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Asian gets fingered

Appearance: Hairy, Big Boobs, Cameltoe, Tall, Geek, Big Cock, BBW Stories

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Default Asian gets fingered

This was about 15 years ago and really hot. I had gone to this local BJ's wholesale club where i would buy supplies for home and it was around 7 pm on a Saturday night. The place didn't have alot of people in it and i was coming around an aisle and saw this SUPER HOT Asian girl. She was maybe in her 20's hard to tell and she had on this skin tight dress and the highest high heels i ever saw. She was looking at something but a few feet away was an older Asian woman i took to be her mother. The girl had this tiny purse hanging from the crook in her arm and she looked so fucking hot and like a stripper i was i full i want to fuck that mode. I kind of acted casual and they and i went down rows and aisles and passed a couple times and the older woman was doing most of the work and always at a distance from the girl whom seemed to be bored and lingering around. I gave her a few looks and she noticed and gave me this dirty walk when i would pass and then stop and bend over some and her short dress wouild go up almost to her ass cheeks. I heard her and the other woman saying siome jibberish i couldn't understand and they didn't sound like they were being nice to each other and the younger girl was straying farther and farther from her mom and giving me a look when she would see me and then she walked slowly toward the back of the store and i followed horny as hell.
She stopped right at the end of these freezers on a corner and i was real close behind her and she gave me this look and opened the freezer door and was reaching in but just standing there bent over.
I was really bold in those days and always looking for excitement so i walked up behind her and already had a hard on in my pants and i pushed up against her and pushed my dick hard against her ass and she didn't move. I wanted to pull it out and fuck her right there but it was real public even though i didn't see anybody else around and then when i thought about it i saw a cart come around the far end of the aisle and i pulled back and the girl stood up and looked the same way i was looking. The cart stopped before coming around the corner and went back the way it came and then the girl turned away again and opened the freezer door and leaned in. I wanted to fuck her but just didn't want to get caught and maybe arrested so i put my hand under her dress at her ass and put my hand under her thong and put a finger in her and then as she stayed there bent over and i looked back and forth watching for someone i finger fucked her and ended up with three fingers in her and her getting real gewy and doing this a low voice.. i was finger fucking her for maybe a minute or 2 when i heard someone laughing and coming so i pulled my hand out and walked back to my cart as she stood up and pulled her dress down and as i passed her i licked my fingers and she smiled. I must have gone back to that BJ's at the same time on Saturday nights for every week for a month and never saw her again. DAMN ..i wanted to fuck
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A shame you didn't get her number... Someone saw you fingering her and was laughing ? lol
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