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Trade show tush

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Default Trade show tush

I worked for a number of years for a company and we would go to this big national convention once a year. This year it was in Florida. Alot of the people that were regular companies that had booths knew each other and there was this one smaller company based in Florida owned by a husband and wife and this year being fairly close they had brought there daughter to work the booth. Her name was Amy and she was 22 and just out of college. I had seen them all on set up day and as had happened before the wife would give me these can fuck me looks but she was kind of a bitch and i never returned the interest but Amy..hmmm she was another story. She didn't act as lustful as her mom but she was super friendly and somewhat flirty. I was about 10 years older than her but close enough in age that she flirted with me and she had a rockin body. In the afternoon we had finished setting up our booth and as i walked the hall to go out i saw they were still working on there booth. I stopped and chatted with them as they worked and the wife seemed put off maybe because she couldn't get my attention this year either but the husband was friendly and i loved watching Amy bend over to get things out of boxes and reach up to polish something on the wall of the booth. She was a natural blond with straight hair down to the middle of her back and big blues eyes and she had a great rack and ass and wore jeans so tight i don't know how she got in them. She was noticing and giving me the look and smiles at times too when her parents were not looking and i knew she was horny. Thinking back now it was funny because even though she was a Florida girl she didn't really have a tan. I figured she was daddy's pincess and probably spoiled and for some reason that forbidden fruit turned me on.
The first day went by and we spoke in passing but not much else and then the second day came and during a break in midday i saw Amy at a refreshment booth as i walked up and we talked and she was flirting pretty good with me and telling me how bored she was.
I told her it could be alot more exciting if she wanted to come to my room with me and to my surprise my boldness was no problem and she said sure parents won't let me alone here and i said well at 2:00 you tell them you don't feel well and ask if you can take the rest of the day off and rest until dinner time and i will get free and meet you in the lobby. She was there right on time a few mintues after 2 and i took her to my room. It's probably a good thing there were people around and in the elevator because as soon as we got into my room she was like a wildcat and all over me. I was actually kind of shocked for a moment but this girl wanted FUCKED !
Most of it is blurry now but lets just say we wrestled around pulling each others clothes off and she had maybe the best body i ever saw. She was only about 5'2" but had these rock hard 38 D tits with big light colored nipples and an ass that was round and perky and we were rolling around on the top of the bed and she couldn't wait to get her hands and mouth on my cock and sucked me like a pro. She was driving me crazy and i had to stop her because i wanted to fuck her and CUM in her.
I pulled her off and put her on her back and lifted her legs pushing them back over her head and sank my thick dick in one long stroke all the way in her with an UHHHHHHH from me and she was doing something like ....uuuuhhhhHHHHHHH FUCK....and i just hammered her tight little pussy for several minutes as she groaned and moaned and i was grunting and telling her YOU LIKE THAT..HUH..YOU LIKE THAT and she was saying YEAH..FUCK ME ..FUCK ME...UUUUHHHH..HAHAHAHAHA and i drove one last time into her and held it deep and i could feel the surge and the pulsing of my cock as i filled her with HOT CUM ! so hard it seemed like my asshole puckered and i stayed there deep in her and her body was shaking and quivering and i stroked her slow back and forth a few times as i let her legs go and she held them apart and her pelvis was moving back and forth and she let out this blood curling scream and came alot.
I pulled out and collapsed next to her and we were both breathless and damn if Amy didn't put her hand dwon and then slid down and sucked me hard again and i turned her around and fucked her doggie stlye until i came again about 10 minutes later and we were both shaky and covered in sweat. Let me tell you..she was one horny little thing. We layed there in bed and messed around and i eventually finger fucked her for a good 10 minutes while i kissed and sucked and licked her tits and she came again and then rested i turned her on her side and kneeled with her legs up and fucked her nice and long and slow sideways as she layed there and moaned. It was hot..real hot ! I had been fucking her sideways for awhile and just pulled out saying baby i am so HOT i need a shower and when i went in she followed and ended our time together by squatting in the shower and sucking my dick until i unloaded. She pulled it out of her mouth as she knew i was about to CUM and stroked the rest of the way and i was so tired after the first couple of spurts it just oozed out and ran down the head of my dick and down the shaft and her hand and she admired her making me cum and just said slowly..yeahhhh..yeahhhh as my dick was being drined in her hand and as it finished she licked some of the cum of my dick and stood and clung to me with our arms wrapped around each other and told me i was the best fuck she ever had and she was going to miss by big dick. We cleaned up and dressed and she had been in my room for about 2 hours and we thought she better get back to her room before her parents noticed. Unfortunately the next day was the end of the show and tear down day and even though i think we both tried we could ntoget together again and the next year the show was in Los Angeles and Amy did not attend. In fact, her father told me she was engaged. Bummer...what a piece she was and the last of my top 5 of all time . Except for the fact i have to expand that to top 10 now as i have some recent years
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