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My uncle turned me on to swinging

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Default My uncle turned me on to swinging

I am an avid hunter. I started back when I was 13. My father didnt really care much for hunting but lucky for me we were sorrunded by lots of friends that loved to hunt. I mostly went small game hunting with my friends and their dads, and they would take me along on opening day of buck season each year. I had an uncle named Ray who lived on a farm and was a pretty big hunter himself. Him and my aunt Kayrn lived about 2 hours away from us. They didnt really farm, they just lived in a nice little farm house on a couple acres of fallow ground that bordered a state game land. When I was 18, my uncle invited me out to his place to go hunting on opening day. I got the ok from my parents to miss a couple of days of school and my father figured he could trust me out there with Ray. Ray was my mothers oldest brother and was 45, his wife kayrn was 43. They didnt have any children
and just lived out there on there own. Ray drove a dump truck for a construction company and his wife Kayrn worked at a local grocery store. My uncle Ray was a really cool guy. Since they lived so far away I really only got to see him when there was a family get together or on holidays. He always hung around with me at these events and we talked about all kinds of things, so I was really comfortable with him. His wife kayrn wasnt a bombshell or anything but she was put together nicely. She had kind of a farm girl build with average sized breasts and a nice small ass. Her and Ray used to go on all kinds of hunting and sking trips. In the summers they would go to Nags Head NC for a week and just hangout at the beach.

That sunday before opening day I packed up my dads car and headed upto uncle Rays place. My mother was a little worried since the forecast was for freezing rain, but I told her I would be carefull and make sure to call when I got there. I finally got there after about 2 or 3 hours. When I walked up onto the rickety wooden porch, my uncle Ray came out to meet me at the door. Come on in kid ! I went inside and set my stuff down on the kitchen floor. I had never been to his house before so he gave me the 50 cent tour. The house was built in the 1930's but Ray did a good job of keeping it up. the kitchen was small and had a door that led to the basement which was dark and cramped. We dropped my stuff off in the basement and went back upstairs. The living room was small too, with a staircase to one side that led upstairs to two bedrooms and a bathroom. So you ready for the big hunt tomorrow? Oh yeah! You havent gotten a buck yet have you? No, but I am hoping you will fix that tomorrow. He laughed and said I am no miracle work but maybe
we will get lucky. Well come on lets get something to eat. He called upstairs for aunt Kayrn to hurry up so we could get back before late. We went out to his pickup truck to wait for her. After a couple of minutes she came out all bundled up in a down jacket. I scooted over and she piled in next to me and we went to a local resturant to eat. We had a casual conversation while we were eating during which time my uncle asked me, so did your girlfriend tell you she was going to miss you? I dont have a girlfriend. Kayrn replied get out of here a good looking boy like you and no girlfriend, really? My uncle Ray then said, I guess your going to tell me that your a virgin too. My aunt snapped at him Ray, shut the fuck up dont embarrass him. My face must have turned 3 shades of red. Dont pay any attention to him honey you could probably teach him a thing or two. Then we all kind of laughed it off.

We got back to the house around 10pm and my uncle said we better get some sleep we have to get up early tomorrow. He showed me to the extra room upstairs then said theres no clock but dont worry I will wake you up. If you get cold there is some extra blankets in the closet there. I stripped down to my long johns and climbed into the bed. As I layed there I noticed I could kind of see my breath, they had a coal stove in the basement for heat and it wasnt doing much for the upstairs rooms. eventually I drifted off to sleep and woke up when my uncle burst through the door early in the morning. get up sunshine lets go hunt some deer. I rolled out of bed and made my way downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen I saw Kayrn at the stove moving around a frying pan.
She had a cotton gown on and some floppy slippers. I could see she had no bra or underwear on because the gown klung close to her body. Her little ass looked like that of a teenage girl and I most have been staring at it hard because my uncle snapped at me, hey we are going hunting for bucks not doe, go down and get your stuff on. My aunt Kayrn laughed and I turned and shuffled down the stairs. When I cam back up Kayrn had eggs on the table and was nursing a cup of coffee.
I sat down across from my uncle Ray and grabbed a plate. Whenever I could I snuck a look at Kayrn's tits. That gown was wrapping around them perfectly and I swear I could see the brown from her nipples. Every once in a while she would catch me looking over the top of her coffee cup and just grin. After we finsihed eating Ray said ok lets get going we got alot of walking to do.

We walked out the back of there property and into the game lands. The weather was shitty like forcasted freezing rain. We walked all around that forrest for about 5 hours and then we finally ended back were we started. Fuck, they aint moving in this shit. Sorry kid looks like your going to get skunked again. We walked back to the house. Just as we got there my aunt came out onto the porch. No luck? Nahh, they aint moving in this weather. I am going to take him over to Bills maybe we can stir something up over there. She yelled back, that bumb is probably sleeping. We jumped in the truck and headed over to his friends house. She was right he was sleeping. He came to the door and let us in eventually. We plopped down on the couch. Hey get your shit together lets go out and get this kid a deer. Fuck that, its raining out there. My uncle said come on we got to get this kid a buck. Well you take him out, I aint going out in this shit. While they were talking I was looking around Bills house. He was a real slob, and was definately a stoner. It was around 2 in the afternoon and he pulls out a pipe and lights it up. After he took a hit he handed it to my uncle and he took a drag off it. Then my uncle looked over at me and asked if I wanted a hit. I said no I am cool, then he passed it back to his friend. So now I am sitting there thinking great, uncle Ray aint no great white hunter he is a stoner, figures. So they sit there for about an hour and a half smoking and arguing about the weather. Finally at about 4 in the afternoon, he gives up on his friend and tells him later bro as we head out the door. Well we got about an hour of daylight left, lets just go scout a spot for tomorrow morning hows that? I said ok, but in the back of my mind I am thinking whatever. So we went out back of his friends house and walked around until dusk, then we jumped in the truck and headed back to his place.
We didnt see any deer, but we must have walked all over the fucking county, I will give him credit for being a stoner in his forties and being in that good of shape. I was beat and I that point I really didnt care anymore. While we were driving back out to the road another friend of his was coming down it and he flagged him to the side.

They pulled up window to window and started talking about the day. His friend said he had the same kind of luck at another spot and handed a bottle of whiskey across to Ray. Ray took a big pull then motioned it toward me. I figured fuck it why not, I took the bottle and swallowed down a good sized drink. When I titlted the bottle back down, Ray just smiled at me. We sat there and talked for a little while, took a couple of more pulls on that bottle, then we headed home. I am starving, you hungry kid? I could see that he had a buzz on and I said yeah. He looked at his dashboard clock and saw it was around 7pm. Your Aunt aint getting off for 2 hours, lets go get something to eat. We went down to the dinner again and settled in for a meal. His eyes were blood red. Shit I am sorry kid, the weather really fucked it all up. No problem theres always tomorrow right. Yeah, will get something out of those woods if we have to burn them down. I could tell he felt really bad about the way the day had gone. He kept apologize to me and I kept saying dont worry about it. When we were close to being done he said, you know what I will make this upto you, you want to get laided? Hell yeah, holly shit yes! Ok lets go. He paid the bill and we headed out. We went
back down to bills house. When we got inside, We sat down and him and Bill started up another pipe. He took a couple of hits then he started asking me some questions. If I tell you something you got to swear to me that youl keep it a secret. Ok, I will. Do you know what a swinger is? Yeah, I do. Ok, well me and your aunt Karyn like to swing. I thought to
myself, holly shit! Dont tell your mother or anyone you got that! Yeah, yeah uncle Ray I woulnt say a word. Then he took a drag from the pipe and looked at me and said, you want to fuck your aunt Kayrn? Bill burst into a roar, god dame Ray. He was laughing really loud. No, no man it aint like that, he is my sisters kid he aint related to here. Kayrn aint going to go for that shit! She fucked you, you fucking slob. This kid is ten times better looking then you. My head was realing now. Aunt Kayrn fucked this guy and my uncle knows it. Karyn is going to fucking kill you! Dude she would fuck him in a heartbeat. When she heard he was a virgin she got really turned on. Ok, right around then I got a serious hard on. I dont know man, I dont know. Well theres one way to find out, Ray got up and when into the next room and got on the phone.

He was in there for about a half an hour. Then he came out with a big smile on his face, I told you I would hook him up! She will do it. Oh my god uncle Ray you are the man! Kid your in for the night of your life. I really put my ass out there for you so you better not fuck me over and tell anyone. I swear to god uncle Ray, I woulnt. My uncle Ray grabbed his keys and said I will be back in a little while dude, can I crash here tonight? Yeah, no problem.

All the way back to the house my cock was tearing at my pants. Oh my god I am going to fuck aunt Kayrn. The whole way there my uncle kept telling me dont fuck this up kid, dont fuck it up and there will be more you understand me. Yeah, yeah uncle not a word. We got to the house and went inside, she wasnt home from work yet. Uncle Ray looked at the clock and said she will be here in about 20 minutes or so, just go upto your room and wait there. I huslted up the steps, went into the room and got undressed. I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her to get home. I couldnt help to play with my cock while I waited for her. I started thinking about all the stuff I saw in the porn videos and was saying to myself, oh yeah I want to do that to. I wonder if she will let me fuck her in the ass? When she got there, I heard her open the door and come inside. I could here them talking but I couldnt make out
everyword they said. I heard him say upstairs and i could hear her giggling as they talked. Then I heard my Uncle yell up, have a good time kid and he went out the door.

About 20 minutes after he left I heard her coming up the steps. I thought to myself, fuck its about time. then I heard her go into the bathroom and the shower turn on. I smelled under my arm pits. I was covered in sweat from walking around all day. I used my shirt to wipe under my arms and around my cock. After about 15 minutes the shower turns off and she came out and was walking down the hall. When she opened the door I got a full frontal shot of her. I almost blew my load right then. Her tits were nice about handfull size with
little brown nipples. Her pussy was a neat little trimmed trainagle. She looked right at me. You ready to fuck me honey? I dint reply. She walked across the room and dropped to her knees in front of me. Lets get a good look at you. She spread my legs and my cock was so hard it was curled up against my stomach. MMMM! She leaned in and ran her tongue
up my balls and shaft. She stopped at the head and then pressed it into her mouth. I could feel her press her tongue inside it, then she popped it out of her mouth. MMMM, I can see you are ready to fuck me, She squeezed the head of my cock and a little bit of piss and pre-cumm came out. She rolled it onto her finger and put it in her mouth.

She lowered her head below my balls and stuck her tongue in my ass. It was amazing. I saw that on video and it was as good as it looked. She licked my ass and balls until i was on the verge of erupting. She started to stroke my cock while she licked my ass. Suddenly my cock started to throb and she moved up real fast and put it in her mouth. She didnt stroke it or anything. I leaned back and started firing my load in her mouth and she just started moaning. MMMMMM, MMM HMMM. I came in her mouth until my leggs were shuttering. When I was done, she reached up and squeezed more cumm out of my cock into her mouth. Then she opened her mouth and showed it to me, then she swalloed it. Fuck this was like some crazy porn movie.

Then she started slowly stroking my cock. So how do you want to fuck me baby? You been thinking about what you wanted to do? I quickly answered doggy style please. MMMM, yeah thats a good one. Then she crawled up onto the bed next to me and got on all four with her ass pointed way up in the air and her head laying down on the bed. Fuck me baby, fuck me like a dog. I got up behind her as fast as I could. Her pussy lipps were squeezed uped between her legs. She had a small little asshole right above her big pussy hole. I lined up my cock and slid it into her. MMMM, yes fuck me like a dog baby, slap my ass! I reachesd back and patted her on the ass. Harder! I did it again. Harder! then I really connected one on her ass cheek. Aghhhhh! Yes ride me baby fuck me hard! I grabbed ahold of her hipps and started plunging my cock deep in her. MMMMM, yes fuck it baby! After about 25 strokes I started to cumm again. She pushed back against me and tighten her pussy around my cock. MMMM, Ohhhh yes fill me with your cumm baby,fill my pussy. I kept pounding away at her pussy for about 20 minutes non stop as hard as I could. The whole time she was really getting excited. Finally she reached under and started palying with her pussy and she started to shake. OHHHHHH, OHHHHHH dont stop, dont stop. I didnt. I was like a wild beast slamming into her. MMMM, OHHHHHHH. Then after a couple of minutes she started to quit down. Did you like that baby? Oh hell yes! You finished now? Yes thank you so much. You dont want to fuck my ass? Yeah, yeah I do! Whatever you want baby. My cock was going a little limp now, 2 loads that fast. Give me a minute ok? She said come lay down here next to me baby. I crawled up onto the bed. She layed her head on my stomach and started to play with my cock. I layed there just rubbing her back at first, then I started to play with her tits. She slid her head down my stomach and moved my cock into her mouth. She used her tongue to play with the head of it. It was fantastic. MMM, I want you to put this fat cock in my ass baby, put it in my ass and fuck it hard. Before long I was hard again, and I slid sideways off the bed. Aunt Kayrn rolled over on her stomach and propped her ass up again. Go ahead baby, fuck my little asshole with your fat cock. You have something I can put on it? I dont need lube baby, I like it to hurt. I lined my cock up with her asshole and started to work the head into it. Aghhhh, yes shove it up there baby. Once i got the head in , it felt fantasic, like a vice squeezing my cock. I started to try and move in it more when all of a sudden she just pushed back over it and her ass swallowed my cock whole. Aghhhhhh, yes, yes, She started to work her ass over my cock. I just braced me feet and stood there as she moved back and forth over it. God it was so hot watching her asshole stretch out over my cock. She was slamming that tight little ass back into me hard screaming fuck my ass baby fuck it hard. I wasnt doing anything she was doing all of the fucking. Agian, it didnt take long for me to cumm and she loved it. Ohh yes baby, push that throbbing cock up my ass, push it all the way in. She was fucking the hell out of her ass with my cock. She kept that up until she came. She slid off my cock and layed flat on the bed. MMMMM, she said. She reached back and put her finger in her asshole and I saw all my cumm runing out. Then she brought her finger to her mouth and licked it clean. Your cumm is not salty at all baby. Is that good or bad? she just laughed and rolled over. Come on lets get some sleep. I crawled into the bed next to her and we spooned. Then I just went to sleep.

We woke up with the sun coming through the window. She got up and looked out. Looks like ran again, not a good day for hunting. She turned around and smiled at me. She went and took a shower and went to her room and got dressed. I took a shower to then headed downstairs. She was wearing that gown again and I got instantly hard as soon as I saw her backside. When she turned from the stove she looked down at my cock and said I guess you will not be going hunting this morning and she squeezed my cock. Then she went over to the phone and called Ray. Yeah, yeah it was fun. Oh i think he did. Yeah, we did. Good, real good. No I think everything is going to be fine, nothing to worry about, she smiled at me. One oclock, until nine. Just a minute, are you staying the night honey. Yeah. Yeah he is. She laughed. You want to go out in this? She pulled her gown up and shook her head no. No not really. No he doesnt. She laughed and said you think? Ok I will drop him off on my way to work. Yeah I will make sure to ask him. Yeah, probably around 12:30 or so. Ok, love you to. She hung up the phone, so what else did you want to try, she said with a smile. What did uncle Ray want you to ask me? Oh, he was just wondering if it would be allright if he stayed here tonight. I didnt know what to say. He wants to join in if its ok with you. I dont do any of that gay stuff. She laughed, no no honey Ray isnt gay, he just wants to join in. She giggled.

That morning Aunt Kayrn fucked my brains out and i ate pussy for the first time. Later that night I had my first threesome and i was hooked. Aunt Kayrn was such a whore that just thinking about her could make me cumm. Needless to say, I went on hunting trips to Uncle Rays each season after that one, and he even talked my mother into letting me goto Nags Head with him that summer. It turned out that they lived in a whole community of swingers up there, go figure. Needless to say i got into the lifestyle and I am still in it today. Uncle Ray and Aunt Kayrn introduced me to a couple more of there friends and lets just say that the ladies just loved breaking in the new sweet young man
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Hot story man, that's a memorable hunting trip for sure!
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