tan, but also some ‘hotspots’, so I had used a good deal of sun protection including on my shaven mound. Applying this regularly throughout the day had made me very horny, and I must admit to massaging cream into my lips a good deal more that really was required!!!

A little while after we had packed away lunch and finished a good bottle of Chardonnay, I was on my back enjoying the sun when my husband whispered in my ear “Bingo”. I looked at him quizzically and he added - Your boy from yesterday just arrived, and obviously is looking for a repeat show!! I propped myself up on my elbows and looked straight at him as he set down his towel, and opened my legs a little just to show that we were still friends.

For the next hour or so I flirted with, and teased my young friend quite outrageously, and in the end I had to take a dip, just to cool myself down. As I came back up the beach I was sure that he had moved much closer to us, and was in no doubt by the time I got to my towel. His position was now perfect. He knew I would face the late afternoon sun, and in so doing I would give him a perfect view of my pussy from no more that 10' away.

I always cover my skin with more oil after a swim, but you can imagine my frame of mind at this point. I am very horny, a young stud is making no attempt to hide his interest in me, my husband is a voyeur of note, and we are all naked!!

Strangely enough, I am not a natural in these situations, so whilst lubricating my body and making a show of it was fine I wasn’t sure where to go next, so I turned my back on Ray ( a little later I got his name), and said to my husband “ This young man is watching me rub oil in my body”. Of course he came up with his usual “ I can't blame him for that”, but then suggested that I should firstly make sure that my pussy lips were well covered in factor 50, then ensuring that Ray was concentrating, get on my hands and knees to re-position my towel.

So that was what happened for the next couple of minutes. Me standing closer to Ray than to my husband, face on, while I smeared layers of cream on my bare pussy. His response was delightful. He lay back on his towel and started a stretching routine which just emphasised his buff body. Of course, as he flexed his butt muscles his lovely cock started to fill, and within a few minutes he was fully erect. Even in this condition he continued to stretch and looked just incredible (and discrete) the way he contorted his body.

I was now beyond horny, so remembering my husband’s suggestion I knelt down and commenced fixing my towel. I had by now closed the gap to Ray to no more that 5’, so I dragged my towel to me, spread my legs wide open and bent forward to rearrange everything. There is no doubt that in this position Ray had an exquisite view given that the setting sun was shining right on my pussy, like a spotlight. As I continued this exhibition my husband laughed and asked for another cold beer, but to take my time getting it. I knew precisely what he meant, as the cooler box was closer again to Ray, in the shade of our windbreak.

When I faced Ray to get to the cooler box he was laying on his side with an erection that looked like an iron bar, squeezing the base of his shaft, then stroking the whole length. He was already leaking clear juice, which was smeared all over his dark knob.

To open the cooler I squatted as if to pee, with my thighs wide open. I knew that my lips must be spread, and that my own slick juice was obvious on my labia.

When I crawled back to my towel, I turned to make sure that Roy was still entranced. I handed the bottle to my husband and whispered “I have to masturbate.” I love to masturbate often, but in public with an audience is special. I lay on my belly and spread my legs, sliding my hand under me. I looked over my shoulder to make sure Roy was enjoying the show and started that lovely rhythmic movement. I must admit it took only 2 or 3 minutes before I came to a delightful climax. When I eventually rolled onto my back and looked at Ray he was slowly stroking his lovely shaft, whilst looking me straight in the eye.

A few minutes of watching him had me squirming all over again. He obviously was aware of the way I was contracting my muscles, and nodded his head in the direction of the ocean. The invitation was obvious, tempting, and risky, given that the nearest lifeguard tower was less than 100 yards away. But then what fun is sex without a little risk.

I leaned over and told my husband that I was going for a swim, omitting that my young friend was also going to ‘dip’. I dived into the flat ocean and swam out about 30 yards. At this beach you could go 60/70 yards and still touch bottom. When I turned and looked back I couldn’t see anyone close to me, but was shocked a few seconds later when Ray suddenly surfaced right behind me, wrapping me in his arms and cupping my breasts. The swim had reduced his delightful erection, but still his cock pressed against my butt had me groaning with pleasure immediately.

He was holding me off the bottom so I turned in his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. It was at this point I discovered his name!! Whilst keeping him wrapped between my thighs I told him how hot he had made me all afternoon,and how I loved his body. He then confessed that the previous evening he had jerked off furiously in the shower thinking about my bare pussy.

That was too much for me, and I reached down to feel him. He was absolutely rock hard as I guided him to my opening, and pushed my body onto him until I was totally impaled on him. I don’t know why I whispered but I did when I told him to not even think of pulling out. I needed to feel every last drop of him spurting into me. I was determined to make him come inside me, so using my thigh muscles as leverage I slid up and down the full length of his cock. As I tightened my pussy around him I knew it would be a short, but lovely ride. I was delightfully surprised that he held out long enough that I came first – just! My contractions were all it took for him to erupt deep inside me.

When we uncoupled, we waded out and walked back up the beach together. I’m sure a few people knew exactly what had just happened, especially one stunning brunette who offered a conspiratorial smile to me. Illogically, I felt a pang of jealousy that she knew, because I figured Ray also fucked her. How crazy is that?

My husband was pushing zzzzz’s when I lay next to him, and Ray dressed and left within a half hour. That was a pity, as it would have been fun to continue the eroticism for as long as possible. Little did we know that the promised tropical storm would arrive in hours, and blow out the rest of the vacation, so I never got to see Ray again.

My husband found out what he had missed on the beach, later in the evening, sitting at a bar on the pier. I guided his hand between my thighs and told him slip a finger into me and taste my juice (something he loves to do anyway). Sure enough Ray had not disappointed me. I was full of his semen, which enhanced my confession later in bed as I told my husband the whole story again.

Alex xx
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Very nice indeed!

I've been only once on a nudist beach in San Diego and enjoyed myself. Will post the story soon.
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Very nice... I bet a lot of people are having sex at and around nudist beaches... Nudists are horny people, let's not pretend otherwise hehe
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As usual your posts are so hot!
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Hi Alex! I've been to Haulover Beach. I wrote about in my post My Little Trip to Miami. That is the only time I've just been naked in front of people in public and I felt so sexy and free. I love your stories Alex, they're inspiring!
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Another hot post you naughty girl!!!!
The truth will out, so tell the truth.
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Wink intrest

Alex, You sure know how to get our interest UP. Among other things. Another day with a sticky keyboard. Ann says to stop that. After I read your stories , her fingers get stuck to the keys.
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black hunk, nude beach

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